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Siemens OpenAir GCA Series Technical Instructions

Spring return 160 lb-in electronic damper actuators
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GCA Series Spring Return 160 lb-in
Electronic Damper Actuators
The OpenAir 24 Vac/dc spring return 160 lb-in (18 Nm) electronic actuator is designed for
digital or analog control of building HVAC dampers.
These actuators are designed for use in constant or variable air volume installations for the
control of return air, mixed air, exhaust, and face and bypass dampers requiring up to 160 lb-
in (18 Nm) torque. They are designed for applications that require the damper to return to a
fail-safe position when there is a power failure.
Brushless DC motor technology with stall protection
Bi-directional fail-safe spring return
Patented self-centering shaft coupling
Manual override
160 lb-in (18 Nm) torque
5° preload as shipped from factory
Offset and span adjustment models available
Models with independently adjustable dual auxiliary switches available
UL and cUL listed;
Technical Instructions
Document No. 155-173P25
January 26, 2011
Siemens Industry, Inc.


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Summary of Contents for Siemens OpenAir GCA Series

  • Page 1 160 lb- in (18 Nm) torque. They are designed for applications that require the damper to return to a fail-safe position when there is a power failure. Siemens Industry, Inc.
  • Page 2: Product Numbers

    ● ● ● Warning/Caution Notations Personal injury/loss of life may occur if you do not WARNING: perform a procedure as specified. Equipment damage may occur if you do not follow CAUTION: a procedure as specified. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 2...
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Runtime for 90° operating with motor 90 sec closing (on power loss) with spring return 15 seconds typical NOTE: At -25°F, spring return is 142 lb-in (16 Nm Equipment rating Class 2, in accordance with UL/CSA Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 3...
  • Page 4 90° See Figure 17. NEMA 3R rated when installed with ASK75.1U Weather Shield in the vertical position. See Figure 18. See Accessories, Figure 9. Material Die cast aluminum alloy Gear lubrication Silicone-free Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 4...
  • Page 5: Actuator Components

    11. Shaft adapter locking clip 12. Position indicator adapter 13. Mounting bracket Figure 1. Modulating GCA Actuator. 14. Connection cables Not all features are on all models. NOTE: Table 1 for a listing of features per model. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 5...
  • Page 6 Figure 5. Crank Arm Kit with • Other required mounting fasteners. Mounting Bracket. ASK73.1: Bracket provides an extended anti- rotation pin allowing two OpenAir actuators to directly drive a single damper shaft. Figure 6. Tandem Mount Bracket. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 6...
  • Page 7 Heater Kit Thermostat Figure 10. Heater/Weather Shield Assembly. 985-124: Used for converting a 4 to 20 mA controller output signal into a 2 to 10 Vdc Figure 11. actuator signal. 499 Ohm Resistor Assembly Kit. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 7...
  • Page 8: Service Parts

    In the event of a blockage in a damper, actuators are overload protected over the full range to prevent damage to the actuators. Life expectancy An improperly tuned loop will cause excessive repositioning that will shorten the life of the actuator. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 8...
  • Page 9 Figure 14. The Minimum and Maximum Control Signal Adjustment. Example: Open the actuator from 0% to 50% (45°) using a control signal of Umin = 2V to Umax = 10V. Calculating the value of ΔU: − − min) Δ Working angle rotation Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 9...
  • Page 10 For GCA15x actuators with signal inversion switch set to Inverse Acting, NOTE: 90° corresponds to either a 0 to 10 Vdc or a 2 to 10 Vdc. Vdc input signal depends on the input signal selection. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 10...
  • Page 11 ASK73.2U*: Tandem mounting bracket with any combination of GCA16x. (>18 Nm <32 Nm) ASK73.1U*: Tandem mounting bracket for all other GCAx actuators. *Tandem application tested for up to four actuators. Each bracket mounts two actuators. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 11...
  • Page 12: Mounting And Installation

    • A mounting bracket is included with the actuator. • The shaft adapter and mounting parts are shipped in a separate container with the actuator. • See the detailed mounting instructions included with each actuator. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 12...
  • Page 13 Y = 10V Close Open Close Open GCA15x Y = 0V GCA16x (or Y = Uo) Using 0 to 10 Open Close Open Close GCA13x Close Open Close Open GCA12x Open Close Open Close Power On GCA22x Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 13...
  • Page 14: Manual Override

    Rotate the damper blade shaft to its failed position. Rotate the shaft coupling to the Adjustment desired position. Insert the shaft adapter into the actuator and fasten it with the locking clip. See Figure 20. MANUAL MANUAL OVERRIDE OVERRIDE Figure 20. Mechanical Range Adjustment. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 14...
  • Page 15 • The Output Signal 9 (pink) wire, identified as the Master actuator, needs to be connected to all the Control Signal Wires 8 (gray) of the slave actuators used in the tandem application. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 15...
  • Page 16 Input 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc Supply Neutral Actuator 2 Input 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc Supply Neutral Actuator 3 Neutral (-) Figure 26. GCA15x.1x for Tandem Application (Master/Slave). Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 16...
  • Page 17: Check Operation

    Connect wires S1 and S2 to the DMM. The DMM should indicate open circuit or no resistance. e. Switch off Vac power. The DMM should indicate contact closure as the actuator shaft coupling reaches the setting of switch A. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 17...
  • Page 18 Connect wires S1 and S2 to the DMM. The DMM should indicate an open circuit or no resistance. Apply a control signal (24 Vac/dc) to wire 7 (orange). The DMM should indicate contact closure as the actuator actuator-shaft coupling reaches the setting of switch A. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 18...
  • Page 19 Apply the input signal as in Step 1f, to wire 8 (gray). The reading at the DMM should decrease (increase for GCA15x in inverse acting mode) and the actuator shaft coupling returns to the fail "0" position. Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Page 19...
  • Page 20: Special Application

    Actuator 985-124 Neutral Neutral (-) Figure 27. Wiring Diagram for Converting 4 to 20 mA into 2 to 10 Vdc. Service WARNING: Do not open the actuator. If the actuator is inoperative, replace the unit. Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 20...
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    The actuator should resume normal operating mode. Dimensions 4-3/16 (106) OPENING FOR STANDARD 1/2" CONDUIT CONNECTOR (2) ∅ 8-1/4 1.04 (210) (26.5) 1-3/8 (35) 15-3/8 4-1/16 (390) (103) Figure 28. Dimensions of the ASK75.1U Weather Shield in Inches (Millimeters). Siemens Industry, Inc. Page 21...
  • Page 22 Information in this publication is based on current specifications. The company reserves the right to make changes in specifications and models as design improvements are introduced. OpenAir is a registered trademark of Siemens Schweiz AG. Product or company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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