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Sony CCD-TRV65E, CCD-TRV69E, CCD-TRV13E, CCD-TRV15E, CCD-TRV35E Operating Instructions Manual

Sony operating instructions video camera recorder ccd-trv65e/trv69e, ccd-trv13e/trv15e/trv35e, ccd-trv69e.
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Video Camera

Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly,
and retain it for future reference.
Инструкция по эксплуатации
Перед эксплуатацией аппарата внимательно прочтите, пожалуйста,
данное руководство и сохраняйте его для дальнейших справок.
©1998 by Sony Corporation
3-861-902-13 (1)


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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. Инструкция по эксплуатации Перед эксплуатацией аппарата внимательно прочтите, пожалуйста, данное руководство и сохраняйте его для дальнейших справок. CCD-TRV69E CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E/TRV35E ©1998 by Sony Corporation 3-861-902-13 (1)

  • Page 2

    English Welcome! Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam Vision™ camcorder. With your Handycam Vision you can capture life’s precious moments with superior picture and sound quality. Your Handycam Vision is loaded with advanced features, but at the same time it is very easy to use.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Simple setting of clock by time difference ... 79 Usable cassettes and playback modes ... 80 Tips for using the battery pack ... 82 Maintenance information and precautions ... 86 Using your camcorder abroad ... 92 Trouble check ... 93 Self-diagnosis display ... 99 Specifications ... 101 Identifying the parts ...

  • Page 4

    Русский Оглавление Перед началом эксплуатации Использование данного руководства ... 5 Проверка прилагаемых принадлежностей ... 7 Подготовка к эксплуатации Установка и зарядка батарейного блока ... 8 Вставка кассеты ... 14 Основные операции Запись с помощью видеокамеры ... 15 Использование функции наезда видеокамеры...

  • Page 5: Before You Begin

    “CCD-TRV69E only.” As you read through this manual, buttons and settings on the camcorder are shown in capital letters. e.g. Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. You can hear the beep sound to confirm your operation.

  • Page 6: Precautions On Camcorder Care

    Over 99.99% are operational for effective use. •Do not let the camcorder get wet. Keep the camcorder away from rain and sea water. Letting the camcorder get wet may cause the unit to malfunction, and sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired [a].

  • Page 7: Checking Supplied Accessories

    7 Shoulder strap (1) (p. 112) 8 21 pin adaptor (1) (p. 64) Contents of the recording cannot be compensated if recording or playback is not made due to a malfunction of the camcorder, video tape, etc. Проверка прилагаемых принадлежностей...

  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Before using your camcorder, you first need to install and charge the battery pack. This camcorder operates only with the “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack. “InfoLITHIUM” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Installing the battery pack (1) While pressing BATT RELEASE, slide the battery terminal cover in the direction of the arrow.

  • Page 9: Charging The Battery Pack

    FULL appears in the display window. Before using the camcorder with the battery pack, unplug the AC power adaptor from the DC IN jack of the camcorder. You can also use the battery pack before it is completely charged. POWER CAMERA PLAYER Уcтaнoвка...

  • Page 10

    Installing and charging the battery pack Notes • “– – – min” appears in the display window until the camcorder calculates remaining battery time. •Remaining battery time indication in the display window roughly indicates the recording time with the viewfinder. Use it as a guide.

  • Page 11

    Installing and charging the battery pack Battery life Upper numbers are the time when recording with the viewfinder. Lower numbers are the time when recording with the LCD screen. Using both will further reduce recording time. CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E Battery Continuous Typical pack recording recording...

  • Page 12

    610 (550) Numbers in parentheses indicate the time when you use a normally charged battery. Battery life will be shorter if you use the camcorder in a cold environment. Approximate continuous recording time at 25°C (77°F). Approximate minutes when recording while you repeat recording start/stop, zooming and turning the power on/off.

