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Frigidaire DUOTRIMKIT Installation Instructions page 5

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3. Remove the black plastic top hinge covers and
replace with the silver hinge covers (J).
4. Remove toe grille panels at bottom of each unit.
Save the four screws as they will be used later in
the installation.
5. Place a carpenter's level across the top of the door.
Using a tape measure, adjust leveling feet so that
each door is level and to a height of 65-5/16"
across top front edge of door. See Figure 10.
6. Place a carpenter's level vertically on the front of the
door and level so that front surface of door is vertical.
Re-check to make sure top front edge of door is still
at a height of 65-5/16". Adjust as necessary. See
Figure 11.
7. Slide units into place one at a time. Recheck level for
each unit. Connect the ice maker water line (if so
equipped) and plug power cords into their
receptacles prior to pushing unit fully into place. If
your receptacle is not centered in the space, make
sure to slide the unit on the side opposite the
receptacle into place first.
8. Recheck the level of each unit. Depending of the flatness of your floor, you may need to remove each
unit and readjust several times before achieving an acceptable state of levelness and alignment. Allow
3/8" gap between units for center trim (G). See Figure 13.
9. Attach metal toe grille (F) using the four screws saved during removal of the plastic grille panels in Step
4. It may help to open doors of both units to aid alignment of screws. Run screws through the left-most
and right-most grille holes and tighten until slightly snug. Next, install two inner screws but do not fully
tighten. Adjust so the top of toe grille is parallel with the bottom of both doors and then tighten all four
screws. See Figure 12.
10. Install the magnetic center trim piece (G) in the gap between both units. See Figure 13. Trim piece
should be flush with tops of units and fit snugly on top of toe grille.
Care & Cleaning of Your Trim Kit
The trim and grille kit surfaces are best cleaned with a cotton cloth dampened with a mixture of water and
mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleansers as they will mar the surface of the metal components.
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