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Storage And Maintenance; Precautions For Use - Samsung QBH-TR Series User Manual

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Storage and Maintenance

" If dust or dirt from the supplied pen remains on the protective glass, clean it referring to
the instructions below.
Cleaning the exterior and display
Wipe the surface with a slightly wet, soft cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth.
Do not scratch the screen
with nails or sharp objects.
Scratches may leave marks or
damage the product.
Removing a sticker attached on the screen may leave residues. Clean the residues before
watching the screen.
Do not strongly press and rub the product. Damage to the product may result.
Do not wipe the screen with chemicals. Product failure may result.
Contact Customer Service Centre if the inside of the product needs cleaning (service fee
will be charged).

Precautions for Use

Be careful that if you use the supplied pen with a load exceeding 2.5 kg, scratches may occur on the
protective glass.
If you use a ballpoint pen other than the supplied pen, be careful that the screen may be stained
with ink or damaged.
" We recommend that you use the supplied pen. Do not use sharp, pointed objects other than
the pen.
Do not spray water directly
Due to the characteristics of
on any part of the product.
high-glossy products, using
Product failure, an electric
a UV humidifier nearby may
shock or fire may result from
create white-coloured stains
water that enters the product.
on the product.


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