  • Page 13

    To remove the battery pack While pressing BATT RELEASE, slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow. You can look at the demonstration of the functions available with this camcorder (p. 38). Уcтaнoвка и зарядка батарейного блока Для снятия батарейного блока...

  • Page 14: Inserting A Cassette

    Inserting a cassette Make sure that the power source is installed. When you want to record in the Hi8 system, use Hi8 video cassette H. (CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only) (1) While pressing the small blue button on the EJECT switch, slide it in the direction of the arrow.

  • Page 15: Basic Operations Camera Recording

    When you use the camcorder for the first time, power on it and reset the date and time to your time before you start recording (p. 78). The date is automatically recorded for 10 seconds after you start recording (AUTO DATE feature).

  • Page 16

    Note on Standby mode If you leave the camcorder in Standby mode for 5 minutes while the cassette is inserted, the camcorder turns off automatically for saving battery power as well as for preventing the battery and tape from wearing down.

  • Page 17

    (SP or LP) mode. Note on the beep sound The beep sounds when you operate the camcorder. Several beeps also sound as a warning of any unusual condition of the camcorder. Note that the beep sound is not recorded on the tape.

  • Page 18: Using The Zoom Feature

    Camera recording Using the zoom feature Zooming is a recording technique that lets you change the size of the subject in the scene. For more professional-looking recordings, use the zoom function sparingly. “T” side: for telephoto (subject appears closer) “W” side: for wide-angle (subject appears farther away) Zooming speed (Variable speed zooming)

  • Page 19: Selecting The Start/stop Mode

    Camera recording Selecting the START/STOP mode Your camcorder has three modes. These modes enable you to take a series of quick shots resulting in a lively video. (1) While pressing OPEN, open the LCD panel. (2) Set START/STOP MODE to the desired mode.

  • Page 20: Shooting With The Lcd Screen

    Camera recording Shooting with the LCD screen You can also record the picture while looking at the LCD screen. When using the LCD screen, the viewfinder turns off automatically. You cannot monitor the sound from the speaker during recording. (1) While pressing OPEN, open the LCD panel. (2) Adjust the angle of the LCD panel.

  • Page 21: Letting The Subject Monitor The Shot (mirror Mode)

    • When closing the LCD panel, turn it vertically until it clicks [a]. • When turning the LCD panel, turn it always vertically; otherwise, the camcorder body may be damaged or the LCD panel may not close properly [b]. • Close the LCD panel completely when not in use.

  • Page 22: Hints For Better Shooting

    For hand-held shots, you’ll get better results by holding the camcorder according to the following suggestions: • Hold the camcorder firmly and secure it with the grip strap so that you can easily manipulate the controls with your thumb. • Place your right elbow against your side.

  • Page 23

    If you have a tripod for a still camera, you can also use it with the camcorder. When attaching a non-Sony tripod, make sure that the length of the tripod screw is less than 6.5 mm (9/32 inch). Otherwise, you cannot attach the tripod securely and the screw may damage the camcorder.

  • Page 24: Checking The Recorded Picture

    (CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only) or an earphone (CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E/ TRV35E only). Hold down the – side of EDITSEARCH until the camcorder goes back to the scene you want. The last recorded portion is played back. To go forward, hold down the + side (Edit Search).

  • Page 25

    Checking the recorded picture To stop playback Release EDITSEARCH. To go back to the last recorded point after edit search Press END SEARCH. The last recorded point is played back for about 5 seconds (10 seconds in LP mode) and stops. Note that this function does not work once you eject the cassette after you recorded on the tape.

  • Page 26: Playing Back A Tape

    (6) Adjust the volume using VOLUME and adjust the brightness of the LCD screen using LCD BRIGHT. You can also monitor the picture on a TV screen, after connecting the camcorder to a TV or VCR. POWER CAMERA PLAYER To stop playback, press p.

