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Honda TDR01Z Owner's Manual

Electric power assist bicycle
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TDR01Z Electric power assist Bicycle
Thank you very much for buying a HONDA Electric Bicycle
Your safety, and the safety of others, is very
important. Operating this electric bicycle safely
is an important responsibility. To help you
make informed decisions about safety we have
provided operating procedures and other
information on labels. This information alerts
you to potential hazards that could hurt you or
1 Information To Know Before Riding
Electric bicycle structures
Safety instructions
Load capacity
Riding Safely
2 Ways of using Electric Bicycle
The Ways Of Using Bicycle
How to charge
How to install the battery box
Owner's Manual
Information To Know Before riding
Know-How Of Using Bicycle
Driving operation instructions
Trouble Shooting
Daily maintenance
Technical Information
Circuit Diagram
You CAN be HURT if you don't follow
You CAN be HURT if you don't follow
You CAN be HURT if you don't follow
Road conditions
Environmental protection
How to install the battery
How to use Lights and horn
Tire inflation



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  • Page 1 Trouble Shooting Daily maintenance Technical Information Circuit Diagram Thank you very much for buying a HONDA Electric Bicycle A FEW WORDS ABOUT SAFETY You CAN be HURT if you don’t follow Your safety, and the safety of others, is very instructions.
  • Page 2 3 Driving operation instructions Riding instructions How to check and adjust brake system Attention before riding Seat and handlebar adjustment Checking battery capacity Starting and riding How to check and adjust chain 4 Trouble shooting Trouble shooting 5 Daily maintenance Controller specifications Motor maintenance Battery maintenance...
  • Page 3 7 Always leave plenty of room between your bike and somebody in front so that you can stop on time 8 Always wear a helmet. The max recommended speed of the Honda electric bicycle is 20Kph. The max load capacity is 100kg using standard tire pressures.
  • Page 4 Do not turn throttle before Correct Sudden braking and single hand riding you are riding is prohibited Riding Safely Parking Turn on the lights when you are Brake gently when you want to riding at night park and do not use the throttle. Bicycle spares Environmental protection...
  • Page 5 Do not install non-original HONDA Always dispose of old batteries properly. spare parts. How to charge 1、Please charge in dry and ventilated indoor condition. If in wet and/or damp condition it could lead to charger damage and cause fire. 2、Please don't put anything on charger when charging or it will cause overheating.
  • Page 6 How to replace batteries following steps to install battery A: install "+" terminal (red wire), then install "-" terminal (green wire) B: use insulating tape to cover the terminals C: put the batteries in the case easily and smoothly. D: cover the case and screw tightly. How to use light and horn Front light and horn are above front fender.
  • Page 7 Front wheel standard tire pressure 250KPS-36PSI Rear wheel standard tire pressure 300KPS-44PSI Never ride with less than 250KPS(36psi) and never inflate to more than 350KPS (50psi) Before riding 1、Make sure the height of the handlebar is comfortable 2、Make sure the battery is charged. 3、Make sure the height of the seat is comfortable 4、Make sure the chain is fine.
  • Page 8 charge the battery. Checking the chain The sag must be between 10-15mm Adjusting the sag Loosen the rear axle first than adjust the small adjustor nuts equally. Maintain the chain line. If the sag is not between 10-15mm, it might cause the chain to fall off or break the chain. How to check the brake system Check The distance between lever and handle bar should...
  • Page 9 up to the safety line. You have to make the torque 27N•m. Starting and Driving 1. Before starting you should check the vehicle and road conditons 2. Check the battery power, lights, horn, brake, tires and so on; 3. Be seated, turn the throttle very slowly and pedal assist Attention when driving You should pedal when you ride uphill or against head wind in order to decrease the discharge current and protect the battery.
  • Page 10: Specification

    2. This controller is specifically designed for electric bicycle. It has a single smart chip inside to control the speed, brake power, over voltage protection, current limiting protection, speed limiter, anti-coaster protection and temperature protection. 3. The controller is maintenance free but be sure to not let water in.
  • Page 11 Circuit Diagram To derestrict the controller you remove 2 screws on the cover below the seat and take the cover off. The controller is behind the cover and from it there are two white wires that come out and back in in a loop. Cut this loop and replace the cover.Doing this will increase the power and raise the top speed to about 30 kph.