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Toshiba 19SL410U Owner's Manual

Integrated high definition lcd television
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba 19SL410U

  • Page 1 TOSHIBA Leading Innovation >>>...
  • Page 2 Fiatpanel _ mind: • Flat panel displaysthat are inappropriately situated on dressers, bookcases,shelves, desks, speakers, chests or carts may fall over and cause injury. TOSHIBA Cares! The consumer electronics industry is committed to making home entertainment enjoyableand safe.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions 1) Readthese instructions, 2) Keepthese instructions, 3) Heedall warnings, 4) Follow all instructions, 5) Do not use this apparatus near water, 6) Cleanonly with dry cloth, 7) Do not block any ventilation openings,Install in accor- dance with the manufacturer's instructions, 8) Do not install near any heatsourcessuch as radiators, heat registers, stoves,or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 4 TV top connectedto an antenna or phonesystem. Care Forbetter performanceand safer operation of your TOSHIBA TV,follow these recommendationsand precautions: 34) If you use the TV in a room whose temperatureis 32°F (O°C) o r below, the picture brightness may vary untilthe LCDwarms up.
  • Page 5 Neverattemptto service the TVyourself.Openingand removingthe coversmay exposeyou to dangerous voltageor other hazards,Failureto follow this WARNING may result in deathor serious injury.Refer all servicingnot specifiedin this manualto a Toshiba AuthorizedServiceProvider. 45) If you have the TVserviced: • Askthe service technicianto use only replacement parts specifiedby the manufacturer.
  • Page 6 • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Caution: equipment not expressly approved by Toshiba could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. ENERGY STAR User Information Statement: the factory default settings of this television meet ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • Page 7 HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. • MPEG Layer-3 audio codingtechnology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. select [Standard] limitations Toshiba resulting from on the screen for a is not perma- of time.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ... Acceptable signal formats for PC IN and HDMI terminals ... Limited United States Warranty ±br LeD Televisions .. 57 Limited Canadian Warranty for Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions ... an additional rating system for blocking s:... the last mode memory featnre ... 50...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Integrated digital tuning (8VSB QAM) eliminates the need for a separate converter set-top box (in most cases). • 1366 x 768 (19SL410U and 32SL410U)/1920 1080 (24SL410U) output resolution. • Two HDMI _ digital, high-definition interfaces 1080p input support • One set of ColorStream <R_ H D high-resolution...
  • Page 10: Overview O}" Steps For Installing, Setting Up, And Using Your New Tv

    For help, refer to "Chapter 8: Troubleshooting". installation, For technical specifications and warranty this manual int\)rmation, see Chapter 9. Enjoy your new TV! a location level, stable of the unit. or other light does not and other Inadequate which will TOSHIBA to the TV, connections page...
  • Page 11: Fv Front And Side Panel Controls And Connections

    TV front and side panel controls and connections Model 19SL410U is used in this manual for illustration purposes. Left side panel Green LED Power LED (Green) Power indicator Remotesensor Point the remote control toward this remote sensor (_ "Remote control effective range" on page 20).
  • Page 12: Tv Back Panel Connections

    ColorStream ® HD ColorStream ® high definition component video input (with standard stereo audio inputs) for connecting devices with component video output, such as a Toshiba DVD player with ColorStream _. Note: • Component information;...
  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Connecting Your Tv

    Component video cables come in sets of three and are for use with video devices with component video output. (ColorStream _m is Toshiba's brand of component video.) These cables are typically color- coded red, green, and blue. Separate audio cables are required for a complete connection.
  • Page 14: Connecting A Vcr And Antenna, Cable Tv Or Camcorder

    Connecting a VCR and antenna, Cable TV or Camcorder You will need: • Coaxial cables • Standard A/V cables - If you have a mono VCR, connect L/MONO on the TV to your VCR's audio out terminal using the white audio cable only. •...
  • Page 15: Connecting A Dvdplayer With Colorstream® (Component Video), A Vcr, Or A Satellite Receiver

    Connecting a DVDplayer with ColorStream® (component video), a VCR, or a satellite receiver TVbackpanel =.,,,,...----o,.-., videoorDVDplayer with You will need: •Coaxial cables • Standard A/V cables - If you have a mono VCR, connect L/MONO on the TV to your VCR's audio out terminal using the white audio cable only.
  • Page 16: Connecting An Hdmi® Or Dvi Device To The Hdmi Input