  • Page 27

    When monitoring on the LCD screen You can turn the LCD panel over and move back to the camcorder with the LCD screen facing out [a]. You can adjust the angle of the LCD screen by turning the LCD screen up to 15 degrees [b].

  • Page 28: Various Playback Modes

    Playing back a tape Note on the lens cover The lens cover does not open when the POWER switch is set to PLAYER. Do not open the lens cover manually. It may cause malfunction. Various playback modes You can enjoy clear pictures on the LCD screen during still, slow and picture search.

  • Page 29

    This is normal. • You can play back the tapes recorded in the Hi8 video system on the standard 8 mm camcorder (CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E/TRV35E only). Displaying the date or time...

  • Page 30

    Playing back a tape To display the date or time when you recorded Press DATE or TIME on the camcorder. To make the date or time disappear, press it again. To display the date and time when you recorded, press TIME (or DATE) after pressing DATE (or TIME).

  • Page 31: Searching For The End Of The Picture

    Searching for the end of the picture You can go to the end of the recorded portion after you record and play back the tape to make the transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene smooth. The tape starts rewinding or fast-forwarding and the last 5 seconds (10 seconds in LP mode) of the recorded portion play back.

  • Page 32: Advanced Operations Using Alternative Power Sources

    You can choose any of the following power sources for your camcorder: battery pack, the mains, alkaline batteries and 12/24 V car battery. Choose the appropriate power source depending on where you want to use your camcorder. Place Power source Indoors...

  • Page 33: Using A Car Battery

    Keep the AC power adaptor away from the camcorder if the picture is disturbed. Using a car battery Use Sony DC-V515A car battery charger (not supplied). Connect the car battery cord to the cigarette lighter socket of a car (12 V or 24 V).

  • Page 34: Changing The Mode Settings

    You can change the mode settings in the menu system to further enjoy the features and functions of the camcorder. (1) Press MENU to display the menu. (2) Turn the control dial to select the desired icon in the left side of the menu, then press the dial.

  • Page 35: Selecting The Mode Setting Of Each Item

    Changing the mode settings Note on the menu display Depending on the model of your camcorder, the menu display may be different from that in this illustration. Notes on changing the mode setting •Menu items differ depending on the setting of the POWER switch to PLAYER or CAMERA.

  • Page 36

    COMMANDER <ON/OFF> (CCD-TRV15E/ TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only) • Select ON when using the supplied Remote Commander for the camcorder. • Select OFF when not using the Remote Commander. DISPLAY* <LCD or V-OUT/LCD> • Normally select LCD. The display appears on the LCD screen.

  • Page 37

    • Select LP when recording in LP (long play) mode. When a tape recorded on this camcorder in LP mode is played back on other types of 8mm camcorders or VCRs, the playback quality may not be as good as that on this camcorder.

  • Page 38

    Eject the cassette, if inserted. Select ON of DEMO MODE and erase the menu display. The demonstration will begin. When you turn off the camcorder once, DEMO MODE automatically returns to STBY. WORLD TIME* Select this item to set the clock by a time difference.

  • Page 39

    Changing the mode settings Items for PLAYER mode only HiFi SOUND <STEREO/1/2> (CCD-TRV65E/ TRV69E only) •Normally select STEREO. •Select 1 or 2 to play back a dual sound track tape. EDIT <ON/OFF> •Select ON to minimize picture deterioration when editing. •Normally select OFF.

  • Page 40: Shooting With Backlighting

    Shooting with backlighting When you shoot a subject with the light source behind the subject or a subject with a light background, use the BACK LIGHT function. Press BACK LIGHT. The c indicator appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen. [a] Subject is too dark because of backlight.

  • Page 41: Using The Fader Function (ccd-trv35e/ Trv65e/trv69e Only)

    Using the FADER function – CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only Selecting the fader function You can fade in or out to give your recording a professional appearance. When the picture fades in, the sound gradually increases. When the picture fades out, the sound gradually decreases.

