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Sending images from a camera to an android smartphone
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Using an NFC-compatible Android smartphone (OS version 4.0 or later) simplifies the process of
connecting the devices via NFC.
B: Registering the smartphone to the [
Simply press the [
] button to connect the devices. This simplifies sending images to a smartphone.
C: Connecting via Wi-Fi.
You can connect the camera to a smartphone as you would connect it to a computer or other device.
Multiple smartphones can be added.
Using the NFC function to connect with the smartphone, and saving images from the camera to
the smartphone.
A-1.Make sure the camera is off or in Shooting mode. Touch the N-Mark (
smartphone with Camera Connect installed against the cameras N-Mark.
When using NFC, keep the following points in mind.
- Avoid strong impact between the camera and smartphone. This may damage the devices.
- Depending on the smartphone, the devices may not recognize each other immediately. In this case, try
holding the devices together in slightly different positions. If connection is not established, keep the
devices together until the camera screen is updated.
- If you try to connect while the camera is turned off, a message may be displayed on the smartphone
screen asking for the camera to be turned on. Turn the camera on again, and then touch the devices
together again.
- Do not place other objects between the camera and smartphone. Also, note that camera or
smartphone covers or similar accessories may block communication.
Not all NFC-compatible smartphones have an N-Mark (
user manual.
] button and connecting.
). For details, refer to the smartphone
) on the


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