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Miele KM 2312 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and installation instructions
Gas cooktops
To prevent the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance, it is
essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for
the first time.
en-AU, NZ
M.-Nr. 09 703 600



  Summary of Contents for Miele KM 2312

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Gas cooktops To prevent the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-AU, NZ M.-Nr. 09 703 600...
  • Page 2 For trouble-free operation of the appliance, it is best to use it in the countries specified for use. For use in other countries, please contact Miele in your country.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warning and Safety instructions................ 5 Caring for the environment ................ 15 Overview.......................  16 Cooktop......................... 16 KM 2312 ......................16 KM 2334 ......................17 Control knobs......................18 Burner........................19 Accessories supplied .................... 20 Before using for the first time ................ 21 Cleaning the cooktop for the first time..............
  • Page 4 Contents Detailed dimensions ....................41 Installation notes ....................44 Installation dimensions..................45 KM 2312 ......................45 KM 2334 ......................46 Installation ......................47 Gas connection ..................... 49 Electrical connection ..................... 52 Burner ratings ......................  53 Conversion to another type of gas .............. 54 Jet table.........................
  • Page 5: Warning And Safety Instructions

    “Installation”, as well as in the “Warning and Safety instructions”. Miele cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused by non- compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any...
  • Page 6 This cooktop is not suitable for outdoor use.  It is intended only to cook food and keep it warm. Any other use is not supported by Miele and could be dangerous.  This cooktop is not intended for use by people (including children)
  • Page 7 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children  Young children must not be allowed to use this appliance.  Older children may only use the appliance if its operation has been clearly explained to them and they are able to use it safely. They must be aware of the potential dangers caused by incorrect operation.
  • Page 8 Unauthorised installation, maintenance and repairs (including removal of any cover) can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance and repairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorised technician.  Damage to the cooktop can compromise your safety. Check the appliance for visible signs of damage.
  • Page 9  If the mains connection cable is damaged, it must be replaced with a special mains connection cable, available from Miele, by a Miele authorised service technician or suitably qualified and competent electrician in order to avoid a hazard (see “Installation - Electrical connection”).
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions  If the cooktop is installed behind a furniture door, do not close the door while the cooktop is in operation. Heat and moisture can build up behind the closed door. This can result in damage to the cooktop, the housing unit and the floor.
  • Page 11 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  The appliance gets hot when in use and remains hot for some time after being switched off. Do not touch the appliance if there is a possibility that it could still be hot. ...
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions  When the appliance is switched on either deliberately or by mistake, or when there is residual heat present, there is the risk of any metal items placed on the cooktop (e.g. cutlery) heating up. Depending on the material, other items left on the appliance could also melt or catch fire.
  • Page 13 If the pan diameter is too large, flames can spread out to the sides and damage or burn the worktop, wall claddings or surrounding units and also parts of the cooktop. Miele cannot be held liable for this type of damage.
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions  If the appliance has not been used for a long period of time it should be thoroughly cleaned before it is used again. It is also advisable to have the appliance tested by a qualified person for safety.
  • Page 15: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposing of your old material appliance The transport and protective packaging Electrical and electronic appliances has been selected from materials which often contain valuable materials. They are environmentally friendly for also contain specific materials, disposal, and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 16: Overview

    Overview Cooktop KM 2312 a Wok burner Control knobs for the cooking zones: b Large burner e Left c Small burner f Rear right d Pan support (2 pieces) g Front right...
  • Page 17 Overview KM 2334 a Small burner Control knobs for the cooking zones: b Medium burner g Front left c Wok burner h Rear left d Medium burner i Middle e Medium burner j Rear right f Pan support (3 pieces) k Front right...
  • Page 18: Control Knobs

    Overview Control knobs Symbol Description  Burner off, the gas supply is turned off  Strongest flame  Weakest flame...
  • Page 19: Burner

    Overview Small, large and medium burners Burner Wok burner a Burner cap b Burner head c Burner base d Ignition safety device a Outer burner cap e Ignitor b Inner burner cap c Burner head d Burner base e Ignition safety device f Ignitor...
  • Page 20: Accessories Supplied

    Overview Accessories supplied The accessories supplied with your appliance, as well as a range of optional ones, are available to order from Miele (see “Optional accessories”). Wok ring The wok ring supplied gives additional stability to the wok, especially to woks with a rounded base.
  • Page 21: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time  Please stick the extra data plate for Switching on the cooktop for the appliance supplied with this the first time documentation in the space provided The metal components have a in the “Service” section of this protective coating which when heated booklet.
  • Page 22: Suitable Cookware

