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Fujitsu Arrows Hello AT01 Instruction Manual


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Note that the contents in this manual are subject
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 The contents in this manual contents are as of
November 2018.
 Illustrations in the manual are an example and
may differ from the actual screens. In some
cases, part of the screen may be omitted or
hello AT01
ʼ 18.11


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Arrows Hello AT01

  • Page 1  The contents in this manual contents are as of November 2018.  Illustrations in the manual are an example and may differ from the actual screens. In some cases, part of the screen may be omitted or simplified shape convenience explanation. Copyright 2018 FUJITSU CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED  ...
  • Page 2  The product and accessories may be changed without notice for improvement. Product & Software License Agreement Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited (FCNT) grants the right of using a) the software (including the software for off-line translation function) installed in this terminal ("the subject software")...
  • Page 3 any support for Customer in its establishing the Wi-Fi communication environment, as well as operation thereof.  The subject translation service is accomplished by using certain translation engines operated by a partner company residing outside Japan after our providing the translation data given by Customer to such partner company ʼ...
  • Page 4 Nuclear power core control, airplane control, air traffic control, mass transport operation control, life support, weapon launching control, etc. FUJITSU CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 6. Miscellaneous  FCNT may terminate the license to a Customer if such Customer violates any of Terms and Conditions and/or...
  • Page 5 intellectual property rights.  If FCNT suffers any damage in connection with the action and/or omission of acts made by a Customer, FCNT is entitle to claim for compensation of damages from such Customer.  The applicable law, including that on the interpretation of Terms and Conditions, is Japanese laws.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions (Always Follow These Directions

    Safety Precautions (Always follow these directions) For safe use Please read the precautions below and keep the document with the product to ensure safe use and handling These precautions are intended to protect you and others. Read and follow them carefully to avoid injury, damage to the product and property.
  • Page 7 This symbol denotes that the equipment should be unplugged. ■ Main unit, Charging equipment common Do not use, store or leave the product in hot places (e.g. by the fire, near a heater, under a kotatsu or futon, under the direct sunlight, in a car in the blazing sun).
  • Page 8 Do not remove the internal battery of the product. Not doing so may cause fire, burns, electric shock. Do not disassemble or remodel the equipment. May cause fire, burns, injuries, or electric shock. Do not let the product get wet with water (drinking water, perspiration, seawater, urine of pet animals, etc.).
  • Page 9 If charging is not complete after the specified charging time has passed, stop charging. Not doing so may cause fire, burns, or injuries due to overcharge. Make sure to turn off the product or stop charging before you get close to places like a gas station where a flammable gas or dust can be generated.
  • Page 10 Please be careful that the product may be hot during use or while charging. Please be cautious to not to leave the product contacted to the body for a long time (e.g. Put in the pocket, fall asleep during use.). Continuous contact may cause skin trouble, or low-temperature burns, etc.
  • Page 11 When using the product in a medical facility, be sure to observe the regulations of the facility. Turn off the product in a place where the use is prohibited. The radio wave from the product may affect electronic equipment and electronic medical equipment. When you use electronic medical equipment, check with the equipment manufacturer to determine how the device is affected by radio waves before using.
  • Page 12 Follow the instruction below when use the product in a medical facility or may cause harmful effect on electronic medical equipment by radio waves of the product. Do not bring the product into operating room, intensive-care units (ICU)and coronary care units (CCU).
  • Page 13 During continuous use, this product may become hot, so please do not touch the skin directly for a long time or cover by paper, cloth, blanket etc. May cause burns, malfunction, firing, fire. Please be in a well-lighted place when you watch the display screen and hold the product in adequate distance.
  • Page 14 When it starts to thunder, do not touch the charger in use or a USB Type-C cable. May cause electric shock. Do not short-circuit a terminal while it is connected to the product. Do not touch the conductive parts with your hands, fingers, or any part of your body.
  • Page 15 Stop using the product immediately when the conductive terminal is bent. Also, if the connector of the USB Type-C cable is bent, do not use it. Additionally, do not try to fix the bent parts. May cause fire, burns, injuries, or electric shock due to the short circuit.
  • Page 16: Usage Notes

    ■ Material list Material/Surface Part treatment Main Unit Display panel Glass/None Exterior case Front case PC resin/Acrylic UV cured coating Back case PC resin/Acrylic UV cured coating Camera panel Glass/None Power key PC+ABS resin/Acrylic UV cured coating Translation key PC+ABS resin/Acrylic UV cured coating USB Type-C jack (Resin part)...
  • Page 17  Do not place the product near an air-conditioner outlet. - The rapid temperature change may cause condensation, internal corrosion and result in malfunction.  If the product get dirty, wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Do not use benzene, thinner, alcohol, etch.
  • Page 18 the power even during the charge. In that case, continue charging for a while to recover.  The operation time with the internal battery varies depend on the operating environment and internal battery deterioration.  The internal battery may swell when it comes nearly end of life depend on usage conditions.
  • Page 19 network when using Bluetooth Wi-Fi simultaneously.
  • Page 20 Part names and functions Noise canceling microphone Front Denoising microphone. No speech is input even when speaking toward this microphone. Status bar Display (Top screen) Tap and slide to operate. Microphone USB Type-C connection terminal Use for charging. Side Back Speaker Power key Power on/off...
  • Page 21: Turning Power On/Off

    For use At the first boot of after purchase or initialize, be sure to connect to Wi-Fi. Turn on the power in a place where Wi-Fi connection is possible. When connecting to Wi-Fi, initial setting processing is automatically executed. For Wi-Fi connection method, refer to step 4 of [How to setup Wi-Fi].
  • Page 22: Main Function

    Setting the translation language Set the language you want to translate. How to set translation languages for voice translation and camera translation is different. Please set for each function to be used. ※Explain by assumption that English is changed to Chinese.
  • Page 23 1. Hold down the translation key(top) and speak into the microphone Example)"Where is Tokyo Station?" ※Please speak slowly and clearly in the standard language. 2. When you finish talking, release the translation key (top) 3. Display the translation result ※To translate English into Japanese, replace key(top)...
  • Page 24: Software Update

    Software update When software update is executed, the software of AT01 can be made the latest version. ※Please execute while connecting to Wi-Fi. 1. From the top screen, tap on the status bar → tap [Online Update] 2. Tap [CHECK FOR UPDATES] ※If "Your software is the latest version"...
  • Page 25 3. When charging is completed, remove the plug of the USB Type-C cable horizontally from the charging equipment and this product...
  • Page 26 Warranty and After-Sales Service Disclosure of support information The support information list is released on the following website. Repair Preparation before applying for repair  Please confirm "Warranty card" which is described in " ◆ Before you start using" in this manual. ...
  • Page 27: For Inquiries

    Intellectual Property Right Trademarks  The Bluetooth ® and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, INC., and any use of such marks by FCNT is under license. Other trademarks and names are those of their respective owners.  Wi-Fi, logo of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Alliance, WMM, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, logo of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, WPA, WPA2 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Page 28 CA92002-9932 Issue date : November 2018 Issuance responsibility: Fujitsu Connected Technologies Ltd ● The images or illustration used in this manual are examples. They may differ from the actual product. ● The content of this manual is subject to change without notice.

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