Universal Remote Control Complete Control MX-810 Operating Manual

Universal remote control control complete operating manual mx-810.
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With the MX-810
Universal Remote Control

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   Summary of Contents for Universal Remote Control Complete Control MX-810

  • Page 1: Operating Your System

    Operating Your System With the MX-810 ™ COMPLETE COMPLETE CONTROL Universal Remote Control ®...

  • Page 2

    TECHNICAL OR EDITORIAL ERRORS/OMISSIONS MADE IN THIS MANUAL. The information in this manual may be subject to change without prior notice. Complete Control is a registered trademark of Universal Remote Control, Inc. Entertainment Made Simple is a trademark of Universal Remote Control, Inc.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Optional RF “No Rules” Operation Installing and Charging the Battery Programming the MX-810 Using the MX-810 to Manually Control a “Device” Using the MX-810 to Automate an “Activity” Using the Help System for Automated Activities Accessing the MX-810’s Setup Menus...

  • Page 4: Custom Labeled Buttons, Light Button

    Custom Labeled Buttons When you pick up the MX-810, it automatically lights up the color LCD screen which labels the six buttons to either side of the screeen. These button labels change based on what you are watching or listening to.

  • Page 5: Optional Rf "no Rules" Operation

    Optional RF “No Rules” Operation In combination with a Complete Control RF Base Station, the MX-810 can control your system without being in line-of-sight of the equipment. Either the MRF-350 or the MRF-40 RF base station is compatible with the MX-810.

  • Page 6: Installing And Charging The Battery

    You can charge the Lithium Ion bat- tery by simply plugging the includ- ed charger into the base of the remote as shown here. The MX-810 can be used while charging. Page 3...

  • Page 7: Programming The Mx-810

    We highly recommend that you use a professional audio/video installer to program your MX-810 so you will be able to enjoy all the ben- efits of the MX-810 as well as one touch operation via Activities.

  • Page 8: Using The Mx-810 To Manually Control A "device

    MX-810 O WNERS ANUAL Using the MX-810 to Manually Control a “Device” Press the MX-810’s DEVICES button to display all the devices you can control with your MX- 810. Your MX-810 can control up to 24 devices. If you have more...

  • Page 9: Using The Mx-810 To Automate An "activity

    Using the MX-810 to Automate an “Activity” You select Activities in the same way that you select Devices. Simply press the MX-810’s ACTIVITIES button to display all the Activities you can auto- mate with your MX-810. However, when you select an activi-...

  • Page 10: Using The Help System For Automated Activities, Accessing The Mx-810's Setup Menus

    Additional screens may appear if your system is custom. Exit help by pressing the HELP button again. Accessing the MX-810’s Setup Menus The MX-810 has internal setup menus that enable you to change the settings that control your color screen, the button lighting, battery warnings and the clock.

  • Page 11: Selecting From The Setup Menus, Setting The Color Screen

    Use the buttons next to DIM and BRIGHT to adjust the brightness. You’ll see the screen dim and brighten. When you have the right setting, press SAVE. Pressing Cancel discards all changes. MX-810 O WNERS ANUAL Select the setting you’d like to adjust by pressing the button beside the screen.

  • Page 12: Setting The Button Lighting

    Setting the Screen Pick Up Sensor Use the buttons next to YES and NO. If you say YES, the color screen will light as long as you are moving the MX-810. If you say NO, the screen will light when you press any button.

  • Page 13: System Menu

    (Pick Up Sensor OFF). System Menu While you are using the MX-810 you can get a more accurate reading of the exact power remaining by checking the System Menu. Additionally, the System Info page offers a look at how much memory you have used.

  • Page 14: Setting The Button Beep Volume

    On this screen, you can see how much battery charge remains and you can reset the “Low Battery” warning to either 10, 20 or 30 percent. The battery indicator at the top left of the MX-810 screen will flash when your low battery warning level is reached.

  • Page 15: Date And Time Menus

    When the date is correct, press the SAVE button. Setting Display for Time or Date The MX-810 can display either the time or the date, not both. Select what you would like to be displayed and press SAVE.

  • Page 16: Erasing And Resetting, Usa Limited Warranty Statement

    INC. warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year and as set forth below. Universal Remote Control will, at its sole option, repair the product using new or comparable rebuilt parts, or exchange the product for a comparable new or rebuilt product.

  • Page 17: Specifications, Contact Us

    Warranty is valid only in the United States of America. This Limited Warranty specifically excludes products sold by unauthorized resellers. UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION ON THIS PRODUCT.

  • Page 18

    MX-810 S ETUP OTES Your Devices List any component or device you’d like to control with your MX-810: Type of Device (TV, DVD, VCR etc.) Brand Model Page 15...

  • Page 19

    MX-810 S ETUP OTES Your Activities Describe the inputs you must set to watch or listen to TV, DVD, CD, Radio etc. in your home entertainment system. Activity (Watch TV, Watch DVD etc.) TV Input Audio Input Page 16...

  • Page 20

    ™ COMPLETE COMPLETE CONTROL Universal Remote Control ® 500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-4484 Fax: (914) 835-4532 www.universalremote.com...

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