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Sony CFD-ZW150 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony operating instructions cd radio cassette-corder cfd-zw150, cfd-zw160, cfd-zw200
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CD Radio
Operating Instructions
1996 by Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 3-859-373-12(1) CD Radio Cassette-Corder Operating Instructions CFD-ZW150 CFD-ZW160 CFD-ZW200 1996 by Sony Corporation CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6...
  • Page 2 The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the CD radio cassette-corder. Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. _______________________ Serial No. ________________________...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    15 Creating your own program (Program Play) The Timer 16 Setting the clock 17 Waking up to music 19 Falling asleep to music CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Setting Up 20 Hooking up the system 23 Adjusting the audio emphasis (MEGA BASS/4 BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER/...
  • Page 4: Basic Operations

    CD compartment and place the CD on the CD compartment. Close the lid of the CD compartment. Press ^ (direct power-on). The player plays all the tracks once. Basic Operations CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 With the label side up Display Track number Playing time...
  • Page 5 CD. Pause playback Go to the next track Go back to the previous track Remove the CD Turn on/off the player CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 PUSH OPEN VOLUME +/– AMS/SEARCH Press VOLUME +/– Press again to resume play after pause.
  • Page 6: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the radio For hookup instructions, see pages 20 – 22. Press RADIO (direct power-on). Turn BAND to select the band you want. Turn TUNING to tune in the station you want. Basic Operations CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Display...
  • Page 7 Reorient the antenna for FM. Reorient the player itself press the RADIO for AM. button. The player turns on automatically and starts playing the previous station. for FM CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 VOLUME +/– Press VOLUME +/– POWER for AM Basic Operations...
  • Page 8: Playing A Tape

    For hookup instructions, see pages 20 – 22. Press TAPE (direct power-on). Press p6 to open tape compartment and insert a recorded tape. Close the compartment. Press (. The player starts playing. Basic Operations CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 With the side you want to play facing forward...
  • Page 9 Both sides of the tape from the front side to reverse side only* * If play begins from the reverse side, the tape stops at the end of that side. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 VOLUME +/– Press or slide VOLUME +/– ) or 0 Press the button again to resume play after pause.
  • Page 10: Recording On A Tape

    TUNING (see page 6.) To record from a tape, press TAPE, insert a recorded tape into deck A and press P and ( on deck A. Basic Operations CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 With the side you want to record on facing forward Display...
  • Page 11 Turn on/off the player 1 Press TAPE until “TAPE” appears in the display window. 2 Press r on deck B. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Press p6 on deck B P on deck B Press the button again to resume recording.
  • Page 12: The Cd Player

    The CD Player Using the display You can check information about the CD using the display. The CD Player CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 DISPLAY/ ENTER Checking the total track numbers and playing time Press DISPLAY/ENTER in stop mode. Total track number Total playing time Checking the remaining time Press DISPLAY/ENTER while playing a CD.
  • Page 13: Locating A Specific Track

    10, press >10 first, then the corresponding number buttons. Example: To play track number 23, press >10 first, then 2 and 3. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Number buttons 0 / ) Press number button of the track. ) (forward) or 0...
  • Page 14: Playing Tracks Repeatedly (Repeat Play)

    (Repeat Play) You can play tracks repeatedly in normal, shuffle or program play modes (see page 15). The CD Player CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 PLAY MODE Press CD. “Cd” appears in the display. Press PLAY MODE until the repeat mode you want appears in the display.
  • Page 15: Creating Your Own Program (Program Play)

    Press p once if the CD is stopped and twice if the CD is playing. The current program will be erased. Then create a new program following the programing procedure. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 PLAY MODE ^ Press CD. “Cd” appears in the display.
  • Page 16: The Timer

    The time display system of this player is the 12-hour system: AM12:00 = midnight PM12:00 = noon The Timer CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 CLOCK DISPLAY/ ENTER Press and hold CLOCK for about 2 seconds until “AM” or “PM” and the hour digit flash.
  • Page 17: Waking Up To Music

