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Summary of Contents for Yamaha GTS1000MZ

  • Page 1 MANUAL Users' manual GTS1000MZ English* *Original instructions D09-GV09020-01...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content Safety instructions and regulations regarding health and safety during operation Responsibility ................................4 Instructions for safety during use ........................... 4 Safety directions for use and maintenance ........................5 Explanation of the safety symbols ..........................5 Description and technical service Type description ................................
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions And Regulations Regarding Health And Safety During Operation

    • The GTS1000MZ woodchipper is only to be used for the purpose mentioned in this instruction booklet. If the machine is used for any other purpose than described, the warranty and the responsibility of both the manufacturer and distributor will be null and void.
  • Page 5: Safety Directions For Use And Maintenance

    3. General description The GTS1000MZ is a woodchipper intended to shred all kinds of fresh cut wood with a diameter of maximum 8 cm. It is also possible to shred roots, but the roots need to be cleaned from sand, earth, rocks or any other materials.
  • Page 6: Parts Inside The Crate

    4. Unpacking and assembly An unpacking instruction is available inside the crate. Follow the instructions carefully to prevent damage during unpacking. 4.1 Parts inside the crate The crate contains the following items: • Hopper (input tube). • Discharge tube (output or conveyor). •...
  • Page 7: Controls

    5. Controls (Fig 12, 13) Start handle Fig. 13 Throttle handle Choke handle Fuel valve On/Off switch Emergency button g. Deflector Input tube, hopper Fig. 12 6. Instructions for use 6.1. Preparation Check that the machine is assembled according to the assembly instructions. Check following points before using the machine: •...
  • Page 8: Stopping The Machine

    Advice: The hardness of the wood depends on the wood type, the time between pruning and chipping and how dry the branches are. The machine performs best if the branches are chipped right after pruning. Check the torque of the blade bolts every two hours. If needed adjust the torque! (see chapter 7.5) 6.4.
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    If the machine is equipped with an electrical start system, remove the key from the contact and disconnect the battery. The GTS1000MZ consists out of parts with a weight over 20kg. Never lift these parts alone. Ask someone to help you lifting these parts.
  • Page 10: Replacing The Blades

    7.5. Replacing the blades The blades are blunt when the material isn’t pulled into the machine anymore. The blades should be turned, grinded or replaced. The blades are sharp on both sides, so you can turn the blades around and use the other side of the blade. When this side becomes blunt, a new pair needs to be installed or the blades can be sharpened.
  • Page 11: Replacing Motor Oil

    7.6. Replacing motor oil Please consult the engine manual of the engine manufacturer. 7.7. Engine maintenance Please consult the engine manual of the engine manufacturer. 8. Technical specifications Type GTS1000MZ Engine Yamaha MZ300 Starter Recoil Displacement 296 cc Power 10 hp 7,46 kW...
  • Page 12: Trouble Shooting Table

    9. Trouble shooting table Problem Cause Solution The woodchipper does - The blades are worn too Reverse or sharpen or change the blades (chapter 7.5). not perform properly: the much. - Remove branches thicker than 8.5 cm. wood is not pulled in by - The diameter of the branches - A djust the gap between fixed blade and counter blade: the correct gap the rotor itself.
  • Page 13: Warranty Conditions

    10. Warranty conditions 1. Warranty You are entitled to warranty on factory- and component faults provided that the machine is used as described in the manual. Not in- cluded are parts that are subject to wear. For the engine you should apply to the manufacturer in question. 2. Terms For professional use: 6 months. For private use: 2 years. 3. Conditions The warranty covers the replacement of faulty parts and the corresponding labour, but not the costs of transport. The purchase invoice is also the warranty certificate and so the serial number must be mentioned on the invoice.
  • Page 14: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Type : GTS1000MZ Serialno. ______________________ : 2016 Year Function : Woodchipper GTS1000MZ designed to shred fresh wood. Max. average diameter branches: 80 mm. Power : Yamaha MZ300BARAO, 10 hp / 3600 rpm. Weight : 132 kg. That all the relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive are fulfilled. That the product also complies with the following European Directives:...
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