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Sanyo XT-32A081H Owner's Manual

Sanyo XT-32A081H Owner's Manual



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32D1291 3NT725A2T2D


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  • Page 1 SANYO INDIA 72-D129NT-E72Z4 32D1291 3NT725A2T2D IDX142002B 说明书 E7-32D129GV-IN2.2A 32D1291 143X210MM. 内页80g书写纸 说明书内容见下页. 封面105g铜版纸 内页白底黑字 封面四色印刷 是 1.封面的LOGO尺寸描述及线条, 请不要印刷在成品上. 2.说明书的功能描述,按客户要求 为准;说明书请以客户确认业务签 名为准; 3.32/43型号合订版说明书; 4.封面第二页和封底需留空白页。 邓智玲 5.在 72-D129NT-E72Z2基础上修改 2019-05-05 APP页,其它不变。...
  • Page 2 LED TV (HD/FHD) XT-32A081H XT-43A081F Thank you for purchasing this Sanyo product. Please read these instructions carefully before operating this Product and retain them for future reference. The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only. To obtain a more detailed Electronic Copy of this...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Safety Precautions ..........................Use Environment ..........................Cleaning ............................. Hanging the TV Set on the Wall ................................................Base Installation Standard accessories ........................Optional accessories ........................... Basic connection ..........................Power connection and aerial....................... External Equipment..........................Remote Control Functions .........................
  • Page 5: Chapter 1: Introduction

    110 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 110 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz Table-top use / Wall Hanging Sanyo service center. Sanyo service center When mounting the product on a wall or ceiling, When mounting the product on a wall or ceiling,...
  • Page 6: Use Environment

    Introduction Use Environment Base Installation Do not place the set on an unstable cart, stand, or table. Place the set on a place that allows good ventilation. Do not use the set near damp, and cold areas. Protect the set from overheating. Keep the set away from direct sunlight.
  • Page 7: Standard Accessories

    LED TV (HD/FHD) XT-32A081H XT-43A081F Thank you for purchasing this Sanyo product. Please read these instructions carefully before operating this 32” Screws: ST4X15(4EA) Product and retain them for future reference. The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Page 8: Basic Connection

    If a communal aerial system is used, you may require the correct connection cable and plug between the wall aerial socket and the TV. Your Sanyo Service Centre or dealer may be able to assist you in obtaining the correct aerial system for your particular area and the accessories required.
  • Page 9: External Equipment

    Introduction External Equipment These diagrams show our recommendations for connection of your TV to various pieces of equipment. Check the type of terminals and cable plugs are correct when connecting. Please also read the manual of the equipment being connected. Keep the TV away from electronic equipment (video equipment, etc.) or equipment with an infrared sensor.
  • Page 10 Introduction External Equipment Rear of the TV Amplifier with speaker system Audio cable SPDIF cable...
  • Page 11: Remote Control Functions

    Introduction Remote Control Functions Most of your television's functions are available via the menus that appear on the screen. The remote control supplied with your set can be used to navigate through the menus and to configure all the general settings. (On/Off button) Turns the TV on or off.
  • Page 12: Buttons On The Tv

    Introduction Buttons on the TV Take a certain model for an example: button Scans up/down through the channel list. In the menu system, they act like the up/down direction buttons on the remote and adjust menu controls. button Increases/decreases the volume.In the menu system,they act like the right/left direction buttons on the remote and adjust menu controls.
  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Connections And Setup

    Chapter 2 Connections and Setup Switching on Follow the instructions on this page on how to switch on your TV set and the remote control before going on to following pages describing how to use the channel set-up procedure. 1. Insert two AA batteries in the remote control. Precautions on using batteries: - Only use the battery types specified.
  • Page 14: Network Connection

    Connections and Setup Network Connection Your TV will require an internet connection to operate all functions. Data usage charges may apply. Please refer to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for additional information. To access the internet, you must subscribe high speed broadband internet service from your internet service provider.
  • Page 15: Initial Setup

