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Canon LEGRIA HFR86 Quick Manual page 7

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• Do not allow the product to maintain contact with the same area
of skin for extended periods of time during use. This may result
in low-temperature contact burns, including skin redness and
blistering, even if the product does not feel hot. The use of a tripod
or similar equipment is recommended when using the product
in hot places and for people with circulation problems or less
sensitive skin.
• Periodically remove any dust buildup from the power plug and
power outlet using a dry cloth.
• Follow any indications to turn off the product in places where its
use is forbidden. Not doing so may cause other equipment to
malfunction due to the effect of electromagnetic waves and even
result in accidents.
Denotes the risk of injury.
• Do not leave the product in places exposed to extremely high or
low temperatures. The product may become extremely hot/cold
and cause burns or injury when touched.
• Only mount the product on a tripod that is sufficiently sturdy.
• Do not look at the screen or through the viewfinder for prolonged
periods of time. This may induce symptoms similar to motion
sickness. In such a case, stop using the product immediately and
rest for a while before resuming use.
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