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Ultra HD Blu-ray
DVD Player
Operating Instructions
Thank you for your purchase. Before using this player,
please read this operating instructions carefully.
The software of this player may be updated in the future.
Please visit the following website:
Getting Started
Settings and Adjustments
Additional Information


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Settings and Adjustments Additional Information Operating Instructions Thank you for your purchase. Before using this player, please read this operating instructions carefully. The software of this player may be updated in the future. Please visit the following website: UBP-X800M2...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents WARNING PRECAUTIONS Guide to Parts and Controls Getting Started 1: Checking Supplied Accessories 2: Connecting to a TV or a Sound Bar/AV Amplifier 3: Network Connection 4: Easy Setup Home screen display Playback Playing a Disc Enjoying Blu-ray 3D Enjoying 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Playing from a USB Device Playing files on a Home Network...
  • Page 3: Warning

    The AC power cord (mains lead) must be If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact changed only at a qualified service shop. your nearest Sony service station. Do not expose batteries or appliances with Disposal of waste batteries and...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    50/60 Hz. Check that the unit’s operating manufacturer’s authorized representative, Sony voltage is identical with your local power Belgium, bijkantoor van Sony Europe Limited, supply. Da Vincilaan 7-D1, 1935 Zaventem, Belgium. • Install this unit so that the AC power cord...
  • Page 5 (mains lead) or pull on the AC (such as eye strain, fatigue, or nausea) while power cord (mains lead) itself. watching 3D video images. Sony • Do not turn up the volume while listening to recommends that all viewers take regular a section with very low level inputs or no breaks while watching 3D video images.
  • Page 6 If you have any questions or problems • After playing, store the disc in its case. concerning your player, please consult your • Clean the disc with a nearest Sony dealer. cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the centre out. About wireless LAN security •...
  • Page 7: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to Parts and Controls Front panel  Door tray  Power indicator  Remote sensor Lights up when the player is turned on.  (USB) jack cover   (open/close) Open the cover to connect a USB device   (on/standby) to this jack.
  • Page 8 NETFLIX Accesses the Netflix online service. For further Netflix online service details, visit the following website and check the FAQ: TOP MENU Opens or closes the Ultra HD Blu-ray/BD/ DVD’s Top Menu. POP UP/MENU Opens or closes the Ultra HD Blu-ray/BD/ DVD’s menu.
  • Page 9 • Plays in slow motion when pressed for more than one second in pause mode. Manufacturer Remote Button • Plays one frame at a time when pressed Sony (Default) NET SERVICE for a short time in pause mode.  (play) TV  /...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting Started 1: Checking Supplied Accessories • Remote commander (remote) (1) • R03 (size AAA) batteries (2) 2: Connecting to a TV or a Sound Bar/AV Amplifier Do not connect the mains lead until you have made all the connections. Various connection methods can be used to enjoy the player.
  • Page 11 Connecting to your TV via a Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver) Select a connection method according to the functions and jacks on your Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver). The following are examples of the main connection methods. For details on your Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver), refer to the instruction manual supplied with the Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver).
  • Page 12  Non-4K Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver) without HDMI IN Coaxial digital cable (not supplied) Audio signals To HDMI Video signals OUT 1 jack HDMI Cable* (not supplied)  If selecting this connection method, set [HDMI Audio Output] in [System Settings] to [HDMI1] or [Auto] (page 25).
  • Page 13 Wireless Setup LAN cable (not supplied) Wireless LAN Modem Internet Router  No cable assembly required between the player and the wireless LAN router. 4: Easy Setup 4 Turn on the TV and press TV  on the When turned on for the first time remote to set the input selector.
  • Page 14: Home Screen Display

    Home screen display The home screen appears when you press HOME. Select an application using /// , and press ENTER. Application The following applications are displayed on the home screen. The network service application icons are displayed in the lower part of the screen after an internet connection is established.
  • Page 15: Playback

     Also refer to the instruction manuals supplied Playback with your TV and the connected device.  Playing a Disc 3D playback is not available when [Dolby Vision Output] in [Screen Settings] is set to [On]. You can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, BDs, DVDs and CDs.
  • Page 16: Playing Files On A Home Network

    3 On the home screen, select [USB To play a file from a Home Network server via device] using /, and press ENTER. another product (Renderer) When you play files from a Home Network 4 Select the [Video], [Music], or [Photo] Server on the player, you can use a Home category using /, and press ENTER.
  • Page 17 Example: Listening to Audio through a Bluetooth device After performing “Connecting to a Bluetooth device” (page 17), 1 Start playback content. Headphone 2 Adjust the volume of the Bluetooth device first. If the volume level is still low/high, Player Smartphone press OPTIONS on the remote during playback screen and select [Bluetooth Volume], then press /...
  • Page 18: Available Options

    Listening to Audio through a Available Options Bluetooth device and HDMI output Various settings and playback operations are available by pressing OPTIONS. The available You can enjoy audio playback from this items differ depending on the situation. player via a Bluetooth device and HDMI output simultaneously.
  • Page 19 [Custom1]/[Custom2] Photo only  [FNR]: Reduces the random noise  [Slideshow Speed]: Changes the  appearing in the picture. slideshow speed. [BNR]: Reduces the mosaic-like block  [Slideshow Effect]: Sets the effect for  noise in the picture. slideshows. [MNR]: Reduces minor noise around [Slideshow BGM] ...
  • Page 20: Settings And Adjustments

