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Sony BVM-L230 Trimaster Brochure & Specs Page 9

Professional master monitor.
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Picture & Picture (Side by Side, Butterfly, Wipe and Blending)*
The unique Picture & Picture function
of the BVM-L230 allows simultaneous
display of two input signals on its LCD
convenient for making instant adjust-
ments between two input sources,
since there is no need to individually
adjust the different characteristics of
two monitors. This function comes in
handy for adjustments between two
cameras, special effects creation,
time-lapse shooting and computer-
generated graphics work. The BVM-L230
offers four Picture & Picture modes:
Side by Side
The two picture images are downscaled
using a digital filter and displayed side
by side. This feature is convenient when
making white balance adjustments
and/or determining shooting angles
between two cameras.
The two inputs are displayed as line-
symmetric images on the left and right
halves of the screen. By controlling the
H position, the two images can be
moved inward to the middle of the
screen. Instant comparisons can be
made without having to move one's
eyes. This makes comparison of moving
images very easy.
The area of the two pictures to be
displayed is selected using a vertical
WIPE pattern, which is controlled from
the BKM-16R. This function is useful when
picture details of the two images must
be examined on a pixel basis. This is nor-
mally used when looking at still images.
The two picture images are overlapped
for display. The mix ratio is adjustable. This
function is useful when verifying whether
a foreground signal is accurately keyed
into the background signal, or when
combining shoots with live action and
computer-generated effects.
Operational Convenience
* A Future Feature (by spring 2008)
Native Scan (pixel to pixel display)
Conventional flat-panel monitors re-
produce images using scaling and I/P
conversion due to their fixed pixel counts
and progressive scanning processes. The
Native Scan function equipped on the
BVM-L230 is a unique display mode that
reproduces images without changing
the input signal's pixel count. For
example, when an SD signal is input, the
BVM-L230 will reproduce the image at a
picture size of 720 x 487* pixels, and when
an interlace signal is input, the BVM-L230
will reproduce interlace fields**. For
SD input in particular, the Native Scan
function also allows the image's dis-
play size to be doubled to 1440 x 974*,
by duplicating and doubling each pixel
both horizontally and vertically.
* 525/59.94i signal specified by Rec. ITU-R BT.601
** The brightness of the picture remains unchan-
ged due to the precision backlight system
1920 x 1080 Native Scan
720 x 487 Native Scan
1440 x 974 Native Scan
(720 x 487) x 2
Scan Switch
between 5% blanking (or 95% area
display) and conventional 0% and -3%
Under Scan mode.


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