    Connecting an HDMI® or DVI device to the HDMI input The HDMI input on your TV receives and uncompressed digital video from an HDMI source device, or uncompressed digital DVI (Digital Visual Interface) source input is designed to accept HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital-Content Protection)
  • Page 17: Regza-Link® Connection

    • After completing REGZA-LINK Setup menu • The connected see the operation the REGZA • The REGZA-LINK technology that • This feature Toshiba's liable for those instruction Note: This feature depending Playbackdevice (REGZA-LINK DVDplayer, e tc.) device(s): the above...
  • Page 18: Connecting A Digital Audio System

    Connecting a digital audio system The TV's DIGITALAUDIO OUTterminal outputs a *Dolby r_ Digital or 2-channel down-mixed PCM (pulse-code modulation) signal for use with an external Dolby r_ Digital decoder or other external audio system with optical audio input. You will need: •...
  • Page 19: Connecting A Personal Computer (Pc)

    Connecting a personal computer (PC) With either the RGB/PC IN or HDMI you can watch your computer's display and hear the sound from the TV's speakers. To connect a PC to the RGB/PC on the TV: When connecting a PC to the RGB/PC the TV_ use an analog (15-pin) and a PC audio...
  • Page 20: Chapter 3: Using The Remote Control

    TV and make obstruction between Adjusting the viewing angle For the 19SL410U and 24SL410U models, you can adjust the tilt angle of the LCD screen for better viewing comfort. laws aim the remote control sure there is no...
  • Page 21: Learning About The Remote Control

    Learning about the remote control Only the buttons used for operating the TV are described here. lo-o0 19-- 26 _ --23 Note: The error message "NOT AVAILABLE" may appear if you press a key for a function that is not available. POWERturns the TV on and off.
  • Page 22: Chapter 4: Menu Layout And Navigation

    Main menu layout The tables below and on the next page provide a quick overview of your TV's menu system. To open the main menus (illustrated below), press M_u on the remote control or TV control panel. Picture Mode Picture Settings Noise Reduction Game Mode Theater Settings...
  • Page 23: Setup/Installation Menu Layout

    Setup/Installation menu layout The Installation menu contains the Terrestrial and SystemStatus menus. To open the Installati0n menu (illustrated below), press M_u on the remote control or TV control panel, open the Setup menu, select Installation, and press @. Terrestrial Input Confi_lration Channel Pro_am Channel Options Channel Tuning Mode...
  • Page 24: Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Tv

    Initial Setup When you first rum on or reset the TV, the Initial Setup window will appear. In the Menu Language field, press select your preferred lan_lage. Press • or • to select Time Zone Setup your desired time zone with _ or _ and press Next, the Location...
  • Page 25: Programming Channels Automatically

    Programming channels automatically Your TV can automatically detect all active channels in your area and store them in its memory. After the channels are programmed automatically, you can manually add or erase individual channels in the channel memory. Note: • You must configure the ANT/CABLE source before programming channels (_.
  • Page 26: Setting Channel Skip

    Setting channel skip To prevent certain channels from being viewed, channel positions can be skipped. From the Setup menu, highlight Installation and press @. Press • or • to select Channel Options and press The list of channels will appear. Press •...
  • Page 27: Setting The Hdmi® Audio Mode

    To create and assign a custom Open the Channel Labeling window. Press _ or [_J to select a channel you want to label. Press ••11_ to highlight Custom and press @. The software keyboard will appear. Repeatedly press the corresponding remote control to highlight...
  • Page 28: Viewing The Digital Signal Meter

    Viewing the digital signal meter You can view the digital signal meter in the ANT/ CABLE digital TV input source only. To view the digital signal meter: Press u_u and open the Setup menu. Highlight Installation and press @. A new set of Installation menu icons will appear. Open the Terrestrial menu, highlight Signal Meter, and press @.
  • Page 29: Chapter 6: Using The Tv's Features

    Selecting the video input source to view To select the video input source Press @ on the remote control or TV control panel. And then either: a) Press 0-5; or b) Repeatedly press • or • on the remote control and then press @ to change the input;...
  • Page 30: To Clear The Input Labels

    Press • or • to highlight the video source you want to label. Press _ or _" to select the desired label for that input source. If a particular input is not used, you can select Hide as the label, which will cause that input to be "grayed out"...
  • Page 31: To Open The Channel Browsert'_

    Navigation, and then press Press • to highlight Browse Mode or _" to select either Mode. to highlight History List, and then press Press • or _" to select the setting you prefer: either Off, or Off. Note: History List will be cleared every time the TV is powered off.
  • Page 32: Adding And Clearing Channels And Inputs In The History List

