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Southbend R2 Operator's Manual

Countertop convection steamer.
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Please complete this information
and retain this manual for the lie
of the equipment.
improper installation, service, or maintenance can cause property damage,
injury or death. Read the installation, operation and maintenance instructions
thoroughly before installing and operating this equipment.
"Our Goal-First
Time Fix"
1100 Old Honeycult
NC 27526
(919) 562-9161
(800) 348-2568
FAX (800) 91@9915.
FAX (919) 552-8682

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    FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Please complete this information and retain this manual for the lie of the equipment. MODEL # SERIAL # DATE PURCHASED Time Fix” Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (800) 348-2568 FAX (919) 552-8682 COUNTERTOP CONVECTION STEAMER (MANUAL SECTION R2) $18.00...

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    In the event you have questions concerning the installation, Department, Southbend, 1100 Old Honeycutt Rd., Fuquay-Varina, This product is intended for commercial use only; not for household use. IMMEDIATELY All containers should be examined for damage before and during unloading.

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    Before installing and operating this equipment, tions. Accidents and problems can be caused by failure to follow fundamental The following symbols, found throughout personnel, or to the equipment. DANGER 1 This symbol warns of immediate hazards which will result in severe injury or death. This symbol refers to a potential hazard or unsafe practice which could result in injury or death.

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    FRONT VIEW %% Electric connection Drain 1 l/4” o.d., leave open, do not connect to floor drain 6& Cold water inlet l/4”, 30 p.s.i. min.-60 p.s.i. max. DIMENSIONS: Width DEPTH Height MODEL ” 24318” 28318” (:;3) (625) (727) Internal Dimensions: 13 11’2 W x 22 D x 12 l/2 H UTILITY INFORMATION: ELECTRIC: One electric connection per unit is required.

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    Floor drain must be located outside the confines of the equipment base. Southbend reserves the right to change specifications and product design without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions, or replacements for previously purchased equipment.

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    ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Electrical diagrams are located inside right compartment on back side of right side Be sure that the input voltage and phase match the requirements shown on the serial plate. A positive ground connection is essential. ELECTRICAL: A field connection Tem%nal Block is located at the rear of the unit, lower left side. A hole is provided for a 3/4” conduit fit- ting (solid or flex).

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    NOTE: This unit has one power supply for controls and elements, CONNECTION IS ESSENTIAL. DO NOT ALLOW ANY TAMPERING TORY SET. ADJUSTMENT BLOCK CAN VOID THE WARRANTY. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION All 208-220-240 and 480 volt units will have three terminal block sections. “Ll-L2-L3.” 2-wire, single-phase, 50 or 60 Hz.

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    WATER SPECIFICATION: To meet warranty requirements, supply water must meet the following specification: Pressure: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): Hardness: pH Factor: DRAIN LINE: The drain line connection size from the unit is 1” NPT (32 mm). Position the unit near, but not on top of, an open floor drain.

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    Local codes regarding installation vary greatly from one area to another. The National Fire Protection Association, Inc. states in its NFPA 96 latest edition that local codes are “authority having jurisdiction” when it comes to installation requirements for equipment. Therefore, installations should comply with all local codes.

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    If unit is to be installed on a counter top or other surface without using legs, the unit must be sealed to the surface to prevent any water, grease, etc. from accumulating under the steamer. The steamer can be bolted to the counter but will still have to be sealed.

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    There is no pressure in this unit. The SteamMaster R2 is designed to provide quick heat-up from a cold start. All equipment must be installed correctly to ensure proper operation and reliable service. installation followed by a qualified technician.

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    SUGGESTED COOKING TIMES: Timer settings are for general guidance only. Differences in food quality, size, shape, freshness, load size and degree of doneness desired must be considered and adjustments made in time if necessary. PRODUCT Asparagus Fresh Frozen Spears (Thawed) Beans Green - Frozen, Cut Green - Fresh...

  • Page 13

    PRODUCT Meats Corned Beef Hot Dogs, Thawed Hot Dogs, Frozen Fowl Boneless Chicken Breast Tamales, Frozen Tortilla, Frozen 8-Inch Beef Ravioli, Frozen Elbow Macaroni Spaghetti Egg Noodles Converted Rice 2% Qts. Water Navy Beans Place beans in pan and cover with 3-quarts hot tap water. Steam for 2 minutes;...

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    Save the juice from the corned beef. After the cabbage voring and holding on a steam table. Steaming brisket is a definite time saver. Boiling in water takes 40 to 50 minutes per pound. Using the R2 can save 50% in cooking time.

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    PERIODIC CLEANING - AS REQUIRED: If a lime or mineral deposit starts to build up in the interior, this should be cleaned by using Southbend “descale? or other non-caustic deiiming solution. Follow manufacturers recommended procedures. Thoroughly rinse out unit. To remove food build up or discoloration, apply cleanser to a damp cloth or sponge and rub cleanser on the material in the direction of the polishing lines on the metal.

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    ~ For proper and safe operation, this steamer must be cleaned daily. Be sure the overflow pipe is not clogged before operating. A clogged pipe could cause too much hot water to enter the steamer thereby creating a BURN HAZARD when the door is being opened. Clean this steamer daily as described in this manual.

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    De-energize all power to equipment before servicing the equipment. At least twice a year, have your Southbend Authorized Service Agency or another qualified service technician clean and adjust the unit for maximum performance.

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    When ordering parts, please supply the Model Number, Serial Number, Part Number, Description, Electrical Characteristics as applicable. For parts not listed, consult a Southbend Authorized Consult the Southbend Authorized Parts/Service list is not available, call the Service Department at Southbend, l-800-348-2558 PART NO.

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    If a customer calls with a problem involving any Southbend a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 0ur”No Quibble” Warranty means there will be no charge to the customer for the call, parts, travel or for premium time. If the problem turns out that the unit is unplugged, shut off, or even if the customer doesn’t know how to operate the equipment,...

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    VICE WORK. THE AUTHORIZED SERVICE AGENCY MAY AT HIS OPTION REQUIRE This warranty does not cover services performed at overtime or premium labor rates nor does Southbend assume any liability for extended delays in replacing or repairing any items in the equipment liable for consequential or special damages of any nature that may arise in connection with such product or part.”...

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    We all recognize however, that replacement parts and occasional professional service may be necessary to extend the useful iife of this unit. When service is needed, contact a Southbend Authorized Service Agency, or your dealer. To avoid confusion; always refer to the model number, serial number, and type of your unit.

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