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Temperature Set Back Timer; Energy Saving Operations; Economy Operation; Fan Control For Energy Saving - Fujitsu ARXG12-54KHTAP Operating Manual

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4.5. Temperature Set Back timer

The Temperature Set Back timer changes the temperature setting for
day of the week.
The temperature setting range is the same as the range of the operation
Set Back temperature
24 °C
Normal temperature
• The Temperature Set Back timer only changes the set temperature,
it cannot be used to start or stop air conditioner operation.
• The Temperature Set Back timer can be set to operate up to 2 times
per day but only 1 temperature setting can be used.
• The Temperature Set Back timer can be used together with the On,
Off , and Weekly timer.


5.1. Economy operation

It saves more electricity than other operation modes by changing the set
temperature to a moderate setting.
The room temperature will be few degrees higher than
the set temperature
The room temperature will be few degrees lower than
the set temperature
• In the Cooling, Heating, or Dry mode, the maximum output of this
operation is approximately 70 % of usual operation. If the room is
not cooled or heated well during the Economy operation, select
normal operation.
• This operation cannot be performed during the temperature
monitoring by the Auto mode.
• In case of multi-type air conditioner, the Economy operation mode is
only available for the set indoor unit.

5.2. Fan control for energy saving

In the Cooling or Dry operation, when the room temperature reaches the
set temperature, the indoor unit fan rotates intermittently to save power.
This function is activated at the time of purchase.
To deactivate this function, refer to the operation manual of the remote
Even if the setting is changed, if the fan speed is set to Auto in Cooling
or Dry mode, this function still works to suppress the diff usion of
circulated indoor humidity.
28 °C
24 °C
Setting details


6.1. 10 °C Heat operation
• This function is available only by wireless remote controller.
• In simultaneous multi connection, this function by using the wireless
remote controller cannot be used.
10 °C Heat operation maintains the room temperature at 10 °C
so as to prevent the room temperature to drop too low.
• When the room temperature is warm enough, This operation will not
be performed.
• In case of multi-type air conditioner, if other indoor unit is used
for heating, the temperature of the room where the 10 °C Heat
operation is applied will rise. When using the 10 °C Heat operation,
we recommend all indoor units should be run under the 10 °C Heat


• Before cleaning the indoor unit, be sure to turn it off
and disconnect all the power supply.
• The fan operates at high speed inside the unit, and
could result in personal injury.
• If the fi lter cleaning involves high-place work, please
consult the professional technical service personnel.
• Do not expose the indoor unit to liquid insecticides or
hair sprays.
When cleaning the unit, do not use water hotter than 40 °C,
harsh abrasive cleansers, or volatile agents like benzene or
Cleaning air fi lter
● Remove the dust from the air fi lters by vacuuming or washing
them. After washing, allow the air fi lters to dry thoroughly in an area
protected from sunlight.
● Dust can be cleaned from the air fi lter either with a vacuum cleaner,
or by washing the fi lter in a solution of mild detergent and warm water.
If you wash the fi lter, be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly in a shady
place before reinstalling.
● If dirt is allowed to accumulate on the air fi lter, airfl ow will be reduced,
lowering operating effi ciency and increasing noise.
After extended non-use of the unit
If you do not use this product for 1 month or more, perform the Fan
mode operation for half a day to dry the internal parts thoroughly before
you perform normal operation.
Additional inspection
After long period of use, accumulated dust inside the indoor unit may
reduce the product performance even if you have maintained the unit
with instructed daily care or cleaning procedures written in this manual.
In such a case, a product inspection is recommended.
For more information, consult authorized service personnel.



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