  • Page 42

    Using the FADER function Using the fader function When fading in [a] (1) While the camcorder is in Standby mode, press FADER until the desired fade indicator flashes. (2) Press START/STOP to start recording. The fade indicator stops flashing. When fading out [b] (1) During recording, press FADER until the desired fade indicator flashes.

  • Page 43

    Using the FADER function Note on the bounce function When you use the following functions or D ZOOM is set to ON in the menu system, “BOUNCE” indicator does not appear. – Wide mode – Functions using the PICTURE EFFECT button –...

  • Page 44: Shooting In The Dark (nightshot) (ccd-trv35e/trv65e/trv69e Only)

    This function may record picture nearly in monochrome. (1) While the camcorder is in Standby mode, slide NIGHTSHOT to ON. (2) Press START/STOP to start recording. and “NIGHTSHOT” indicators flash.

  • Page 45: Using The Wide Mode Function

    Using the wide mode function Selecting the desired mode You can record a cinemalike picture (CINEMA) or a 16:9 wide picture to watch on the 16:9 wide- screen TV (16:9 FULL). CINEMA CINEMA 16:9 FULL 16:9 FULL CINEMA Black bands appear at the top and the bottom of the screen, and the viewfinder or LCD screen [a] and a normal TV screen [b] look wide.

  • Page 46

    Using the wide mode function Using the wide mode function You can select the wide mode (OFF, CINEMA, 16:9FULL) in the menu system (p. 34). To cancel wide mode Select OFF in the menu system. To watch the tape recorded in wide mode To watch the tape recorded in CINEMA mode, set the screen mode of the wide-screen TV to...

  • Page 47: Using The Program Ae Function

    Using the PROGRAM AE function Selecting the best mode You can select one of six PROGRAM AE (Auto Exposure) modes to suit your shooting situation, referring to the following. Spotlight mode For subjects in spotlight, such as at the theatre or a formal event.

  • Page 48

    • In the Spotlight, Sports lesson and Beach & Ski modes, you cannot take close-ups because the camcorder is set to focus only on subjects in the middle to far distance. • In the Sunset & Moon and Landscape modes, the camcorder is set to focus only on distant subjects.

  • Page 49: Focusing Manually (ccd-trv35e/trv65e/ Trv69e Only)

    Focusing manually – CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only When to use manual focus In the following cases you should obtain better results by adjusting the focus manually. •Insufficient light [a] •Subjects with little contrast - walls, sky, etc. [b] •Too much brightness behind the subject [c] •Horizontal stripes [d] •Subjects through frosted glass •Subjects beyond nets, etc.

  • Page 50

    Focusing manually Focusing manually When focusing manually, first focus in telephoto before recording, and then reset the shot length. (1) Set FOCUS to MANUAL. The f indicator appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen. (2) Move the power zoom lever to the end of the “T”...

  • Page 51: Enjoying Picture Effect

    Enjoying picture effect Selecting picture effect You can make pictures like those of television with the Picture Effect function. PASTEL [a] The contrast of the picture is emphasized, and the picture looks like an animated cartoon. NEG. ART [b] The colour and brightness of the picture is reversed.

  • Page 52: Using Picture Effect Function

    To turn off picture effect Press PICTURE EFFECT. The indicator in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen goes out. Note on the picture effect When you turn the power off, the camcorder returns automatically to normal mode. Наслаждение эффектами изображений...

  • Page 53: Adjusting The Exposure (ccd-trv35e/trv65e/ Trv69e Only)

    Adjusting the exposure – CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only When to adjust the exposure Adjust the exposure manually under the following cases. •The background is too bright (back lighting) •Insufficient light: most of the picture is dark •Bright subject and dark background •To record the darkness faithfully Adjusting the exposure (1) Press EXPOSURE.

  • Page 54

    When you adjust the exposure manually • BACK LIGHT does not work. • If you change the PROGRAM AE mode, the camcorder automatically returns to automatic exposure mode. Регулировка экспозиции Съемка, когда солнце находится у Вас за...

