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Philips AJ3915B/12 User Manual Page 4

Cd clock radio.
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Supplied accessory
Line-in cable (used for audio input connec-
Controls (see 1)
pushes to switch off
alarm for a 6-minute period
2 LCD Display – shows the clock/ alarm time
or CD/radio information
– switches the set on or to standby
– stops the active buzzer, radio or CD alarm
for 24 hours
– switches off the sleep timer
– sets and activates alarm of ALARM 1
– stops the active buzzer, radio or CD alarm
for 24 hours
5 CLOCK – sets clock time
6 SHUF/REP – selects different CD play
modes: e.g. REPEAT or SHUFFLE
(random order)
7 ∞/ §
– adjusts clock / alarm time
– skips CD tracks/ searches for a particular
8 9 – stops CD playback
– erases a CD program
9 ); – starts/ pauses CD playback
0 PROG – programs CD tracks
! LIFT TO OPEN – lift here to open CD door
@ DISPLAY – displays CD tracks or radio
# AUX – 3.5mm audio input jack
$ TUNING – tunes to a radio station
% BAND – selects waveband: FM or MW
– switches on/off radio, CD for timer mode
– adjusts timer options for radio/CD playback
& VOLUME – adjusts sound level
Power supply
– selects CD or radio sound source
– selects CD radio, or buzzer or alarm mode
( Power cord – connects to wall outlet
) Pigtail – FM antenna to improve FM
¡ Battery compartment – insert a 9 volt
battery, typed 6F22 (not supplied) for clock
memory backup
Power supply
1 Check if the power voltage as shown on the
type plate on the base of the set corresponds
to your local power supply. If it does not,
consult your dealer or service center.
2 Connect the power plug to the wall outlet.
The power supply is now switched on and
the numbers on the display shows 0:00.You
will need to set the correct time.
3 To disconnect the set from the power supply
completely, unplug from the wall outlet.
The type plate is located on the bottom
of the set.
For users in the U.K., please follow the
boxed instructions 'Important notes...' on
this sheet.
Clock memory backup
When a power failure occurs, the complete
clock radio will be switched off. When the
power supply returns, the time display shows
0:00 and you will need to reset the correct
time on the clock.
To retain the clock time and the set alarm
time(s) in the event of an AC power failure
or disconnection, insert a 9 volt battery, typed
6F22 (not supplied) into the battery
compartment.This will act as a clock memory
When powered by the battery, the time will
not be illuminated on the clock display, and
operation of the alarms, FM/ MW radio and
CD are also impossible. As soon as the AC
power supply returns, the display will indicate
the correct time.
1 Insert the battery into the battery
compartment for clock memory backup.
2 Connect the power plug to the wall outlet.
Replace the battery once a year, or as often
as necessary.
Batteries contain chemical substances, so
they should be disposed of properly.
Setting the clock
The clock uses 24-hour time format.You may
set the clock from 0:00 if the set is
disconnected from the wall outlet.
1 Press and hold CLOCK until clock digit for
hour flashes.
➜ It will exit the clock setting mode without
setting if there is 5-second inactivity.
2 Press repeatedly, or hold down ∞ / § to
adjust the hours.
3 Press CLOCK to confirm the hour setting.
➜ The clock digits for minute flash.
4 Press repeatedly, or hold down ∞ / § to
adjust the minutes.
5 Press CLOCK to confirm the setting.
Standby power consumption
(clock mode) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1.5W
1 Press POWER to switch on from standby.
➜ The display lights up.
2 Select RADIO source by pushing
(located on the side panel).
➜ "TUNER" is displayed.
3 Push BAND to FM or MW to select
desired waveband.
4 Turn TUNING to find your station.
5 To adjust the sound, turn VOLUME.
6 To view radio information, press DISPLAY.
➜ The current waveband and frequency will
be displayed for several seconds (See 2),
then it will switch back to clock display.
7 To switch off radio and back to standby, press
➜ The display lights off.
To improve reception:
FM: Extend and adjust the pigtail for optimum
MW: Uses a built-in antenna. Direct the
antenna by adjusting the position of
your unit.
This set complies with the radio
interference requirements of the
European Community.


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