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Philips X809 Manual

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Your phone

Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Due to software upgrading, some contents in this user guide
may be different from your product. Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw it at any
time without prior notice. Please take your product as standard.
Light sensor
USB port and
Pick up key
Power on/off
Unlock key
Volume +/-
LCD touch
Camera key
Hang up key
Back cover release button



  Summary of Contents for Philips X809

  • Page 1: Your Phone

    Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Due to software upgrading, some contents in this user guide may be different from your product. Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Please take your product as standard.
  • Page 2 Home screen Quick access icons Your phone’s home screen consists of the following The four quick access icons on home screen lead areas: you directly to four functional displays. Icons Function Status Bar Quick access to messaging. SIM setting shortcuts Quick access to phonebook.
  • Page 3 Icons & symbols Headset The headset is plugged into the phone. Learn about the icons and symbols on the screen. Alarm The alarm clock is activated. Icons Definition Function Roaming Displayed when your phone Silent Your phone will not ring is registered to a network when receiving a call.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Getting started ......4 Calculator ......22 Insert SIM card and Charge the battery .
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Philips! the back cover in the direction as the arrow shown. To get the most of your product and enjoy all Philips has to offer, register your product at: www. philips. com/welcome More details about your product, please access: Note: Please read the safety instructions in the "Safety &...
  • Page 6 Take out the battery. Install the battery. Insert SIM1/SIM2. Getting started 5...
  • Page 7: Insert A Micro Sd Card (Memory Card)

    Replace the back cover. Note: • You can user the phone while it is charging. • Keeping the charger plugged to the mobile phone when the battery is fully charged will not damage the battery. The only way to turn off the charger is to unplug it, so it is advisable to use an easily accessible power socket.
  • Page 8: Connect To Your Pc

    SIM settings Insert supplied Data communication X809 is a touch-screen mobile phone with dual SIM software into the CD drive. cards loaded at dual durations in the double Run the autorun.exe program. standby mode. As you wish, choose one of SIM Make selections as prompted, and installation cards as the primary.
  • Page 9 If the option is enabled in Profiles Query On Power Up > , the phone will ask you to Settings SIM settings The profiles are defined for several scenes. They configure the SIM card setup or not once the device consist of the settings for ringtones, volume, and is turned on: others.
  • Page 10: Basic Function

    Basic function Use basic call functions Make a conference call If network applicable, you can handle two or more Learn to make or answer a call and use basic call calls, or make a conference call. functions. During a call, enter a phone number, and then Make a call press to dial the number.
  • Page 11: Receive And Send Messages

    Make an emergency call Note: Copyright protected pictures and sound cannot be sent by MMS. tap on SOS Without a SIM card in phone, you can make the emergency call. Send an E-mail In Europe, the standard emergency number is 112; Go to >...
  • Page 12: Enter Text

    Enter text Toggle between upper and lower cases. Your mobile phone supports a number of text entry methods, including T9 input, English input, numeric Tap to delete the character before input and symbol input. the cursor. Note: Depending on the language you select for your Keys: phone, the supported input methods may vary.
  • Page 13: Manage Your Phonebook

    Go to > , select a Save Add new contact Numeric input Press the numeric key to enter a location. ( To primary SIM To secondary SIM number. To phone Pinyin input Input pinyin select Add details as desired. character. Tap on to finish saving.
  • Page 14 Manage your contacts Tap on to finish the settings. Done You can copy or move contacts between the SIM Send your vCard: card and phone, or delete contacts. Go to Go to > > Contacts Options Send vCard > , select Contacts Options Phonebook settings...
  • Page 15: Multimedia

    MultiMedia Media player Player settings Go to > > Save AMR、AAC、MIDI and MP3 music files under Media player Music player Settings folder on your phone and memory card. Audio • : Continue to play music Music in background after exiting the music player. Play music •...
  • Page 16: Camera

    Camera Camera settings While using the camera, tap on icon to select Learn about camera function. Let you take photos settings: as desired by using your phone. Icon Option Function Take a photo Photo album View the photos you have Go to >...
  • Page 17: Video Recorder

    Video recorder Sharpness Sharpen or blur the borders between objects. Learn about video recorder function. Let you record a video clip as desired by using your phone. Contrast Adjust the contrast. Saturation Make colors more or less Record a video pronounced.
  • Page 18: Fm Radio