  • Page 55: Superimposing A Title

    Superimposing a title You can select one of eight preset titles and two custom titles. You can also select the language, colour, size and position of titles. Superimposing titles (1) Press TITLE to display the title menu. (2) Turn the control dial to select the dial.

  • Page 56

    Superimposing a title To superimpose the title from beginning After step 7, press START/STOP to start recording. To superimpose the title while you are recording After pressing START/STOP to start recording, start from step 1. In this case, beep is not heard. To select the language of preset title When you want to select the language, select before step 2.

  • Page 57: Making Your Own Titles

    Making your own titles You can make up to two titles and store them in the camcorder. We recommend to set the POWER switch to PLAYER or eject the cassette before you begin. Your title can have up to 20 characters.

  • Page 58: Re-recording A Picture In The Middle Of A Recorded Tape (ccd-trv69e Only)

    Note You can not enter over 20 characters title. If you take 5 minutes or longer to enter characters while a cassette is in the camcorder The power goes off automatically. Characters you have entered remain. Turn STANDBY down once and then up again, then proceed from step...

  • Page 59

    Re-recording a picture in the middle of a recorded tape (1) While the camcorder is in Standby mode, keep pressing the + (forward playback) or – (reverse playback) side of EDITSEARCH, and release the button where you want to end the insertion [b].

  • Page 60: Recording With The Date/time

    Re-recording a picture in the middle of a recorded tape Notes on re-recording • The picture and the sound may be distorted at the end of the inserted portion when it is played back. • If you re-record on the portion which contains non-recorded section, the zero memory function may not work correctly.

  • Page 61: Optimizing The Recording Condition

    Use this feature to check the tape condition before recording, so that you can get the best possible picture (ORC). (1) While the camcorder is in Standby mode, press MENU to display the menu. (2) Turn the control dial to select Ò, then press the dial.

  • Page 62: Releasing The Steady Shot Function (ccd-trv35e/trv65e/trv69e Only)

    Releasing the STEADY SHOT function – CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only When the Steady Shot function is working, the camcorder compensates for camera-shake. You can release the Steady Shot function when you do not need to use the Steady Shot function. The “...

  • Page 63: Watching On A Tv Screen

    Watching on a TV screen Connect the camcorder to your TV or VCR to watch the playback picture on the TV screen. When monitoring the playback picture by connecting the camcorder to your TV, we recommend you to use the mains for the power source.

  • Page 64

    If your TV or VCR is a monaural type – CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only Connect only the white plug for audio on both the camcorder and the TV or the VCR. With this connection, the sound is monaural even in stereo model.

  • Page 65: Searching The Boundaries Of Recorded Date (ccd-trv69e Only)

    Searching the boundaries of recorded date – CCD-TRV69E only You can search for the boundary between recording dates using the Data Code automatically recorded on the tape. There are two modes: •Searching for the beginning of a specific date, and playing back from there (Date Search) •Searching for the beginning of all days, one after another, playing back about 10 seconds of each (Date Scan)

  • Page 66

    Press ( and then press 0 or ). If you do Date Search or Date Scan during playback While the camcorder is looking for the date, a fast forward or rewind picture is displayed. Some noise is inevitable. If you have erased or rewritten the index...

  • Page 67: Returning To A Pre-registered Position (ccd-trv69e Only)

    Returning to a pre- registered position – CCD-TRV69E only Using the Remote Commander, you can easily go back to the desired point on a tape after playback. Use the tape counter. If the RC time code appears, set COUNTER to NORMAL in the menu system to display the tape counter.

  • Page 68: Locating The Marking Position (ccd-trv69e Only)

    Returning to a pre-registered position Notes on ZERO MEM • When you press ZERO MEM, the counter’s zero point is memorized. Press ZERO MEM again before rewinding to cancel the memory. • This function is cancelled automatically once the tape is rewound or advanced to the point you pre-registered.