    Waking up to music You can wake up to music at a preset time. Make sure you have set the clock (“Setting the clock” on page 16). CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 STANDBY TIMER DISPLAY/ ENTER Prepare the music source you want to play.
  • Page 18 The Timer CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Press STANDBY. The t indication appears in the display and the power goes off. At the preset time, the power will go on and music will play for 2 hours.
  • Page 19: Falling Asleep To Music

    When you are listening to the radio, make sure to tune in the station you want to wake up to. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 SLEEP Play the music source you want. Press SLEEP. “SLEEP” appears in the display. The player shuts off automatically after about 2 hours.
  • Page 20: Setting Up

    If you connect any other speakers or equipment, malfunction may occur. Setting Up CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Speaker terminals Right speaker Battery compartment To a wall outlet 1 Inserting the back-up batteries...
  • Page 21 With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. When the remote no longer operates the player, replace all the batteries with new ones. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Twist the speaker cable coating and strip it from the end of the cable.
  • Page 22 CD from the player. Setting Up CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 5 Using the player on batteries Insert eight size D (R20) batteries (not supplied) into the battery compartment. To use the player on batteries, disconnect the AC...
  • Page 23: Adjusting The Audio Emphasis (Mega Bass/4 Band Graphic Equalizer/Surround)

    Press MEGA BASS. “MEGA BASS” appears in the display. You can reinforce the bass sound in two steps. To return to normal sound, press the button until “MEGA BASS” disappears form the display. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 SURROUND 4 BANDGRAPHIC EQUALIZER MEGA BASS...
  • Page 24 Adjusting the audio emphasis (MEGA BASS/4 BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER/SURROUND) (continued) Setting Up CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Getting the surround effect (CFD-ZW160/ ZW200 only) Press SURROUND. The “SURROUND” indication appears in the display. You can get the surround effect without connecting surround speakers.
  • Page 25: Additional Information

    • If the player has not been used for a long time, set it in the playback mode to warm it up for a few minutes before inserting a cassette. If you have any questions or problems concerning your player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. continued Additional Information...
  • Page 26 • After playing, store the CD in its case. If there is a scratch, dirt or fingerprints on the CD, it may cause tracking error. Additional Information CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Notes on cassettes • Break off the cassette tab from side A or B to prevent accidental recording. If...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    The sound drops out. The audio is weak or has poor quality. The picture of your TV becomes unstable. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Remedy • Connect the AC power cord to a wall outlet securely. • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • Page 28 After trying the above remedies, if the player still does not function properly, unplug the AC power cord and remove all the batteries. After all the indications in the display disappear, plug the power cord and insert the batteries again. If the problem persists, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Additional Information CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Remedy •...
  • Page 29: Maintenance

    Erase head Pinch roller After cleaning, insert a tape when the areas cleaned are completely dry. CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Demagnetizing the tape heads After 20 to 30 hours of use, enough residual magnetism will have built up on the tape heads to begin to cause loss of high frequency sound and hiss.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    Additional Information CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 Cassette-corder section Recording system 4-track 2 channel stereo Fast winding time Approx. 110 s (sec.) with Sony cassette C-60 Frequency response TYPE I (normal): 80 - 10,000 Hz General Speaker Full range: 10 cm (4 in.) dia., 3.2 ohms, cone type (2)
  • Page 31 Battery life For CD radio cassette-corder: CFD-ZW150/ZW160 FM recording Sony R20P: approx. 6.5 h Sony alkaline LR20: approx. 12 h Tape playback Sony R20P: approx. 3 h Sony alkaline LR20: approx. 6 h CD playback Sony R20P: approx. 1.5 h Sony alkaline LR20: approx.
  • Page 32: Index

    AC power cord 21 Creating your own program 15 D, E, F, G, H Demagnetizing the tape heads 29 Display 12 GRAPHIC EQUALIZER Sony Corporation Printed in China Additional Information CFD-ZW150/.ZW160/ZW200.E_3-859-373-1X.U2/CA2/AU6 I, J, K Improving broadcast Selecting reception 7 audio emphasis 23...

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