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Installation - Zanussi ZDV300 User Manual

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■ Installation

Dryer should be placed in a ventilated area with not less
than 10cm distance from the wall.
It is suggested there are no obstacles within 1.5m in front of
dryer and keep ventilated.
If dryer could not be placed horizontally (the lean angle is no more than 2°), the dryer will work
unbalanced or stop working sometimes.
Notice when installing:
Do not install the dryer in the open air or place easily damaged by rain;
Do not place the back of dryer near curtain or something in the wind;
Do not place the dryer near gas or flammable area.
Flex tube fixing:
Align the accessory elbow horizontally to the left or right, align the end with the slot on the exhaust port
on the back of the dryer, and push the latch into the slot firmly (Figure 1).
Push the end of the accessory outlet pipe with the slot into the bent pipe buckle, and turn it clockwise
into the slot (Figure 2).
Extend the other side straight from the window or wall hole to the outside. The telescopic tube cannot
be discounted or extended to the sewer (Figure 3, Figure 4).
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4



Table of Contents

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