  • Page 69

    Data Code recorded, the Data Code will be erased at the point on which the index signal is marked. When playing back this tape, the camcorder keeps displaying the Data Code immediately before the erased one. • A black band appears when you mark index signal during playback, and the sound cannot be heard.

  • Page 70

    Locating the marking position Scanning the beginning of each marking position – index scan (1) Press INDEX on the Remote Commander during normal playback. (2) Press 0 or ). The tape rewinds or advances rapidly and plays back for approximately 10 seconds from the point on which the index signal was marked.

  • Page 71: Locating The Desired Marking Position – Index Search

    Locating the marking position Locating the desired marking position – index search (1) Press INDEX on the Remote Commander during stop or playback mode. (2) Press INDEX repeatedly until the index number of the desired programme is displayed in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen.

  • Page 72: Erasing An Index Signal

    (2) Press ERASE on the Remote Commander within 2 to 10 seconds while the desired programme plays back. After the index signal is erased, the camcorder returns to index scan when you used index scan in step 1. When you used index search, normal playback resumes.

  • Page 73: Writing The Rc Time Code On A Recorded Tape (ccd-trv69e Only)

    (1) While pressing the small green button on the POWER switch, set it to PLAYER. (2) Rewind the tape to the beginning and set the camcorder to playback pause mode. (3) Press TIME CODE WRITE on the Remote Commander. The TIME CODE WRITE...

  • Page 74

    RC time code recorded portion Rewind the tape to the portion on which the RC time code has been written and set the camcorder to playback pause mode. Then follow steps 3 and 4 above. The RC time code is written continuously.

  • Page 75: Editing Onto Another Tape

    (3)On the VCR, locate the recording start point and set the VCR in recording pause mode. (4)First press P on the camcorder, and after a few seconds press P on the VCR to start editing.

  • Page 76: Additional Information

    I indicator flashes in the viewfinder for about 5 seconds when you set the POWER switch to CAMERA. In this case, replace the battery with a Sony CR2025 lithium battery. Use of any other battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s...

  • Page 77: Changing The Lithium Battery In The Camcorder

    Changing the lithium battery in the camcorder WARNING The battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, or dispose of in fire. Changing the lithium battery When replacing the lithium battery, keep the battery pack or other power source attached.

  • Page 78: Resetting The Date And Time

    The year changes as follows: 1997 ˜ 1998 N · · · · n 2029 Note on the time indicator The internal clock of this camcorder operates on a 24-hour cycle. Установка даты и времени Вы можете установить дату и время в...

  • Page 79: Simple Setting Of Clock By Time Difference

    You can easily set the clock for a local time by a time difference in the menu system. (1) While the camcorder is the standby mode, press MENU to display the menu. (2) Turn the control dial to select the dial.

  • Page 80: Usable Cassettes And Playback Modes

    /video Hi8 “XR” is an abbreviation of “Extended Resolution”. The video Hi8 XR or video 8 XR camcorder is new type of 8mm camcorder with a picture quality superior to the conventional video Hi8 or video 8 camcorder respectively. You can record and play back pictures more clearly with the “XR”...

  • Page 81

    – CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only When you play back a tape, the sound will be in monaural if: •You record the tape using this camcorder, then play it back on an AFM HiFi monaural video recorder/player. •You record the tape on an AFM HiFi monaural video recorder, then play it back on this camcorder.

  • Page 82: Tips For Using The Battery Pack

    POWER switch to OFF on the camcorder and replace the battery pack. Leave the tape in the camcorder to obtain a smooth transition between scenes after the battery pack has been replaced.

  • Page 83

    The life of the battery pack If the battery indicator flashes rapidly just after turning on the camcorder with a fully charged battery pack, the battery pack should be replaced with a new fully charged one. Charging temperature You should charge batteries at temperatures from 10°C to 30°C (from 50°F to 86°F).

