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Sony Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman D-NE306CK Operating Instructions Manual

Sony personal audio cd player operating instructions
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CD Player

Operating Instructions

"WALKMAN" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation to represent Headphone
Stereo products.
© 2004 Sony Corporation
is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
2-188-789-11 (1)



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  Summary of Contents for Sony Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman D-NE306CK

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Portable CD Player Operating Instructions “WALKMAN” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation to represent Headphone Stereo products. D-NE300CK/NE301CK/ NE306CK © 2004 Sony Corporation 2-188-789-11 (1) is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. ___________________________ Serial No. ___________________________ Product registration Please register this product on line at walkmanreg <> Proper registration will enable us to send you periodic mailings about software upgrades, new products, services and other important announcements.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Enjoy your ATRAC CD Walkman! Music sources playable on this CD player .. 6 ATRAC3plus and ATRAC3 ... 7 MP3 ... 7 The structure of ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 and MP3 files ... 8 Getting started Checking the supplied accessories ... 10 Locating the controls ...
  • Page 4: Enjoy Your Atrac Cd Walkman

    Enjoy your ATRAC CD Walkman! Thank you for purchasing the D-NE300CK/NE301CK/NE306CK. This CD Walkman is called an “ATRAC CD Walkman,” because you can enjoy “ATRAC CDs” on it. You can make your own ATRAC CD easily. How to use the SonicStage Refer to the supplied booklet “SonicStage.”...
  • Page 5 What is an ATRAC CD? An ATRAC CD is a CD-R/RW on which audio data compressed in the ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 format has been recorded. About 30 audio CDs can be recorded on a CD-R/RW.* You can also record MP3 files by converting the files to the ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 format. * When total playing time of one CD (album) is estimated at 60 minutes and you are recording on a 700 MB CD-R/RW at 48 kbps in ATRAC3plus format.
  • Page 6: Music Sources Playable On This Cd Player

    Music sources playable on this CD player You can play the following 3 music sources on this CD player: • Audio CDs (CDDA format) • CDs with ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 format files (ATRAC CD) • CDs with MP3 format files (MP3 CD) Usable disc formats You can use ISO 9660 Level 1/2 and Joliet extension format discs only.
  • Page 7: Atrac3Plus And Atrac3

    ATRAC3plus and ATRAC3 “ATRAC3plus,” which stands for “Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding3plus” is audio compression technology, developed from the ATRAC3 format. Though the ATRAC3plus format can compress music content to about 1/20 of its original size at 64 kbps, you can still enjoy high quality sound.
  • Page 8: The Structure Of Atrac3Plus/Atrac3

    The usable number of groups and files • Maximum number of groups: 255 • Maximum number of files: 999 Settings for compression and writing software • This CD player is able to play MP3 files with the following specifications: Bit rate: 16 - 320 kbps, and sampling frequencies: 32/44.1/ 48 kHz.
  • Page 9 ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3/MP3 file structure and playing order •ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 Group ATRAC3plus/ ATRAC3 file Notes • A group that does not include an MP3 file is skipped. • If ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 files and MP3 files are recorded on the same CD, this CD player plays the ATRAC3plus/ATRAC3 files first.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting started Checking the supplied accessories AC power adaptor (1) (not supplied with Canadian model) Headphones (1) (for USA model) Earphones (1) (for other models) Rotary commander (1) Car battery cord (1) Car connecting pack (1) CD-ROM* (SonicStage) (1) *Do not play a CD-ROM on an audio CD player. Velcro tapes for the CD player (2) Velcro tape for the rotary commander (1) User’s guide for SonicStage (1)
  • Page 11: Locating The Controls

    Locating the controls CD player For details, see the pages in parentheses. 1 Operation button (13, 14, 16 - 24, 30) /ENTER: play/pause/ enter .: AMS >: AMS/fast forward : Use to select a group, a file, play mode, etc. 2 x (stop) button (20, 22, 23, 30) ( group) –...
  • Page 12 Display For details, see the pages in parentheses. 1 Character information display (15) While playing an audio CD, disc name, track name, etc. appear on the 2 lines of the display, if recorded on the CD. While playing an ATRAC CD/MP3 CD, group name, file name, etc.
  • Page 13: Playing A Cd

    Playing a CD When using your CD player in a car, see page 25. . Insert a CD. 1 Slide OPEN to open the CD player lid. OPEN switch . Connect your CD player. You can use the following power sources: •...
  • Page 14: Basic Operations

    Basic operations Play (from a point where you stopped previously) Play (from the first track) Pause/resume play after pause Stop* Find the beginning of the current track (AMS* Find the beginning of previous tracks (AMS)* Find the beginning of the next track (AMS)* Find the beginning of succeeding tracks (AMS)* Go backwards quickly*...
  • Page 15: Checking Cd Information On The Display

    Checking CD information on the display You can check CD information by pressing DISPLAY/MENU repeatedly. When you are playing a CD containing text information such as CD-TEXT, “track name,” “album name,” “artist name,” etc. are displayed as shown in parentheses in the following table. When you are playing an ATRAC CD, information you input using the SonicStage software is displayed.
  • Page 16: Playback Options

    B Playback options You can enjoy the following playback options using the menu function. • Playing tracks repeatedly (Repeat play) • Playing all files in a selected group (Group play) • Playing a single track (Single play) • Playing tracks in random order (Shuffle play) •...
  • Page 17: Playing A Single Track (Single Play)

