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Samsung ASSY MIM-H04EN Service Manual page 13

Wi-fi kit 2.0
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I have a multi-unit HVAC system, but I can
only see either cooling or heating option on
the indoor unit.
The LED indicator remains in its initial state.
(The LED state changes within 1 minute.)
∙ To avoid mixed control, the indoor unit options are automatically
restricted to the outdoor unit's settings.
※ Mixed control: Different modes are available for each indoor unit.
1. To select a mode other than the current operation mode, turn off the indoor
unit to display all operation modes to select.
2. When there is a master indoor unit, change the operation mode of the
master unit.
1. Check the connection cable between the network PBA and the
Interface module PBA.
2. Even though the connection has no problem but a problem persists,
replace the Wi-Fi Kit.
Samsung Electronics

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