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Panasonic KX-TS2365RUB Service Manual

Integrated telephone system.
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Telephone Equipment
Integrated Telephone System
Black Version
(for Russia)
© 2003 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All
distribution is a violation of law.
ORDER NO. KM40305091C3


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 ORDER NO. KM40305091C3 Telephone Equipment KX-TS2365RUB Integrated Telephone System Black Version (for Russia) © 2003 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying distribution is a violation of law.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    KX-TS2365RUB CONTENTS Page Page 1 ABOUT LEAD FREE SOLDER (PbF: Pb free) 13.2. Line Interface 1.1. Suggested PbF Solder 13.3. Speakerphone Circuit 1.2. How to recognize that Pb Free solder is used 13.4. Telephone Line Interface 2 FOR SERVICE TECHNICIANS 13.5.
  • Page 3: About Lead Free Solder (pbf: Pb Free)

    KX-TS2365RUB 1 ABOUT LEAD FREE SOLDER (PbF: Pb free) Note: In the information below, Pb, the symbol for lead in the periodic table of elements, will refer to standard solder or solder that contains lead. We will use PbF solder when discussing the lead free solder used in our manufacturing process which is made from Tin (Sn), Silver (Ag), and Copper (Cu).
  • Page 4: How To Recognize That Pb Free Solder Is Used

    KX-TS2365RUB 1.2. How to recognize that Pb Free solder is used D105 C202 R201 C901 C101 C102 Marked C105 Q191 VR601 C308 J102 VR901 VR402 C114 VR401 R192 R191 R194 IC601 C621 C401 C619 C427 D308 R654 D421 C651 C618...
  • Page 5: Battery

    KX-TS2365RUB 4 BATTERY 4.1. Installing the Batteries 4.2. Battery Replacement...
  • Page 6: Location Of Controls

  • Page 7: Display

    KX-TS2365RUB 6 DISPLAY...
  • Page 8: Connection

    7.1. Connecting the Handset/Telephone Line Cord After connection, lift the handset to check for a dial tone. · Use only a Panasonic Handset for the KX-TS2365RUB. 7.2. Connecting a Communication Device If you connect a communication device (computer, modem, fax, answering machine, etc.) to the telephone line, you can connect it through this unit using the DATA jack.
  • Page 9: Settings

    KX-TS2365RUB 8 SETTINGS 8.1. Selecting the Dialing Mode You can select the dialing mode by programming. If you have touch tone service, set to "Tone". If rotary or pulse service is used, set to "Pulse". Your phone comes from the factory set to "Pulse".
  • Page 10: Setting The Pin Code

    KX-TS2365RUB 8.2. Setting the PIN Code A 4-digit PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) prevents unauthorized persons from using your unit. The PIN Code is required for the dial lock and call restriction to be set or canceled. The factory preset PIN code is "1111".
  • Page 11: Dial Lock

    KX-TS2365RUB 8.3. Dial Lock You can prevent others from making a call to any number except the one pre-programmed in the memory of the EMERGENCY button. Once you locked the dialing buttons, even emergency numbers cannot be dialed. Only incoming calls are accepted until the dial lock is canceled.
  • Page 12: Call Restriction

    KX-TS2365RUB 8.4. Call Restriction You can prevent the unit from dialing phone numbers beginning with specified digit(s) (1 digit or 2 digits). Phone numbers with the restricted leading digits cannot be dialed out. 8.4.1. To Set the Call Restriction Make sure that a call is not put on hold.
  • Page 13: How To Release The Establishment Of Dial Lock

    KX-TS2365RUB 8.5. How to Release the Establishment of Dial Lock After this procedure, you will be able to establish a new password. How to release the establishment of dial lock.
  • Page 14: Operations

    KX-TS2365RUB 9 OPERATIONS 9.1. Making Calls You can make a call by simply lifting the handset. To hang up, place the handset on the cradle.
  • Page 15 KX-TS2365RUB...
  • Page 16: Answering Calls