    In Select Mode, when you stop on an item in the Channel Browser it will be highlighted but you must press @ to rune the TV to the highlighted item. Press @ to rune the TV to the highlighted item. Press E_T to close the Channel Browser Adding and clearing channels and inputs in the History List...
  • Page 33: Switching Between Two Channels Using Channel Return

    Press the Channel Number (0-9) on the remote control, followed by the dash (_]) the sub-channel number. For example, to select digital channel 125-1, press 1, 2, 5, -, 1, then @. Note: If a digital channel is not programmed either through the automatic channel scan (_, page 24) or the Channel add function (_ 26) -you...
  • Page 34 viewing the program in Full or Normal size. Normal Some program formats will display and/or bars at the top and bottom. TheaterWide I (for 4:3 format programs) The center of the picture remains close proportion, but the left and right edges wider to fill the screen.
  • Page 35: Scrolling The Theaterwide S: Picture (Theaterwide 2 And 3 Only)

    * To view the hidden areas (such as subtitles or captions), see below "Scrolling the TheaterWide® picture (TheaterWide 2 and 3 only)". Scrolling the TheaterWide ® picture (TheaterWide 2 and 3 only) You can set separate scroll settings for the TheaterWide 2 and TheaterWide 3 modes for each...
  • Page 36: Using The Freezefeature

    Using the FREEZEfeature To use the FREEZE feature: When viewing the TV, press _ picture a still picture. To return to the moving picture, press again (or any other button). Note: If the TV is left in FREEZE mode for more than 15 minutes, the FREEZE mode will automatically be released and the TV will return...
  • Page 37: Using The Closed Caption Mode

    Using the closed caption mode Base closed captions The closed caption mode has two options: • Captions- An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and sound effects of TV programs videos that are closed captioned (usually "CC" in program guides). •...
  • Page 38: Adiusting The Audio

    You can also use the CC Selector to select digital closed caption services (if available). When such services are not available, the CCSelector presents a default list of services. To select closed captions: Press u_u and open the Preferences menu. Highlight CC Selector and press @.
  • Page 39: Adiusfing The Audio Quality

    Note: * A second audio program (SAP) can be heard only on those TV stations that offer it. For example, a station might broadcast another language as a second audio program. If you have SAP on, you will see the current program on the screen but hear the other language instead of the program's normal audio.
  • Page 40: If You Cannot Remember Your Pin Code

    Press •, which displays the PIN code entry screen. • The Lock System screen (below) code has not been stored. Press the Channel buttons to enter a new four-digit code, enter the code a second time to confirm, and press •...
  • Page 41: Downloading An Additional Rating System For Blocking Tv Programs And Movies

    • The additional rating system is not designed, transmitted, or controlled by the TV or Toshiba, nor is the availability of an additional rating system determined or controlled by Toshiba. Similarly, the rating of programs...
  • Page 42: Locking Channels

    Independent rating system for movies X-rated (For adults only) Not intended for anyone 17 and NC-17 under Restricted (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult) Parents Strongly Cautioned (Some PG-13 material may be inappropriate children under 13) Parental Guidance Suggested (Some material may not be suitable for children) General Audience (Appropriate...
  • Page 43: Using The Game Timer_R

    Video Locks Video, ColorStream 1, HDMI 2, and PC. Locks Video, ColorStream 1, HDMI 2, PC and channels Video+ • Select Video+ if you play video via an ANT/CABLE Unlocks all video inputs and 4. EXIT Press (3" Using the Game Timer ® You can use the Game Timer to set a time limit for playing a video game (30-120 minutes).
  • Page 44: Setting The Pc Audio

    File format: JPEG Maximum photo size: 6 MB Maximum number of files: 500 / folder Maximum photo resolution: 4096 x 4096 pixels Best photo resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels (for 19SL410U and 32SL410U/1920 24SL410U) Music Player • File format: MP3 to get •...
  • Page 45: To Select The Auto Start Fnnction

    . Do not use a USB Hub. . You must obtain any required permission from copyright owners to use copyright contenL Toshiba cannot and does not grant such permission. . Depending on the file size and amount in your USB storage device, it may take some time to load before content is viewable.
  • Page 46: Playing Music Files