    Suitable cookware – Unlike pans that are used on an Minimum pan base diameter electric cooktop, the bottom of pans Burner Ø cm used on a gas cooktop do not have Small burner to be flat to deliver good cooking results. Medium burner –...
  • Page 23 Suitable cookware Combination trivet Wok ring  Use the wok ring supplied to give The combination trivet must be used if additional stability to pans, especially – you wish to use a pot or pan with a to woks with a rounded base. smaller diameter base than the minimum given in the table.
  • Page 24: Tips On Saving Energy

    Tips on saving energy – Use a pan lid whenever possible to minimise heat loss. – Wide, shallow pans are preferable to tall, narrow ones. They will heat up faster. – Cook with as little water as possible. – Reduce the power setting once the water has come to the boil or the oil is hot enough to fry in.
  • Page 25: Operation

    Operation Switching on during a power outage  Risk of fire with overheated food! If there is an interruption to the Unattended food can overheat and electricity supply, the gas can be ignite. ignited manually, e.g. with a match. Do not leave the cooktop unattended whilst it is being used.
  • Page 26: Adjusting The Flame

    Operation Adjusting the flame Switching off  Turn the control knob clockwise to The burners can be regulated at any the  position. level between the strongest and weakest flame. This stops the flow of gas and extinguishes the flame. As the outer part of the flame is much hotter than the centre, the tips of the flames should stay beneath the pan base.
  • Page 27: Safety Features

    Safety features Thermo-electric flame failure device Your cooktop is equipped with a thermo-electric flame failure device. If the gas flame is extinguished, e.g. by food boiling over or by a draught, the gas supply is switched off. This prevents the release of gas. If you turn the control knob to the  position, the burner is ready for use again.
  • Page 28: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Unsuitable cleaning agents  Risk of burning due to hot surfaces. To avoid damaging the surfaces of the The cooktop surface, pan supports appliance, do not use: and burners will be hot after use. – cleaning agents containing soda, Allow the cooktop to cool down alkalines, ammonia, acids or before cleaning it.
  • Page 29: Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Cleaning and care  The entire cooktop should be cleaned after each use.  Stubborn soiling should be soaked first.  Dry the cooktop after using water to clean it. This helps prevent limescale deposits. Stainless steel surfaces  Risk of damage by pointed objects.
  • Page 30: Pan Supports

    Cleaning and care Pan supports Burner  Remove the pan supports. Do not clean any parts of the burners in a dishwasher.  Clean the pan supports in the dishwasher or with a solution of warm The surface of the burner caps will water and a little washing-up liquid become more matt over time.
  • Page 31 Cleaning and care Assembling the small, medium and The surface of the burner caps will large burners become more matt over time. This is normal and does not indicate damage to the burner caps. Nor will it affect the operation of the cooktop. ...
  • Page 32 Cleaning and care Assembling the wok burner  Place the burner head  on the burner base  so that the ignition safety device  and the ignitor  extend through their respective holes in the burner head. The burner head must click into place correctly. ...
  • Page 33: Problem Solving Guide

    With the help of the following guide, minor faults in the performance of the appliance, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be remedied without contacting Miele. This will save you time and money because you won't need a service call.
  • Page 34 The ignitor on the The mains circuit breaker has tripped. burner does not spark.  If it has, contact a qualified electrician or Miele. There is food residue stuck between the ignitor and the burner cap. The flame failure device is dirty.
  • Page 35: Optional Accessories

    Miele online shop. Removes heavy soiling, limescale deposits and aluminium residues. They can also be ordered directly from Miele (see end of this booklet for Original Miele all purpose contact details). microfibre cloth Removes finger marks and light soiling.
  • Page 36: Service

    Service Contact in case of fault In the event of any faults which you cannot remedy yourself, please contact Miele. Contact information for Miele can be found at the end of this booklet. Please quote the model and serial number of your appliance when contacting Miele.
  • Page 37: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Safety instructions for installation  Damage from falling objects. Take care not to damage the cooktop when fitting wall units or a rangehood above it. Fit the wall units and the rangehood before the cooktop.  The veneer or laminate coatings of worktops (or adjacent kitchen units) must be treated with 100 °C heat-resistant adhesive which will not dissolve or distort.
  • Page 38: Safety Distances

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Safety distances Safety distance above the cooktop A minimum safety distance must be maintained between the cooktop and the rangehood above it. See the rangehood manufacturer's operating and installation instructions for details. If the manufacturer's instructions are not available for the rangehood, a minimum safety distance as per AS/ NZS 5601.1 must be maintained.
  • Page 39 *INSTALLATION* Installation Safety distances to the sides and back of the appliance Ideally the appliance should be installed with plenty of space on either side. There may be a wall at the rear and a tall unit or wall on one side (right or left). On the other side, however, no tall unit or wall should stand higher than the appliance.
  • Page 40 *INSTALLATION* Installation A gas appliance shall be installed such Clearance underneath the appliance that the surface temperature of any A minimum safety clearance of 30 mm nearby combustible surface* will not must be provided underneath the exceed 65 °C above ambient. appliance. The minimum clearance from a Please note that clearance must also be combustible surface shall be a 200 mm...
  • Page 41: Detailed Dimensions