    Connections and Setup Initial Setup 4. Press ▲/▼ to select your location, then press OK Initial setup involves selecting all the settings required to be able to search for and store all the analogue & digital to enter the next step. channels you can receive.
  • Page 16 Connections and Setup Initial Setup 4 5 6 Software Update Congratulations,your software version is the newest! Press the Right Button to continue Back Next Step 4: Channel installation 1. Press ▲/▼ to select Continue to install channels. 2. Follow the guides on the screen and press the corresponding buttons on the remote control to proceed.
  • Page 17: Chapter 3: Using Your Tv

    Using your TV Accessing channels Picture Using the numeric buttons: press the corresponding The menus for adjusting the picture are used to obtain the best picture settings according to your preference, numeric buttons on the remote control to access the the type of program you are watching and the ambient channels.
  • Page 18: Sound

    Using your TV Note: Some options may not be available for certain Advanced settings: Press OK to display its submenu. Use ▲/▼ to select the items. signal sources. Some options may appear in the next ▲/▼ page of the Sound menu, you can press Note: The options offered depend on the program switch.
  • Page 19: Channel

    Using your TV Volume: Turns the TV Volume On or Off. Channel organiser:You can skip channels, sort channels, ► edit channels,or delete channels, Press OK to enter. Speaker Volume: Adjust the TV Volume level. Channel skip:If a channel is stored twice or its Channel reception is poor, you can simply skip it.
  • Page 20: Smart Tv

    Using your TV Select MENU > Network, then the Network menu Smart TV appears on the right with the following options. Press Select MENU > Smart TV, then the Smart TV menu ► to enter and use ▲/▼ to choose an option. appears on the right with the following options.
  • Page 21: System

    Using your TV 3. A u t o : I f y o u r A P ( A c c e s s P o i n t ) s u p p o r t s Timer: The Timer menu allows you to set the time WPS(WiFi Protected Setup), you can connect zone on your TV set, to program an automatic turn-off to the network via PIN(Personal Identification...
  • Page 22: Support

    Using your TV The Lock options are as below: Support • Channel lock: This option allows you to lock a Select MENU > Support , then the Support menu certain Channel. Use ▲/▼ to select a certain TV ► appears with the following options. Press to enter channel you want to lock, then press OK to lock.
  • Page 23: Home Page

    This will allows you to browse the web Firstly,please select <Sign In> or <Settings =>your pages you like. device> to register your Sanyo TV with your Amazon Note:- If current page is not fully opened then please account on your TV device or the Amazon website.
  • Page 24: Multimedia

    Using your TV Notes: Multimedia 1. Under the following conditions, this system cannot You can also select Media input by selecting input AV button. decode the file and the file cannot be play normally: In USB state, if no USB device connected, the USB -The parameters of file, such as the pixel of picture, interface will be displayed.
  • Page 25: Supported File Format In Media Player

    Using your TV Supported file format in Media Player: Video : Video codec Resolution Bit Rate Profile Container MPEG1/2 1080P@30fps 40Mbps MP@HL MPEG program stream (.DAT, .VOB, .MPEG) MP4 (.mp4, .mov) AVI (.avi) MKV (.mkv) MPEG4 1080P@30fps 40Mbps .Simple Profile MPEG program stream ( .MPG , .MPEG) .Advanced Simple Profile@Level 5 MP4 (.mp4, .mov)
  • Page 26: Chapter 4: Other Information

    Customer care number ( Toll free ) : 1800 419 5088 3. Change the sound system. 4. Broadcasting failure may happen. Please see the Sanyo website for further information on collection centers,etc. or call the customer care toll-free number
  • Page 27: Specifications

    Other Information Specifications Model No. XT-32A081H XT-43A081F Power Source 110 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 110 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz Power Rating 50 W 75 W Standby condition 0.5 W 0.5 W Visible screen size 80 cm...

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