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Shelf (Applicable To Some Models Only); Wine Holder (Applicable To Some Models Only); Egg Box (Applicable To Some Models Only) - LG GR-P227KSAA User Manual

Sxs refrigerator
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Shelf (Applicable to some models only)

Folding Shelf
You can store taller items such as a gallon container or bottles by simply pushing in
front half of shelf underneath back half of shelf. Pull toward you to return to a full shelf.

Wine holder (Applicable to some models only)

Wine holder
Bottles can be stored laterally with
this wine corner.
(Type 1)
This can be attached to any shelf.
In case of inserting the wine holder :
Pull the wine holder downward as in
after inserting it into the side anchoring
part of the shelf as in
upward as in .
In case of separating the wine holder :
Pull the wine holder inward as in ➃ after
holding it upward as in ➂ by catching it.
(Type 2)
Bottles can be stored laterally with this
wine rack.

Egg box (Applicable to some models only)

You can move the egg box to wherever you want.
Never use the egg box as an ice storage bin. It can be broken.
Never store the egg box in the freezer compartment or fresh compartment.
by catching it



Table of Contents

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