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JVC LT-32K680 Quick Start Manual page 2

32" led smart hd tv
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Getting Started
1. The first time you turn the TV on, it will go straight into the First Time Installation menu. Please
ensure the aerial or satellite cable is plugged in. Press the
then press OK.
Your country will already be selected and Scan Encrypted channels will be set to ON.
You now need to select what you want to tune in from, either your aerial, Satellite or cable.
Press the
buttons to highlight SELECT FAVOURITE NETWORK TYPE, then press the
select Digital Aerial, Digital Cable, Satellite, Analogue or None for your favourite network type. If you wish
to tune in more than one network you can add others below.
If you View TV Through a Set Top Box
If you have attached a Set top box via a HDMI cable select None. This will mean your TV will not try to
tune any channels in. To view your set top box press the SOURCE button and select the HDMI socket you
have attached your set top box to.
2. Confirm these settings by pressing OK.
3. Press the
buttons to highlight
Home Mode then press OK.
JVC 32' LED Smart HD TV LT-32K680(A) Quick Start Guide.indd 2
buttons to highlight your language
buttons to
Connecting to the Internet - Wired, Wireless or using the WPS button
To access all the features of your Smart TV you must be connected to the internet. If you do not wish
to set up your network connection you can skip this section by pressing
you set up your network connection now.
WIRED Connection
If you have connected your ethernet cable to the LAN socket on the back of your TV press the
buttons to select WIRED DEVICE. When Network says CONNECTED press OK.
WIRELESS Connection
Make sure your TV is as close to your router as possible, within
You can connect using a wireless
5m and its recommended its in the same room as the TV.
connection via your router.
1. Press the
buttons to select WIRELESS DEVICE. Wait a few seconds and a list of all wireless
networks will be displayed.
2. Press the
buttons to select your wireless network then press OK.
3. You now need to enter your password, a keyboard
will appear. Press the
buttons to select a
letter/number/symbol and press OK to enter each
one. Once you have typed your password highlight
OK and press OK. The network will now show
4. Press the OK button to continue.
WPS Connection
Rather than having to enter your Wireless password, you can select the WPS option. This will allow you
to connect to your router without a password once the WPS button is pressed on your router.
1. Select WIRELESS DEVICE, when you see list of wireless networks press the BACK button.
2. Press the
button to select 'Press WPS on your wifi router' then press OK. Now press the WPS
button on your router and your TV will connect to your router, without the use of a password.
Tuning in Your TV
1. Your TV will now start automatic channel scan. It will tune in all available TV
2. The Scan statistics screen will appear,
showing you the amount of TV and radio
stations that have been tuned in. Press OK to
exit this screen.
3. The Edit Channel list will appear, press the
EXIT button to remove this. Your TV is now
fully tuned in and ready to use.
Need More Help!
If you need more help setting up your TV then please call:
210 289 9999
Lines are open Monday – Friday: 9:00-21:00 and Saturday: 9:00-20:00
, however we recommend
Well done,
your new TV is now ready to use. You
will find that there are many exciting features available.
To get to know all these features, please take
some time to read the instruction manual provided with
your TV.
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