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What Is Prontoemulator - Philips TSU200099 User Manual

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What is ProntoEmulator?

Though part of the ProntoEdit package, ProntoEmulator is a separate application which
emulates every aspect of a real Pronto
configuration without the need to download it to your Pronto. At any time you can launch
ProntoEmulator from ProntoEdit by clicking
the Tools menu.
When the cursor is over ProntoEmulator's window, press the right mouse button to display a
pop-up menu to get access to the following ProntoEmulator functions: Help, About,
Transparent, Minimize and Close. The Transparent function is discussed in
ProntoEmulator faster?
The speed of the emulator depends on your PC configuration and may differ
from the speed of the real Pronto.
. You can use ProntoEmulator to test drive your
in the toolbar or selecting Run Emulator from
ProntoEdit User Guide
How can I make



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