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General Information - LG LT23BPP Owner's Manual

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It is important that your refrigerator be kept clean to
prevent undesirable odors. Spilled food should be
wiped up immediately, since it may acidify and
stain plastic surfaces if allowed to settle.
Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes, coarse
abrasive cleaners, or strong alkaline solutions on
any surface.
Before you clean, remember that damp objects will
stick or adhere to extremely cold surfaces. Do not
touch frozen surfaces with wet or damp hands.
EXTERIOR - Use a lukewarm solution of mild soap
or detergent to clean the durable finish of your
refrigerator. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and
then dry.
For products with a stainless steel exterior, use a clean
sponge or soft cloth and a mild Detergent in warm water
Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Dry thoroughly
with a Soft cloth. Do not use appliance wax, bleach, or
other products containing chlorine on stainless steel.
INTERIOR - Regular cleaning of the interior and
interior parts is recommended. If you have the No


During average length vacations, you will probably
find it best to leave the refrigerator in operation.
Place freezable items in freezer for longer life.
When you plan to be away for an extended period,
remove all food, disconnect the power cord, clean the
interior thoroughly, and leave each door OPEN
to prevent odor formation.
Most power failures are corrected in an hour or two
and will not affect your refrigerator temperatures.
However, you should minimize the number of door
openings while the power is off. During power failures
of longer duration, place a block of dry ice
on top of your frozen packages.
When using dry ice, provide adequate ventilation.
Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO
When it vaporizes, it can displace oxygen, causing
dizziness, light-headedness, unconsciousness, and
death by suffocation.
Open a window and do not breathe the vapors.
If you move, empty the refrigerator (freezer)
completely and wash a mild solution of baking
soda and water. (2 TBS soda to 1 quart water)
Frost model which defrosts automatically, leave
both doors open during the entire cleaning process.
Disconnect the power supply, and remove food and
all compartment shelves, storage trays etc.
Wash all compartments with a baking soda
solution. Rinse and dry.
INTERIOR PARTS - Wash compartment shelves,
door racks, storage trays, and magnetic door seals
etc. with the baking soda solution or a mild
detergent and warm water. Rinse and dry.
Be sure the soda is completely dissolved to avoid
scratching the inside of the refrigerator (freezer).
Secure any loose items, such as racks, bins, ice
trays, etc. Do not try to move a loaded refrigerator.
The outside wall of the refrigerator cabinet may
sometimes get warm,
especially just after
Don't be alarmed.
This is due to the
anti-condensation pipe,
which pumps hot refrigerant
to prevent sweating on the
outer cabinet wall.
Always remove power cord from the wall outlet
prior to cleaning in the vicinity of electrical
parts (lamps, switches, controls, etc.).
Wipe up excess moisture with a sponge or
cloth to prevent water or liquid from getting into
any electrical part and causing a electric
shock. Do not use flammable or toxic cleaning
This appliance is intended to be used in
household and similar applications such as:
- Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and
other working environments.
- Farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels
and other residential type environments.
- Bed and breakfast type environments.
- Catering and similar non-retail applications.



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