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DVD Mini Hi-Fi System
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EN User manual
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DVD Mini Hi-Fi System Register your product and get support at FWD197/98 EN User manual TH คู ่ ม ื อ ผู ้ ใ ช้...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important Safety Notice 2 Your DVD Mini Hi-Fi System Introduction What’s in the box Overview of the main unit Overview of the remote control 3 Connect Connect speakers Connect TV (video) Connect an external audio system (optional) 4 Get started Install remote control batteries Set the clock Turn on...
  • Page 3: Important

    1 Important Safety Important Safety Instructions a Read these instructions. b Keep these instructions. c Heed all warnings. d Follow all instructions. e Do not use this apparatus near water. f Clean only with dry cloth. g Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 4: Hearing Safety

    This ‘bolt of lightning’ indicates uninsulated material within your unit may cause an electrical shock. For the safety of everyone in your household, please do not remove product covering. The ‘exclamation point’ calls attention to features for which you should read the enclosed literature closely to prevent operating and maintenance problems.
  • Page 5: Notice

    Notice Any changes or modifi cations made to this device that are not expressly approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. The making of unauthorized copies of copy-protected material, including computer programs, fi les, broadcasts and sound recordings, may be an infringement of copyrights and constitute a criminal offence.
  • Page 6: Your Dvd Mini Hi-fi System

    2 Your DVD Mini Hi-Fi System Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Philips! To fully benefi t from the support that Philips offers, register your product at Introduction With this unit, you can enjoy: • Video from DVDs, VCDs, and DivX fi les that are stored on USB devices.
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Main Unit

    Overview of the main unit • Turn on the unit, or switch to standby mode. b Display panel • Show current status. c IR sensor • Stop play or erase a program. e PROGRAM • Program tracks. • Program radio stations. •...
  • Page 8: Overview Of The Remote Control

    i Disc compartment j OPEN/CLOSE • Open or close the disc compartment. • Skip to the previous/next track/title/ chapter. • Search within a track/title/chapter. • Tune to a radio station. l ALBUM/PRESET +/- • Select a preset radio station. • Skip to the previous/next album.
  • Page 9 c SUBTITLE • Select a DVD subtitle language. d AUDIO • For DVD, select an audio language. • For VCD, select an audio channel. e REPEAT A-B • Repeat a specifi c section within a track/title/chapter. f RETURN/TITLE • Return to the previous menu/title. g SETUP •...
  • Page 10: Connect

    3 Connect Connect speakers Note • Ensure that the colors of the speaker wires and terminals are matched. Hold down the socket fl ap. Insert the stripped part of the wire completely. • Insert the right speaker wires to “HIGH CH R/LOW CH R”, left speaker wires to “...
  • Page 11: Connect An External Audio System (optional)

    HIGH CH S-VIDEO IN Option 3: Connect through component video sockets Connect a progressive scan TV through component video for higher quality video. Connect component video cables (red/ blue/green - not supplied) to: • VIDEO OUT (Pr Pb Y) sockets on this unit.
  • Page 12 Connect the AC power cord to the wall socket. HIGH CH...
  • Page 13: Get Started

    Always follow the instructions in this chapter in sequence. If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the model and serial number of this apparatus. The model number and serial number are on the back of the apparatus.
  • Page 14: Select The Correct Tv System

    Turn on the TV and then select the correct video source. » You should see the blue Philips DVD background screen. • See the TV user manual for details of how to select the correct video source. Select the correct TV system Change this setting if the video does not appear correctly.
  • Page 15: Play

    5 Play Play disc Caution • Never look at the laser beam inside the unit. • Risk of product damage! Never play discs with accessories such as disc stabilizer rings or disc treatment sheets. • Do not push on the disc tray or put any objects other than discs on the disc tray.
  • Page 16: Play Divx Video

    Press USB to select the USB source. » Play starts automatically. • To pause/resume play, press • To stop play, press • To skip to a track/fi le, press • To search within a track/fi le, press and hold / . Press normal play.
  • Page 17: Play Options

    • [REP DIR] (for MP3 disc only): repeat the current folder • [REP ALL]: repeat the disc • [OFF]: switch off the repeat mode To return to normal play, press MODE repeatedly until play mode is no longer displayed. Repeat A-B (DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/ WMA) During music or video play, press REPEAT A-B at the start point.
  • Page 18: Picture View Options

