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Maintenance And Inspection - Hitachi BU-PN3 Handling Instructions Manual

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Be sure to switch power OFF and disconnect the
plug during maintenance and inspection.
1. Inspecting the drill bits
Since use of an abraded drill bits will cause motor
malfunctioning and degraded efficiency, replace the
drill bits with a new one or resharpening without
delay when abrasion is noted.
2. Inspecting the mounting screws
Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure
that they are properly tightened. Should any of the
screws be loose, retighten them immediately. Failure
to do so could result in serious hazard.
3. Maintenance of the motor
The motor unit winding is the very "heart" of the
power tool. Exercise due care to ensure the winding
does not become damaged and/or wet with oil or
4. Inspecting the carbon brushes (Fig. 1)
The motor employs carbon brushes which are
consumable parts. Since an excessively worn carbon
brush can result in motor trouble, replace the carbon
brushes with new ones having the same carbon
brush No. shown in the figure when it becomes
worn to or near the "wear limit". In addition, always
keep carbon brushes clean and ensue that they
slide freely within the brush holders.
5. Replacing carbon brushes
Disassemble the brush caps (Fig. 2) with a slotted-
head screwdriver. The carbon brushes can then be
easily removed.
6. Keeping after use
When not in use, the Electric Power Tool should
be kept in a dry place out of the reach of children.
7. Service parts list
A: Item No.
B: Code No.
C: No. Used
D: Remarks
Repair, modification and inspection of Hitachi Power
Tools must be carried out by a Hitachi Authorized
Service Center.
This Parts List will be helpful if presented with the
tool to the Hitachi Authorized Service Center when
requesting repair or other maintenance.
In the operation and maintenance of power tools,
the safety regulations and standards prescribed in
each country must be observed.
Hitachi Power Tools are constantly being improved
and modified to incorporate the latest technological
Accordingly, some parts (i.e. code numbers and/or
design) may be changed without prior notice.
Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject to
change without prior notice.