    KX-TS2365RUB 9.2. Answering Calls While a call is being received, the unit rings and the ringer indicator flashes. You can answer it by simply lifting the handset.
  • Page 17: Flash Button

    KX-TS2365RUB 9.3. FLASH Button Pressing allows you to use special features of your host PBX such as transferring an extension call or accessing special telephone services (optional) such as call waiting. · If you are connected via a PBX, a longer flash time may be necessary to use PBX functions (transferring a call, etc.). Consult...
  • Page 18: Disassembly Instructions

    KX-TS2365RUB 10 DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Shown in Fig -. To remove -. Remove -. Lower Cabinet Screws (2.6×12) ... . . (A)×5 Main P.C. Board The Main P.C.Board...
  • Page 19: Trouble Shooting Guide

    KX-TS2365RUB 11 TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE 11.1. Service Hints SYMPTOM CURE Dead Check IC801, X801, X802 Can’t hear the voice from handset. Check Q109, Q405, Q406. No voice transmit. Check Q421, Q424, Q108. Can’t tone dial. Check IC801, R921, R922, R923 and C923.
  • Page 20: Tone Dialing Problems (handset)

    KX-TS2365RUB 11.3. Tone Dialing Problems (Handset) 11.4. No Ringing Sound When Ring Signal is Input.
  • Page 21: Block Diagram

    Q108 Q101, Q103 D101 Handset LINE Transmit Dial Speaker Receiving IC801 IC201 Q421, Q424 Head Set Handset Tone Speaker Detection Sending Data IC601 Speaker SP-PHONE Key Board Switch 3.7V Battery IC302 4.5V IC303 IC304 (Reset) Q302 Battery KX-TS2365RUB: BLOCK DIAGRAM...
  • Page 22: Circuit Operation

    KX-TS2365RUB 13 CIRCUIT OPERATION 13.1. Bell Detector Circuit When the bell signal is input between T/R, the signal are outputted at the speaker via the following path: Tel line → R1/C1 → D1 → Pin 1 of IC1 → Pin 8 of IC1 → C6 → T1 → C625 → Speaker 13.2.
  • Page 23: Speakerphone Circuit

    KX-TS2365RUB 13.3. Speakerphone Circuit 13.3.1. Function The circuit controls the automatic switching of the transmitted and received signals, to and from the telephone line, when the unit is used in the hands -free mode. 13.3.2. Circuit Operation The speakerphone can only provide a one-way communication path.
  • Page 24: Telephone Line Interface

    KX-TS2365RUB 13.4. Telephone Line Interface 13.4.1. Circuit operation · On hook Q101 is open, Q101 is connected as to cut DC loop current and cut the voice signal. · Off hook Q101 turns on thus providing an off-hook condition (active DC current flow through the circuit) and the following signal flow id for the DC loop current.
  • Page 25: Tone Detect

    KX-TS2365RUB 13.5. Tone Detect This circuit is used to sense the status of the line (busy tone or dial tone) during Auto Redial. 13.5.1. Circuit operation D101 → Q101 → C201 → R201 → R205 → Pin 5 of IC201 → Pin 1 of IC201 → D202 → R208 → Q201...
  • Page 26: Initializing Circuit

    KX-TS2365RUB 13.6. Initializing Circuit 13.6.1. Function This circuit is used to initialize the microcomputer when it incorporates batteries. 13.6.2. Circuit operation When the batteries is inserted into the unit, then the voltage is shifted by D304 and power is supplied to the CPU. The set can...
  • Page 27: Cpu Data

    KX-TS2365RUB 14 CPU DATA 14.1. IC801...
  • Page 28: How To Set The Flash Time And Redial Time

    KX-TS2365RUB 15 HOW TO SET THE FLASH TIME AND REDIAL TIME *Refer to SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM (P.40) 15.1. Flash Time D901—D904 are used for default setting. When you change the flash time, do the following procedure. In case the program should be set frequency, change the default at D901—D904, then set the program.
  • Page 29: Speakerphone Ic Data

