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IBM GX7 Series Replacement Instructions page 2

Hard disk drive
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Figure 2. Removing the hard disk drive from the front of the appliance
4. Unpack the replacement drive. When you unpack the replacement drive, make sure that the gold
connectors on the back of the drive do not touch your hands or the packing material.
5. Insert the replacement drive into the appliance. The label must be on the top and the connectors must
be facing the rear. Make sure that the gold connectors do not touch the chassis as you insert the
replacement drive into the chassis.
a. Push the carrier into the drive bay until the lever locks into place.
b. Slide the lock for the carrier to the right to lock it. The hard disk drive power indicator is lit.
The appliance automatically recognizes the new drive and rebuilds the array. The hard disk drive activity
lights flicker rapidly until the array is rebuilt.
The amount of time the appliance takes to rebuild the array depends on the size of the drive and on the
number of other programs that are also running on the appliance.
First edition: July 2015
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