    Single View In this view mode, only files located directory shall be displayed. This view change the photo content manually. from Multi View to the Single View, selected photo shall be displayed. Press _ to view the next photo. the previous photo.
  • Page 47: Setting The Sleep Timer

    i0u0n Photolist (Multi view) Sorting To sort the folders and files Press M_u to open the Quick Menu from Multi View mode. Press • or • to select Press "_ or I_ to select Title, New or Oldto set the sorting rule. Title--File sorting rules: 1 Unicode priority 2 Numerical (0-9), Upper Case...
  • Page 48: No Signal Power Down

    Using REGZA-LINK ® This is a new feature that uses CEC technology and allows you to control Toshiba REGZA-LINK compatible devices from the TV remote via HDMI connection (_ page 17). When the Enable REGZA-LINK in the REGZA- LINK setup menu is set to On,the following REGZA- LINK functions will be enabled.
  • Page 49: Regza-Link:s: Input Sottrce Selection

    Note: * These functions depend on the devices that are connected. , The REGZA-LINK Player Control grayed out in the following conditions: - A non-HDMI input is currently selected. - The Enable REGZA-LINK REGZA-LINK ® input source selection Ifa REGZA-LINK device with HDMI switching capability (e.g.
  • Page 50: Displaying Tv Status Information

    5 To save the new settings, highlight Doneand press To revert to the factory defaults, highlight Reset and press @. Displaying TV status information To display TV status information RECALL: Press _ on the remote control. The following inl\_rmation will display (if applicable): •...
  • Page 51: Chapter 7: Using The Tv's Advanced Features

    Using the advanced picture settings features Using Dynamic Contrast Dynamic Contrast detects changes that affect the appearance of your contrast and then automatically adjusts the video. To select Dynamic Contrast preference: From the Picture menu, highlight Settings and press Highlight Advanced Picture Settings and press 3 Press •...
  • Page 52: Using Mpeg Noise Reduction

    To change CableClear settings: the Picture menu, Press M_u and open Noise Reduction and press In the CahleClear field, select your desired setting. Note: • If the current input is ANT/CABLE, menu will display the text "CableClear." available selections Off, Low, High.
  • Page 53: Chapter 8: Troubleshooting

    General troubleshooting Before calling a service technician, chapter for a possible solution to the problem experienced. Blackbox on-screen • The closed caption feature is set to one of the Text modes (T1, T2, T3, or T4). Set the closed to Off (___ page feature 37).
  • Page 54 (_:g. the PIN code four times feature is available for Toshiba compatible devices. cables with the HDMI _) are used. REGZA-LINK device does not after you have changed settings turn off your TV and unplug...
  • Page 55: Chapter 9: Appendix

    (AA through ZZ, AAA, Ultra band (65 through 94, 100 through Power Source 120 V AC, 60 Hz Power Maximum Current 19SL410U: 0.7 A 24SL410U: 09 A 32SL410U: 09 A Power Consumption 19SL410U: 1 W in standby mode 24SL410U:...
  • Page 56: Acceptable Signal Formats For Pc In And Hdmi Terminals

    Acceptable signal formats for PC IN and HDMI terminals PC IN signal formats Note: Depending on the connected detection, picture position failure, 640 x 480 800 x 600 SVGA 1080 x 1024 1024 x 768 1280 x 768 WXGA 1360 x 768 SXGA 1280 x 1024 HDMI...
  • Page 57: Limited United States Warranty ±Br Led Televisions

    How to Obtain Warranty Service After following all of the operating instructions Owner's manual, review the section entitled "Concierge" at http://support, If you find that service is needed, follow the instructions or please contact TAIS' Consumer free at 1-800-631-3811. request your original bill of sale or other proof of purchase including service.
  • Page 58: Limited Canadian Warranty For Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions

    Modifications writing by TCL, and service made necessary the use or installation modifications h. Service of a Television on which the TOSHIBA label or logo, rating label or serial number have been defaced or removed; before operating i. Damage to the Television follow the specifications, as to usage and/or storage.
  • Page 60 TCL Customer Support toll free at 1 800 268- 3404. A copy of the GPL source code in this product may be obtained by contacting Toshiba Consumer Solutions at (800) 631-3811. There will be a charge to cover the costs of providing the source code.
  • Page 61 Noto...
  • Page 62 HEAD OFFICE: 191 McNABB STREET, MARKHAM, ONTARIO, L3R 8H2, CANADA CableClear, ColorStream, GameTimer, and TheaterWide are registered trademarks of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Channel Browser, DynaLight, and SurfLock are trademarks of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. REGZA-LINKis a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.

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