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Before Each Drying - Zanussi ZDV300 User Manual

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■ Before Each Drying

1. Before drying, thoroughly spin the laundry in washing machine. High spin speed can reduce the drying
time and save energy consumption.
2. For uniform drying result, sort the laundry according to the fabric type and drying programme.
3. Before drying, please close zips, hooks and eyelets, button up, tie fabric belts, etc.
4. Do not over dry the clothes, because over dried clothes can easily get creases.
5. Do not dry the articles containing rubber or similar elastic materials.
6. The door can be opened only after the programme, it can prevent injury from being scalded by hot
steam or over heated drying machine.
7. Clean the lint filter and empty inner tube after each use to avoid extension of drying time and energy
8. Do not put clothes after dry cleaning into the dryer.
The reference weight of dry clothes (each):
Never over load.
Not for textile with dropping water. The dryer could be damaged, even fire.
Not suitable for silk or woolen textiles
Please pay attention to use the drying machine if the materials of your clothes can not be dried by it or
contain the symbols as follows:
Work clothes
(about 1120g)



Table of Contents

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