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Sony Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman D-NE10 Operating Instructions Manual page 36

Sony portable cd player operating instructions
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During playback of an ATRAC
CD or MP3 CD, the CD does
not rotate but you can hear
the sound normally.
"NO FILE" appears on the
display after you press the
jog lever or when the lid of
the CD player is closed.
When closing the lid of the
CD player, the CD starts to
The LCD display becomes
hard to see or slows down.
" is flashing quickly on
the display of the remote
control, and you cannot
locate the beginning of the
track or a specific point in
the track.
You cannot operate the CD
player properly using the
remote control.
Play stopped abruptly.
Cause and/or corrective action
c The CD player is designed to stop the rotation of an ATRAC CD or
MP3 CD during playback to reduce the power consumption. The
player is not malfunctioning.
c There are no ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3/MP3 files in the CD.
c A CD-R/RW from which the data has been erased is being used.
c The CD is dirty.
c The CD player is reading the information on the CD. The player is
not malfunctioning.
c You are using your CD player at high temperatures (above 40°C/
104°F) or at low temperatures (below 0°C/32°F). At room
temperature, the display will return to its normal operating
c The CD player has entered the preparation stage of a Bookmark
track play. Press P MODE/
from the display.
c The buttons on the CD player are kept pressed by mistake.
c OFF TIMER has been set. Change the setting to "OFF."
repeatedly until "
" disappears



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