    Video recorder settings FM radio While using the video recorder, tap on icon Lear about listening to radio programs by using a FM select settings: radio. Icon Option Function Listen to a radio station Video player View the videos you have Plug the supplied headset into your phone.
  • Page 19 • : Select default storage location. Record storage • : Select effect. Channel effect Mono Stereo To turn off the FM radio on the home screen Press , and then tap on Record radio programs You can record a radio program when listen to it. Go to >...
  • Page 20: Business Applications

    Business applications Manage your calendar Alarm You can create your to-do list and make a plan on Learn about how to set and use an alarm. You can your calendar. set up to five alarms. Create your to-do list Set an alarm Go to >...
  • Page 21: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth The files received are saved to > My files Phone > Memory Others Your phone can connect to a compatible Bluetooth Note: If you do not use the Bluetooth feature for some device for exchanging data. time, you should deactivate it in order to conserve battery power.
  • Page 22: File Management

    • : Read the page saved as Share your files Go to bookmark bookmark. You can share your photos, audio or video files with • Remove bookmark : Delete the bookmark. others via MMS, E-mail or Bluetooth. • font size, scroll screen Settings...
  • Page 23: Use Blacklist

    Use blacklist , tap on icon Local settings Foreign settings to select a city. Learn about how to set the blacklist, you can reject Tap on to turn on/off Options Daylight saving the incoming calls from those included in the , switch clock.
  • Page 24: Web Applications & Java

    Web applications & Java Browser Add bookmarks Go to , browse a website. Browser You can use this function to browse the Internet. Select , add current website to Options Consult your network operator for the service bookmark. You can add your favorite websites subscription, data account information, and WAP to bookmarks.
  • Page 25 Note: To run some Java applications (entrusted third party software) on your phone, you may need to adjust the Java settings. Tap on Options>Settings. Java settings Go to > > Applications Java Java settings Function Definition Java audio Set the volume level Java Turn the backlight on or off.
  • Page 26: Settings

    Settings Pen calibration Auto power on/ Set time for the phone to be switched on or off automatically. See “Stylus” on page 1. Languages Select a language for your phone. SIM settings Display Select wallpaper, theme, background level, font size and other Function Definition display settings as desired.
  • Page 27: Network Settings

    Network settings Call divert Divert incoming calls to your voice mailbox or to another phone Function Definition number. Select network Select the network for your Swap phones when handling Line switching phone (service subscription multiple calls. dependent). Automatic Blacklist Use the firewall to reject the recommended.
  • Page 28: Restore Factory Settings

    Barred dial Prohibit some outgoing call (network-dependent). Phone lock Set password protection for your phone. You are required to enter the password each time you turn on the phone (0000 by default). Auto keypad Set an time span for the keypad to be locked.
  • Page 29: Safety & Precaution

    Check with the vehicle manufacturer that electronic equipment dangerous, and will make all guarantees for your Philips phone null and used in your vehicle will not be affected by radio energy.
  • Page 30: Tips

    WEEE Marking in the DFU: “Information to the Consumer” How to prolong the battery life of your phone To have your mobile phone function properly, sufficient battery power Disposal of your old product is important. For the power-saving purpose, do the following, if Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials applicable: and components, which can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 31: Trademark Declaration

    You might be using a charger that was not intended for use with your phone. Make sure you always use the Philips authentic accessory shipped The autonomy is linked to your settings (e.g., ringer volume, backlight with your phone.
  • Page 32: Specific Absorption Rate Information

    Products purchased and used in the original country of purchase. The Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and, the limited warranty is valid only in Philips’ intended country of sales of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that forecast a product.
  • Page 33 SIM card must be removed from the Product before it is given to BY LAW, WHETHER OR NOT PHILIPS HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE Philips. Philips assumes no liability for damaged or loss of the SIM card or POSSIBILTY OF SUCH DAMAGES. THESE LIMITATIONS SHALL the data contained therein.
  • Page 34: Declaration Of Conformity

    11 Science and Technology Road, Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057 China declare under our sole responsibility that the product Xenium X809 Philips GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 TAC number: 35923503 to which this declaration relates, is in conformity with the following Standards:...
  • Page 35: Tips & Tricks

    In general, the lower the backlight level and the shorter the duration, the Here are some steps to help you optimize your Philips more power you will save. Xenium’s battery performance. •...