    Outputs 24p video signals only when you • If your network condition is poor, visit connect a 24p-compatible TV via an HDMI to download the latest connection and the [Output Video software version and update via USB memory. Resolution] is set to [Auto], [1080p] or [4K].
  • Page 21 [On].  [TV Screen Size Setting for 3D]  Sets the screen size of your 3D-compatible • If your Sony equipment is not detected when [Auto1] is selected, the setting will have the same effect as [Auto2] setting. ...
  • Page 22  [Screen Format] [Off]: Outputs PCM signals from HDMI OUT jack when playing Super Audio CD and DSD [Full]: Select this when connecting to a TV format file. with a wide mode function. Displays a 4:3 screen picture in 16:9 aspect ratio even on a ...
  • Page 23 [Auto]: Performs playback at the dynamic LDAC is an audio coding technology developed range specified by the disc (BD-ROM only). by Sony that enables the transmission of High- Other discs are played back at the [On] level. Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a [On]: Performs playback at a standard Bluetooth connection.
  • Page 24  [Password]  [HDMI Settings] Sets or changes the password for the By connecting Sony components that are Parental Control function. A password allows compatible with HDMI functions with a High you to set a restriction on Ultra HD Blu-ray/ Speed HDMI Cable, operation is simplified.
  • Page 25 For further details, visit the following website signal via HDMI OUT 1 jack. and check the FAQ contents: [HDMI1]: Outputs audio signal via HDMI OUT 1 jack.  [Network Connection Status] [HDMI2]: Outputs audio signal via HDMI OUT 2 jack.
  • Page 26 [Resetting]  [Reset to Factory Default Settings] Resets the player settings to the factory default by selecting the group of settings. All the settings within the group will be reset.  [Initialise Personal Information] Erases your personal information stored in the player.
  • Page 27: Additional Information

    If the problem persists, consult your – Make sure that the playback content is nearest Sony dealer. 4K Ultra HD video. Power The display language on the screen switches automatically when connected to the HDMI OUT jack.
  • Page 28 No sound is output from a Sound Bar/AV Message Code 3 [Audio outputs amplifier connected to the HDMI OUT 2 temporarily muted. Do not adjust the jack. playback volume. The content being played • Even when you connect the player to a TV is protected by Cinavia and is not through a Sound Bar/AV amplifier authorized for playback on this device.
  • Page 29 The desired wireless router do not appear Internet streaming in the wireless network list. • Press RETURN to return to the previous screen, and try wireless setup again. If the The picture/sound is poor/certain desired wireless router is still not detected, programmes display a loss of detail, select [New connection registration] to especially during fast-motion or dark...
  • Page 30  (open/close) is pressed. the Sound Bar/AV amplifier (receiver). • Contact your nearest Sony dealer or local The System Power-Off function does not authorised Sony service facility. work (BRAVIA Sync).
  • Page 31 • Moisture has condensed inside the player (page 4). About software update • If your network condition is poor, visit to download the latest software version and update via USB memory. You can also get information about update functions from the website.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. System Laser Semiconductor laser Inputs and outputs Jack name Jack type/Output level/Load impedance DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL) Phono jack /0.5 Vp-p/75 ohms HDMI 19-pin standard connector HDMI OUT 1*/2 * Only HDMI OUT 1 supports video output. LAN (10/100) 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Terminal USB jack Type A (For connecting a USB memory, memory...
  • Page 33 General Power requirements Rating: Input 220 V - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption 15 W Network standby Less than 2 W (all wired/wireless network ports ON) 430 mm × 265 mm × 50 mm Dimensions (approx.) (width × depth × height) incl. projecting parts Mass (approx.) 3.8 kg Operating temperature...
  • Page 34: Playable Discs

    Note on playback operations of Ultra HD Playable discs Blu-ray/BD/DVD Some playback operations of Ultra HD Blu- ray/BD/DVD may be intentionally set by software producers. Since this player plays Blu-ray Ultra HD Blu-ray, BD-ROM, Ultra HD Blu-ray/BD/DVD according to the Disc BD-R /BD-RE...
  • Page 35: Playable Types Of Files

    Playable types of files Video Codec Container Extension With Audio .mpg, .mpeg Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM, MPEG MPEG-1 Video .mkv Dolby Digital, LPCM, AAC, MP3, Vorbis .mpg, .mpeg Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM, MPEG MPEG-2 Video .m2ts, .mts Dolby Digital, DTS, LPCM, MPEG, AAC .mkv Dolby Digital, LPCM, AAC, MP3, Vorbis .avi...
  • Page 36 Music The player can play “.mka” files. This file cannot be played on a Home Network Codec Extension server. MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer The player does not play coded file such as .mp3 III) Lossless. The player does not play DST encoded files. AAC/HE-AAC .m4a, .aac The player does not play animated PNG or...
  • Page 37 “DVD VIDEO”, “DVD AUDIO”, “Super Audio CD” registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth and “CD” logos are trademarks. SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony • “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Corporation is under license. Other trademarks •...
  • Page 38 The source code for the software used in this product is subject to the GPL and LGPL, and is available on the Web. To download, please visit the following website: Please note that Sony cannot respond to any inquiries regarding the content of this source code.
  • Page 39 Privacy Policy Code Language For Privacy Policy, please refer to [Privacy Policy] 1313 Latin 1326 Lingala in the option menu on each network service 1327 Laothian; Lao 1332 Lithuanian icon. 1334 Latvian 1345 Malagasy Network services, content and software of this 1347 Maori 1349...
  • Page 40 Parental control/area code For details, see [Parental Control Area Code] (page 24). Code Area 2044 Argentina 2047 Australia 2046 Austria 2057 Belgium 2070 Brazil 2090 Chile 2092 China 2093 Colombia 2115 Denmark 2165 Finland 2174 France 2109 Germany 2200 Greece 2219 Hong Kong 2248...
  • Page 44 (mains lead). Record the serial number (S/N) in the space provided below. Provide this number to your Sony dealer to get quicker action whenever you call them regarding this product. S/N _____________________________ To find out useful hints, tips and information about Sony products and services ...

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