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Setting The Indoor Unit Tenants For Each User - Samsung MIM-H04UN User & Installation Manual

Wi-fi kit 2.0
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Installing the Wi-Fi Kit
6. Activate the Wi-Fi Kit.
• When power is supplied, all indicators on the Wi-Fi Kit illuminate until the system boots completely.
• After the system operates, tracking is performed automatically.
7. Tracking
Tracking: The Wi-Fi Kit detects connected indoor unit(s) and the indoor unit(s) detects the connection to the Wi-Fi
Kit. Tracking is required to monitor or control the system air conditioner using the Wi-Fi Kit.
• The Wi-Fi Kit automatically performs tracking when activated. The (
blink while in tracking.
• When no indoor unit is detected by tracking, the (
attempts tracking again. In this case, make sure that the communication cables between the indoor and
outdoor units are connected properly.
• When any change in the installation of indoor and outdoor units occurs, manually run the tracking by
pressing the (SW3,
• When tracking is completed but all the connected indoor units have the central control option
disabled, the (
) indicator illuminates for 10 seconds and the (
attempts tracking again. In this case, check and change the central control option for indoor units.
When the central control option is disabled, you cannot control indoor units via the Wi-Fi Kit.
• To control indoor units by using a mobile phone, wait until the tracking is completed and then connect
the Wi-Fi Kit to a wireless router.
• The (
) indicator does not turn off until the Wi-Fi Kit is connected to a wireless router after tracking.

Setting the indoor unit tenants for each user

• The multi-tenants feature allows you to control and monitor the indoor units with the group channel
address (RMC1) that is the same as that of the Wi-Fi Kit.
In order to selectively use the indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit by multiple users,
you can install multiple Wi-Fi Kits and group the indoor units by setting the group channel address (RMC1) for
each Wi-Fi Kit.
Setting the group channel
address (indoor unit) and
tenant address (Wi-Fi Kit)
) indicator blinks for 10 seconds and the Wi-Fi Kit
) button inside the Wi-Fi Kit.
Group channel address 1
Tenant address 1
Tenant address 2 Tenant address 3
Hair salon
) (
) indicators on the Wi-Fi Kit
) indicator blinks. Then the Wi-Fi Kit
Grocery store



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