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Warranty And Service; Guarantee Conditions; Service And Spare Parts - Electrolux ERD 6843 User Manual

Refrigerator-freezer combination
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46 electrolux

Guarantee conditions

Service and spare parts

If calling the service is unavoidable,
announce the trouble at a brand-mark
service nearest to your place.
When announcing the appliance has to
be identified according to its data label.
The data label of the appliance is stuck to
the wall of the interior beside the
vegetable box in the fresh food
compartment in the bottom on the left
side. All necessary data are there which
are needed to the service announcement
(type, model, serial number, etc.). Note
here the data from the data label of your
Product No.
Serial No.
Date of purchase:
The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes in the products.

Warranty and service


Table of Contents

Table of Contents