    Playing a single track (Single play) Perform steps 1 and 2 of “Selecting playback options” (page 16), press to select “1,” then press u/ ENTER to enter the selection. Playing tracks in random order (Shuffle play) Perform steps 1 and 2 of “Selecting playback options”...
  • Page 18: Playing Your Favorite Tracks By Adding Bookmarks (Bookmark Track Play)

    Playing your favorite tracks by adding Bookmarks (Bookmark track play) While the CD player is playing, you can add bookmarks to the tracks you want and play them only. Audio CD: up to 99 tracks for each CD (up to 10 CDs) ATRAC CD: up to 999 tracks for each CD (up to 5 CDs) MP3 CD:...
  • Page 19: Playing Tracks You Have Played Most Frequently In Random Order (Auto Ranking Shuffle Play)

    Playing tracks you have played most frequently in random order (Auto ranking shuffle play) The CD player plays up to 32 tracks which the player has automatically memorized as the most frequently played ones. In Auto ranking shuffle play, these tracks are played in random order.
  • Page 20: Searching For Groups Or Tracks/Files

    Playing tracks in your favorite order Repeat step 2 to select the tracks in your favorite order. Press u/ENTER to start PGM play. Checking the program While programming: Press DISPLAY/MENU repeatedly before step 4. Notes • When you finish entering the 64th track in step 3, the first selected track number (audio CD) or the first selected file name (ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) appears on the display.
  • Page 21: Available Features

    B Available features Adjusting sound quality (Parametric equalizer) You can enjoy your favorite sounds by adjusting sound quality in the following two ways: • Selecting a preset sound pattern t “Selecting the sound quality you want” • Adjusting sound quality by yourself t “Customizing sound quality”...
  • Page 22: The G-Protection Function

    Adjusting sound quality To return to the previous screen Press –. To cancel the adjustment operation Press x. Notes • When you select CUSTOM sound, sound may be distorted depending on your sound settings when you turn up the volume. If this happens, turn the volume down.
  • Page 23: Stopping Playback Automatically (Off Timer)

    Stopping playback automatically (OFF TIMER) You can set the CD player to stop the play automatically within a range of 1 to 99 minutes. While the timer function is working, “ ” appears at about 5 second intervals.* *Only when Screen 1 or 2 is displayed (page 15) Press and hold DISPLAY/MENU until the MENU screen appears.
  • Page 24: Turning Off The Beep Sound

    Turning off the beep sound You can turn off the beep sound that is heard from your headphones/earphones when you operate your CD player. Press and hold DISPLAY/MENU until the MENU screen appears. Press to select “OPTION,” then press u/ENTER. Press to select “BEEP,”...
  • Page 25: Using In A Car

    If you have any questions or problems concerning your CD player, please contact your nearest Sony dealer. Mounting your CD player Attach the CD player to the console box with the supplied Velcro tapes.
  • Page 26: Replacing The Fuse Of The Car Battery Cord

    • If the fuse is blown again after replacing it, contact your nearest Sony dealer. In such a case, bring the defective fuse to the dealer with you. Notes on the car connecting pack •...
  • Page 27: Mounting The Rotary Commander

    Mounting the rotary commander If you use the supplied rotary commander, you can control your CD player as easily as you would control the headlight or the wiper switch of your car while driving. Attach the rotary commander to a flat place as illustrated below.
  • Page 28: Connecting To A Power Source

    B Connecting to a power source Using the dry batteries Use only the following dry battery type for your CD player: • LR6 (size AA) alkaline batteries For the battery life, see “Specifications.” Note Be sure to remove the AC power adaptor when using the dry batteries.
  • Page 29: Notes On The Power Source

    Notes on the power source Disconnect all power sources when the CD player is not used for a long time. On AC power adaptor • Use only the AC power adaptor supplied. If your CD player is not supplied with the one, use the AC-E45HG AC power adaptor.
  • Page 30: List Of Menus

    B Additional information List of menus Press and hold DISPLAY/MENU until the MENU screen appears, then press to select the menu you want. MENU >REPEAT To return to the previous screen, press To cancel the setting operation, press x. Items marked z are default settings. Setting playback options (page) Playing tracks repeatedly (16) Normal play...
  • Page 31 Setting of sound (page) Adjusting sound quality (21) Setting various functions (page) Protecting against sound skipping (22) Protecting your hearing (22) Stopping playback automatically (23) Turning off the beep sound (24) Playing tracks continuously (24) *1 You can make these settings while play is stopped. *2 Default setting.
  • Page 32: Precautions

    Precautions On safety • Should any solid objects or liquid fall into the CD player, unplug it and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. • Do not put any foreign objects in the DC IN 4.5 V (external power input) jack. On the CD player •...
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Should any problem persist after you have checked these symptoms, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Symptom The volume does not increase even if you press VOL + repeatedly. No sound, or noise is heard. Certain files cannot be played.
  • Page 34 Troubleshooting Symptom “HOLD” flashes in the display when you press a button, and the CD does not play. Playback starts from the point you stopped. (resume function) Rustling noise is heard from the CD. During playback of an ATRAC CD or MP3 CD, the CD does not rotate but you can hear the sound normally.
  • Page 35: Specifications

    When you use the CD player on a flat and stable surface. When SOUND mode is set to “OFF.” Playing time varies depending on how the CD player is used. When using two Sony alkaline batteries LR6 (SG) (produced in Japan) G-PROTECTION “G-PRO 1” Audio CD...
  • Page 36 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...
  • Page 37 © 2003 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 38 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...
  • Page 39 This warranty is only valid in Canada. © 2003 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 40 This warranty is valid only in the United States. Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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