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Philips KBD-SFTCFG Installation Instructions Manual

For the intuikey series digital keyboard
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  Summary of Contents for Philips KBD-SFTCFG

  • Page 1 KBD-SFTCFG Software for the IntuiKey Series Digital Keyboard Philips Communication, Security & Imaging...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    APPENDIX A – Keyboard Font Map ...12 APPENDIX B – RS-232 Interface Cable Detail (Part Number S1385) ...13 APPENDIX C – Allegiant Command Scripts and the KBD-SFTCFG ...14 For additional information or to speak to a representative, please contact the Philips Communication, Security &...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Sofware and Optional Allegiant Configuration Software Programs RS-232 Interface to IntuiKey Series Keyboard Figure 1 – Typical Application Using the KBD-SFTCFG REQUIREMENTS The KBD-SFTCFG can only be used on PCs which have the following: • Pentium ® CPUs (or better) • 3 ⁄...
  • Page 6: Keyboard Preparation

    Inverse Normal selected: Each LTT published by Philips CSI is given a unique name. The name simply lists what language tables the LTT supports. Names end with a semicolon, followed by a ‘Meta Data Schema’ number that is used to identify its compatibility with different keyboard firmware versions.
  • Page 7: Kbd-Sftcfg Views

    File menu. KBD-SFTCFG VIEWS The KBD-SFTCFG’s main screen is divided into two views. The left pane contains a tree control that allows a user to index through a set of language tables (and their main subsections). The right pane displays a form that corresponds to the subsection of the language table that’s currently selected in the tree control.
  • Page 8: Softkey Menu Forms

    Command Script macros is covered in a later section. KBD-SFTCFG MENUS Once an IntuiKey Configuration (.int) file has been opened, the KBD-SFTCFG’s menu displays its complete set of options. Some menu options also appear as toolbar buttons. File Menu •...
  • Page 9: Transfer Menu

    • System Default Locale... – displays Windows locale information. This information will only be accessed if requested by Tech Support personnel. Transfer Menu These options are used when communicating with IntuiKey keyboards. NOTE: the keyboard must be in bootloader mode before these options can be performed (see Keyboard Preparation section).
  • Page 10: Server Menu

    Allegiant Server Document Association... option. Toolbar button: If the .alg file is available, the Philips GUI Allegiant Server dialog will appear. If intending to make changes to the .alg file’s Command Script macros, a user must log in with an installer level profile.
  • Page 11: Using The Kbd-Sftcfg

    10.4 Link Buttons Pressing certain softkeys will cause the keyboard to display (link to) another softkey menu. In KBD-SFTCFG menu forms, all softkeys that do this will have a link button next to them. The link button’s label will contain the name of the menu to which it links.
  • Page 12: Configuring Softkeys To Execute (Ccl) Command Script Macros

    10.5 Configuring Softkeys to Execute (CCL) Command Script Macros The KBD-SFTCFG allows users to configure softkeys on menus 80 and 83 – 94 to activate (CCL) Command Scripts on Allegiant matrix switcher/controller systems.
  • Page 13: Appendix A - Keyboard Font Map

    APPENDIX A – Keyboard Font Map The IntuiKey keyboard’s font supports the characters shown below. The number appearing below each character is its codepoint. " SPACE ‚ ƒ „ € ‘ ’ “ ” ¡ ¢ £ € ° ± ´...
  • Page 14: Appendix B - Rs-232 Interface Cable Detail (Part Number S1385)

    APPENDIX B – RS-232 Interface Cable Detail (Part Number S1385) IntuiKey RS-232 Port Connector 9-pin Female 72.0-inch PC Serial Port Connector 9-pin Female...
  • Page 15: Appendix C - Allegiant Command Scripts And The Kbd-Sftcfg

    Allegiant Command Scripts are entered using the Command Script table in the PC-based Allegiant Server software package. There are three distinct types of Allegiant macros which can be programmed using the KBD-SFTCFG software, downloaded into the keyboard, then activated using the IntuiKey keyboard’s softkey buttons.
  • Page 16 1. IntuiKey firmware version number is displayed in the left LCD screen when the device is first powered up. 2. The “Meta Data Schema” number of the Language Table loaded into the KBD-SFTCFG software can be determined by selecting the Property option found under the program’s File menu.