    Zoom in/out image During video/picture play, press ZOOM repeatedly to zoom in/out the image. • When the image is zoomed in, you can press / / / to pan through the image. Picture view options Select a slide show play mode During play, press PROG repeatedly to select a slide-show play mode.
  • Page 19: Adjust Settings

    6 Adjust settings System setup Select TV system Select the color system that matches the connected TV. Press SETUP. Select [SYSTEM SETUP]>[TV SYSTEM], and then press . Select an option and then press OK. • [NTSC] For TV with NTSC color system. •...
  • Page 20: Language Setup

    Note • The default password (0000) remains valid even if a new password is set. Restrict DVD play Some DVDs may have a parental level assigned to the complete disc or to certain scenes on the disc. You can set a playback permission level for the scenes with this setting.
  • Page 21: Audio Setup

    View DivX VOD registration code DivX is a popular media technology created by DivX, Inc. DivX media fi les contain highly compressed video with high visual quality that maintains a relatively small fi le size. DivX fi les can also include advanced media features like menus, subtitles, and alternate audio tracks.
  • Page 22: Listen To The Radio

    7 Listen to the radio Tune to a radio station • For optimal FM reception, fully extend and adjust the position of the FM antenna. • For optimal MW reception, adjust the position of the main unit. Press TUNER to select the tuner source. Press TUNER to select FM or MW.
  • Page 23: Play Tape

    8 Play tape Press TAPE on the main unit to select the tape source. Pull OPEN on the front panel to open the tape button cover. Press to open the tape door. Load the tape with the open side downward and the full spool to the left. Press to start play.
  • Page 24: Adjust Sound

    9 Adjust sound Adjust volume During play, press VOL +/- to increase/ decrease the volume. Boost sound power MAX SOUND gives an instant boost to the sound power. Press MAX to turn on or off the sound power boost. » If MAX sound is activated, MAX is displayed.
  • Page 25: Other Features

    10 Other features Listen to an external device You can also listen to an external audio device through this audio system. Press MP3 LINK on the remote control to select the MP3 link source. Connect the supplied MP3 link cable to: •...
  • Page 26: Listen Through Headphone

    HIGH CH COAXIAL Play the audio to be recorded. Start to record on the digital recorder (see the user manual of the digital recorder). Listen through headphone Plug a headphone into the the unit. socket on...
  • Page 27: Product Information

    <1% Frequency 4 Hz - 20 kHz (44.1kHz) Response 4 Hz - 22 kHz (48 kHz) 4 Hz - 44 kHz (96 kHz) Digital Output SPDIF (Sony Philips digital interface) coaxial Total harmonic distortion < 0.1% (1 kHz) Channel separation...
  • Page 28: Supported Disc Formats

    Tuning Range 531 - 1602 kHz Tape deck Frequency Response - Normal tape (type I) S/N Ratio - Normal tape (type I) Wow and fl utter Speakers Speaker Impedance 8 ohm Speaker Driver 4”woofer Sensitivity >82 dB/m/W General information AC power 110-127V/220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz Operation power...
  • Page 29: Maintenance

    After prolonged use, dirt or dust may accumulate at the disc lens. To ensure good play quality, clean the disc lens with Philips CD lens cleaner or any commercially available cleaner. Follow the instructions supplied with cleaner. Clean the heads and the tape paths •...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    If you encounter problems when using this apparatus, check the following points before requesting service. If the problem remains unsolved, go to the Philips web site www. When you contact Philips, ensure that the apparatus is nearby and the model number and serial number are available.
  • Page 31 Timer does not work • Set the clock correctly. • Switch on the timer. Clock/timer setting erased • Power has been interrupted or the power plug has been disconnected. • Reset the clock/timer. Cannot display some fi les in USB device •...
  • Page 32: Glossary

    13 Glossary Analog audio Sound that has not been turned into numbers. Analog sound is available when you use the AUDIO LEFT/RIGHT. These red and white jacks send audio through two channels, the left and right. Aspect ratio Aspect ratio refers to the length to height ratio of TV screens.
  • Page 33 Multichannel Usually DVD is specifi ed to have each sound track constitute one sound fi eld. Multichannel refers to a structure of sound tracks having three or more channels. Parental control A function of the DVD to limit playback of the disc by the age of the users according to the limitation level in each country.
  • Page 34 © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Document order number:...

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