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AEG IKB64311FB User Manual

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User Manual



  Summary of Contents for AEG IKB64311FB

  • Page 1 IKB64311FB User Manual USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    10. ENERGY EFFICIENCY..................... 19 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 3: Children And Vulnerable People Safety

    ENGLISH usage. Always keep the instructions in a safe and accessible location for future reference. 1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 • years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    CAUTION: The appliance must not be supplied • through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and off by a utility. CAUTION: The cooking process has to be supervised.
  • Page 5 ENGLISH • Do not install or use a damaged • Use the correct electricity mains appliance. cable. • Follow the installation instructions • Do not let the electricity mains cable supplied with the appliance. tangle. • Keep the minimum distance from •...
  • Page 6 • Do not change the specification of • Do not activate the cooking zones this appliance. with empty cookware or without • Make sure that the ventilation cookware. openings are not blocked. • Do not put aluminium foil on the •...
  • Page 7: Installation

    ENGLISH 3. INSTALLATION WARNING! Refer to Safety chapters. 3.1 Before the installation Before you install the hob, write down the information below from the rating plate. The rating plate is on the bottom of the hob. Serial number ......3.2 Built-in hobs Only use the built-in hobs after you assemble the hob into correct built-in min.
  • Page 8: Product Description

    4. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 4.1 Cooking surface layout Induction cooking zone Control panel 265 mm 265 mm 180 mm 170 mm 170 mm 145 mm 210 mm 4.2 Control panel layout Use the sensor fields to operate the appliance. The displays, indicators and sounds tell which functions operate.
  • Page 9 ENGLISH Sensor Function Comment field To select the cooking zone. To increase or decrease the time. To set a heat setting. PowerBoost To activate the function. 4.3 Heat setting displays Display Description The cooking zone is deactivated. The cooking zone operates. The dot means a change by half of a heating level.
  • Page 10: Daily Use

    4.4 OptiHeat Control (3 step The induction cooking zones produce the heat necessary for the cooking Residual heat indicator) process directly in the bottom of the cookware. The glass ceramic is heated by WARNING! the heat of the cookware.
  • Page 11 ENGLISH To see the remaining time: set the Immediately touch until the correct heat setting comes on. After 3 seconds cooking zone with . The indicator of the cooking zone starts to flash quickly. comes on. The display shows the remaining time. To deactivate the function: touch To deactivate the function: set the cooking zone with...
  • Page 12 5.9 Lock To confirm your selection wait until the hob deactivates automatically. You can lock the control panel while cooking zones operate. It prevents an When the function is set to you can accidental change of the heat setting.
  • Page 13 ENGLISH of the fan is defined automatically on 2. Touch for 3 seconds. The display basis of mode setting and temperature comes on and goes off. of the hottest cookware on the hob. You 3. Touch for 3 seconds. can also operate the fan from the hob manually.
  • Page 14: Hints And Tips

    6. HINTS AND TIPS The cooking zone efficiency is related to WARNING! the diameter of the cookware. The Refer to Safety chapters. cookware with a diameter smaller than the minimum receives only a part of the 6.1 Cookware power generated by the cooking zone.
  • Page 15 ENGLISH Heat setting Use to: Time Hints (min) 1 - 2. Solidify: fluffy omelettes, 10 - 40 Cook with a lid on. baked eggs. 2. - 3. Simmer rice and milkbased 25 - 50 Add at least twice as much liq- dishes, heat up ready-cooked uid as rice, mix milk dishes meals.
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    To find the full range of cooker hoods hoods that work with this function must which work with this function refer to our have the symbol consumer website. The AEG cooker 7. CARE AND CLEANING otherwise, the dirt can cause damage WARNING! to the hob.
  • Page 17 ENGLISH Problem Possible cause Remedy Pause operates. Refer to "Daily use". There is water or fat stains Clean the control panel. on the control panel. An acoustic signal sounds You put something on one Remove the object from the and the hob deactivates. or more sensor fields.
  • Page 18: Technical Data

    (it is in the corner of the glass 9. TECHNICAL DATA 9.1 Rating plate Model IKB64311FB PNC 949 597 600 00 Typ 61 B4A 00 AA 220 - 240 V / 400 V 2N 50 - 60 Hz Induction 7.35 kW...
  • Page 19: Energy Efficiency

    10. ENERGY EFFICIENCY 10.1 Product information according to EU 66/2014 valid for EU market only Model identification IKB64311FB Type of hob Built-In Hob Number of cooking zones Heating technology Induction Diameter of circular cook- Left front 21.0 cm...
  • Page 20 11. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS appliances marked with the symbol Recycle materials with the symbol with the household waste. Return the Put the packaging in relevant containers product to your local recycling facility or to recycle it. Help protect the contact your municipal office.
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