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Detailed dimensions Height of pan supports above the worktop surface a Vertical distance b Worktop surface c Pan support The vertical distance  from the top of the pan supports to the surface of the worktop is 15 mm.
  • Page 42 *INSTALLATION* Installation Distances from burner to the edge of the appliance KM 2312...
  • Page 43 *INSTALLATION* Installation KM 2334...
  • Page 44: Installation Notes

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Tiled worktop Installation notes Seal between the cooktop and the worktop Grout lines  and the hatched area underneath the cooktop frame must be smooth and even. If they are not, the cooktop will not sit flush with the worktop and the sealing strip ...
  • Page 45: Installation Dimensions

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Installation dimensions All dimensions in this instruction booklet are given in mm. KM 2312 a Front b Building-in depth c Gas connection R ½ - ISO 7-1 d Mains connection box with mains connection cable, L = 2000 mm...
  • Page 46 *INSTALLATION* Installation KM 2334 a Front b Building-in depth c Gas connection R ½ - ISO 7-1 d Mains connection box with mains connection cable, L = 2000 mm...
  • Page 47: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Preparing the worktop Installation  Create the worktop cut-out as shown Installing the cooktop in the cooktop diagram. Remember  Attach the sealing strip provided to maintain the minimum safety underneath the edge of the cooktop. distances (see “Installation – Safety distances”).
  • Page 48 *INSTALLATION* Installation Securing the cooktop Checking operation  After installing the cooktop, ignite all The brackets are suitable for securing burners to check that they are the cooktop in a flush-fit installation or operating correctly: surface mounting. The illustrations show the cooktop secured in a flush- –...
  • Page 49: Gas Connection

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Gas connection Check with your local gas supplier about the type of gas supplied and  Risk of explosion due to an compare this information with the incorrect gas connection. type of gas quoted on the If the gas connection is carried out appliance's data plate.
  • Page 50 Miele. Conversion to another type of gas is described in the section Connect the cooktop to the gas “Conversion to another type of gas”.
  • Page 51 *INSTALLATION* Installation Setting the gas pressure For natural gas models The gas pressure must be set by the The gas regulator is only included with authorised gas fitter as shown on the appliances which are set up for data plate: connection to natural gas.
  • Page 52: Electrical Connection

     Danger of injury! The mains connection cable must Miele cannot be held liable for only be replaced in accordance with unauthorised installation, current local and national safety maintenance and repair work as this regulations.
  • Page 53: Burner Ratings

    Burner ratings Nominal ratings for KM 2312 Burner Gas type Highest setting Lowest setting MJ/h MJ/h Small burner ULPG Large burner ULPG Wok burner 15.5 ULPG 13.1 Total 29.3 ULPG 24.8 Nominal ratings for KM 2334 Burner Gas type Highest setting...
  • Page 54: Conversion To Another Type Of Gas

    *INSTALLATION* Conversion to another type of gas  Burner  Risk of explosion due to an incorrect conversion. Main jet Small jet If the conversion to another type of gas is carried out incorrectly, it may Small 0.90 0.52 (fully-in) result in gas leakage.
  • Page 55: Changing The Jets

    *INSTALLATION* Conversion to another type of gas Wok burner Changing the jets  Disconnect the cooktop from the electricity supply and turn off the gas supply. When converting to another type of gas, both the main and small jets need to be changed. Changing the main jets Small, medium and large burners ...
  • Page 56: Changing The Small Jets

    *INSTALLATION* Conversion to another type of gas Changing the small jets To change the jets, the burner fixing screws must first be loosened and the upper section of the appliance removed.  Pull the control knobs off.  Remove the burner components. ...
  • Page 57: Checking Operation

    *INSTALLATION* Conversion to another type of gas Checking operation  Check all gas fittings for leaks.  Reassemble the cooktop.  Ignite all burners to check that they are operating correctly. – The flame must not go out on the lowest setting, or when the control is turned quickly from the highest to the lowest setting.
  • Page 59 Miele Experience Centre South Melbourne: Auckland: 206-210 Coventry Street 8 College Hill South Melbourne, VIC 3205 Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011 Miele Experience Centre and Office Sydney: Miele Experience Centre Wellington: 3 Skyline Place Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086 183 Featherston Street...
  • Page 60 KM 2312 / KM 2334 en-AU, NZ M.-Nr. 09 703 600 / 08...

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