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Care And Cleaning - AEG SCB61826NS User Manual

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Table of Contents
6.4 Hints for refrigeration
Useful hints:
• Meat (all types): wrap in a suitable
packaging and place it on the glass
shelf above the vegetable drawer.
Store meat for at most 1-2 days.
• Cooked foods, cold dishes: cover and
place on any shelf.
• Fruit and vegetables: clean
thoroughly and place in a special
drawer. Bananas, potatoes, onions
and garlic must not be kept in the
refrigerator if not packed.
• Butter and cheese: place in a special
airtight container or wrap in an
aluminium foil or a polythene bag to
exclude as much air as possible.
• Bottles: close with a cap and place on
the door bottle shelf, or (if available)
on the bottle rack.
6.5 Hints for freezing
• Freeze only top quality, fresh and
thoroughly cleaned food products.
• For more efficient freezing and
thawing divide food into small
• Wrap the food in aluminium foil or
polythene. Make sure that the
packages are airtight.


Refer to Safety chapters.
7.1 General warnings
Unplug the appliance before
carrying out any
maintenance operation.
This appliance contains
hydrocarbons in its cooling
unit; maintenance and
recharging must therefore
only be carried out by
authorized technicians.
• To avoid increase in temperature of
already frozen food, do not place
fresh unfrozen food directly next to it.
• Lean foods store better and longer
than fatty ones. Salt reduces the
storage life of food.
• Do not eat ice cubes, water ices or ice
lollies immediately after taking them
out of the freezer. Risk of frostbites.
• It is advisable to show the freezing
date on each individual pack to
enable you to keep tab of the storage
6.6 Hints for storage of frozen
• Make sure that the commercially
frozen food products were adequately
stored by the retailer.
• Make sure that frozen foodstuffs are
transferred from the food store to the
freezer in the shortest possible time.
• Once defrosted, food deteriorates
rapidly and cannot be refrozen.
• Do not exceed the storage period
indicated by the food manufacturer.
The accessories and parts of
the appliance are not
suitable for washing in a
7.2 Periodic cleaning
Do not pull, move or
damage any pipes and/or
cables inside the appliance.
Do not damage the cooling
The equipment has to be cleaned


Table of Contents