    KX-TS2365RUB 15.3. Speakerphone IC Data Name Description A resistor to ground provides a reference current for the transmit and receive attenuators. A resistor to ground determines the nominal gain of the transmit attenuator. The transmit channel gain is inversely proportional to the RTX resistance.
  • Page 30: Block Diagram (ic 1)

    KX-TS2365RUB 16 BLOCK DIAGRAM (IC 1) 16.1. Communication ICs...
  • Page 31: Module Block Diagram

    KX-TS2365RUB 17 MODULE BLOCK DIAGRAM 17.1. MODULE BLOCK DIAGRAM 17.2. CONNECTOR PIN ASSIGNMENT Pin no. signal Function Enable Power Supply (5V) — VLCD LCD Power Input — Power Gnd (0V) — DATA Serial Data Input H, L → L Write Data H, L →...
  • Page 32: How To Replace Aflat Package Ic

    KX-TS2365RUB 18.3. Removing Solder from 18 HOW TO REPLACE A Between Pins FLAT PACKAGE IC 1. Add a small amount of solder to the bridged pins. 18.1. Preparation 2. With a hot iron, use a sweeping motion along the flat part of the pin to draw the solder from between the adjacent pads.
  • Page 33: Terminal Guide Of The Ics, Transistors And Diodes

  • Page 34: Cabinet And Electrical Parts Location

  • Page 35: Accessory And Packing Materials

  • Page 36: Replacement Parts List

  • Page 37 KX-TS2365RUB Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks D203 MA111 DIODE(SI) R206 ERJ3GEYJ183 D301 MA111 DIODE(SI) R207 ERJ3GEYJ103 D302 1SS119 DIODE(SI) R208 ERJ3GEYJ472 4.7K D304 1SS119 DIODE(SI) R209 ERJ3GEYJ104 100K D305...
  • Page 38: Accessories And Packing Materials

    KX-TS2365RUB Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks R662 ERJ3GEYJ333 C426 ECUV1C104KBV R663 ERJ3GEYJ153 C435 ECUV1C104KBV R664 ERJ3GEYJ474 470K C438 ECUV1C104KBV R665 ERJ3GEYJ225 2.2M C481 ECUV1H103KBV 0.01 R666 ERJ3GEYJ475 4.7M C601 ECA0JM102B 0.001...
  • Page 39: For Schematic Diagram (schematic Diagram)

    KX-TS2365RUB 23 FOR SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM (SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM) 1. DC voltage measurements are taken with electronic voltmeter from negative terminal. (Add 40 mA to telephone line from the loop simulator.) 2. This schematic diagram may be modified at any time with the development of new technology.
  • Page 40: Schematic Diagram

    KX-TS2365RUB 24 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM C625 10V100 D651 C654 RINGER C603 K0.033 R605 R655 2.2M IC601 (for T2362RU) R611 R606 R607 IC651 R652 C652 R612 C609 K0.1 C615 4.7K 6.3V22 R602 C606 C610 50V1 R613 100K TP612 1.2K K0.068 C607 C620 C608 R608 6.8K...
  • Page 41 (only T2375) 2.7V BATTN The voltage during ON-Hook is indicated. R313 100K ) shows the voltage during OFF-Hook. Handset & Headset Incoming Signal Speaker Phone Incoming Signal Handset Set & Headset Outgoing Signal Speaker Phone Outgoing Signal KX-TS2365RUB : SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM...
  • Page 42: Circuit Board

    25 CIRCUIT BOARD 25.1. Component View IC651 SP-SHONE IC302 IC201 IC801 KX-TS2365RUB CIRCUIT BOARD (Component View)
  • Page 43: Flow Solder Side View

    25.2. Flow Solder Side View D105 C202 R201 C901 C101 C102 C105 Q191 VR601 C308 J102 VR901 VR402 C114 VR401 R192 R191 R194 IC601 C621 C401 C619 C427 D308 R654 D421 C651 C618 SW101 C625 KX-TS2365RUB CIRCUIT BOARD (Flow Solder Side View)
  • Page 44 KX-TS2365RUB H.M. KXTS2365RUB...

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