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Inserting The Blades - Black & Decker *SpaceMaker EK970 Series Use And Care Book

Electric knife
Hide thumbs


4. Place screws through the bracket and into the anchors or wall. Hand twist to
hold, then tighten with a screwdriver. Do not over-tighten.


The blades are precision honed and are extremely sharp. Always handle blades from
the sides opposite the serrated edges. Always unplug the knife before inserting or
removing the blades from the unit. Do not connect cord or release safety button
(READY/EJECT) until ready to use.
1. Always use both blades together. One blade has a key hole slot, the other has
a raised rivet (A). Place the round key hole slot over the rivet, and slide the rivet
down into the narrow portion of the slot.
2. Carefully, hold the grease guards (plastic ends) and slide the blades into
the motor handle with the cutting edges down toward the underside of the
handle. Insert the blades until they click into place (B). Plug into any
120 volt 60 Hz outlet.
1. Release the safety lock by sliding the READY/EJECT button forward to its
unlock/ready position.
2. To operate, press the CONTROL SWITCH (button closest to the handle).
The knife will stop as soon as the switch is released.
3. It's not necessary to use a back and forth motion as you guide the blades
through food. When carving thin slices, slant the cutting edge of the blade
toward the food.
4. Always keep the safety lock on when the knife isn't in use. This locks it so
the knife cannot be turned on accidentally.
5. To remove blades for cleaning, slide the safety lock button (READY/EJECT
button) back (C), press the RELEASE button, grasp the grease guards (plastic
ends), and pull the blades out.



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