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Tricity Bendix TM 560 Operating & Installation Instructions Manual: Maintenance; External Cleaning; Cleaning The Door; Cleaning The Filter

Tricity bendix tumble dryer operating & installation instructions tm 560.
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You must disconnect the appliance from the electrici-
ty supply, before you can carry out any cleaning or
maintenance work.

External cleaning

Use only soap and water and then dry thoroughly.
From time to time, apply a little wax furniture cream
with a soft cloth.
Important: do not use methylated spirit, diluents or
similar products.

Cleaning the door


Before contacting your local Tricity
Bendix Service Centre, please make the
following checks:
The dryer does not start up
The door is open
The plug is not fitted into the wall socket
There is no electricity supply from the wall socket
The time selector dial is not set correctly
The child safety catch is not in position
The dryer does not dry properly
The filter is clogged
Insufficient drying time
Excessive laundry load
The dryer is not correctly installed
Clean periodically the
interior part of the door to
remove any fluff.
Accurate cleaning en-
sures correct drying.

Cleaning the filter

The filter cannot be removed.
It is perfectly normal for fluff to accumulate in the filter
during drying. In fact, even fabrics dried in the open
air lose their fibres, but we do not notice it.
If, after the above checks, there is still a fault, call your
local Tricity Bendix Service Centre. Addresses and
tele- phone numbers are detailed at the back of the
instruction book headed Tricity Bendix Service Force.
Please make sure you give the model and serial num-
ber of the appliance.
Original spare parts can be purchased from Tricity
Bendix Service Centres.
In-guarantee customers should ensure that the
above checks have been made as the engineer
will make a charge if the fault is not a mechanical
or electrical breakdown.
Please note that proof of purchase is required for
any in-guarantee service calls.
Your dryer will only func-
tion well if the filter is
The filter collects all the
«fluff" which accumu-
lates during drying and it
cleaned at the end of
each programme with a
damp cloth.
This information can be
found on the rating
plate (see picture) or on
the guarantee card.


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