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Sanyo CDM-200A Operating Instructions

Cd changer remote control system


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CD Changer Remote Control System
FM Modulator (CDM-200A)
Ground Isolator (CDL200A)
MODE D'EMPLOI -...-......n...,.....................*.
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Summary of Contents for Sanyo CDM-200A

  • Page 1 (Deutsch) MODE D’EMPLOI -...-..n...,.....*. (Nederlands) MANUALE DI ISTRUZloNl FM Modulator (CDM-200A) LIBRITO DE INSTRUCCIONES (Svenska) Ground Isolator (CDL200A) ........
  • Page 2: Before Using The System

    BEFORE USING THE SYSTEM Control section SETTING UP FOR OPERATION Be sure to press reset button when all wiring is completed. Load the discs into the CD magazine and install the magazine into the CD changer. (Wiring-Using FM Modulator) This system is designed to convert CD sound into FM signals (89.1 MHz or 88.7 MHz) and play them on the existing FM car stereo.
  • Page 3: Cd Changer Operation

    10 seconds each, and this oper- ation is repeated. When optional SANYO CD Changer (FXD-Cl00 or FXD4200) are connected. When the scan button (SCAN) is pressed for two seconds or more, m n Playing a CD Press the play/pause button (0 ).
  • Page 4 CDM-200A (Wiring-FM Modulator unit) T o c a r a n t e n n a R C A L i n e o u t M o d u l a t o r F u s e 2 A...
  • Page 5: Installation

    INSTALLATION ERROR DISPLAYS Procedure To Mount The CD Changer Commander unit Error Displays 1. Determine where the commander unit will be located. If the event of a CD changer malfunction, one of the errors described below will be displayed. 2. Be sure that the mounting surface where the commander unit will be located, is clean and dry.

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