  • Page 84

    However, if you use it with video equipment not having this mark, the remaining battery capacity will not be indicated in minutes. “InfoLITHIUM“ is a trademark of Sony Corporation. * The indication may not be accurate depending on the condition and environment which the equipment is used under.

  • Page 85

    Set the camcorder to recording standby mode and point towards a stationary object. Do not move the camcorder for 30 seconds or more. •If the indication seems incorrect, recharge the battery pack fully (Full charge you have used the battery in a hot or cold...

  • Page 86: Maintenance Information And Precautions

    Eject the cassette, turn off the camcorder, and leave also the cassette about 1 hour. The camcorder can be used again if the { indicator does not appear when the power is turned on again.

  • Page 87: Maintenance Information And Precautions

    повторяйте очистку более 5 раз за один прием.) Предостережение Не используйте имеющуюся в продаже очистительную кассету влажного типа. Она может повредить видеоголовки. Примечание Если очистительной кассеты V8-25CLH/V8- 25CLD фирмы Sony нет в продаже в Вашей области, проконсультируйтесь у Вашего ближайшего дилера Sony.

  • Page 88

    Maintenance information and precautions Removing dust from inside the viewfinder (1) Remove the screw with a screwdriver (not supplied). Then, while sliding the RELEASE knob, turn the eyecup in the direction of the arrow and pull it out. (2) Clean the surface with a commercially available blower.

  • Page 89

    •Should any solid object or liquid get inside the casing, unplug the camcorder and have it checked by a Sony dealer before operating it any further. •Avoid rough handling or mechanical shock. Be particularly careful of the lens.

  • Page 90

    Maintenance information and precautions Camcorder care • When the camcorder is not to be used for a long time, remove the tape. Periodically turn on the power, operate the camera and player sections and play back a tape for about 3 minutes.

  • Page 91

    •If the liquid get into your eyes, wash your eyes with a lot of water and then consult a doctor. If any difficulty should arise, unplug the unit and contact your nearest Sony dealer. Информация по уходу за аппаратом и предосторожности...

  • Page 92: Using Your Camcorder Abroad

    Before using your camcorder abroad, check the following points. Power sources You can use your camcorder in any country or area with the supplied AC power adaptor within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Difference in colour systems This camcorder is a PAL system based camcorder.

  • Page 93: Trouble Check

    English Trouble check If you run into any problem using the camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem. Should the difficulty persist, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. Camcorder...

  • Page 94

    Use a charged battery pack or the AC power adaptor. (p. 9, 32) • Moisture condensation has occurred. m Remove the cassette and leave the camcorder for at least 1 hour. (p. 86) • You pressed DATE and TIME together for more than 2 seconds.

  • Page 95

    • EDIT is set to ON in the menu system. m Set it to OFF. (p. 39) • The video heads may be dirty. m Clean the heads using the Sony V8-25CLH/V8-25CLD cleaning cassette (not supplied). (p. 87) • The LCD panel is open.

  • Page 96

    Если у Вас возникла какая-либо проблема при использовании видеокамеры, воспользуйтесь следующей таблицей для отыскания и устранения проблемы. Если трудности все еще остаются, то отсоедините источник питания и обратитесь к Вашему дилеру Sony или на местное уполномоченное предприятие по обслуживанию Sony. Видеокамера Питание...

  • Page 97

    Проверка неисправностей Признак Запись останавливается через несколько секунд. Кассета не может быть вынута из держателя. Мигают индикаторы { и 6, и никакие функции, за исключением выталкивания кассеты, не работают. Мигает индикатор даты или времени. Лента не перемещается при нажатии кнопки видеоконтроля. Не...

  • Page 98

    Установите ее на OFF. (стр. 39) • Возможно загрязнены видеоголовки. m Очистите видеоголовки с использованием очистительной кассеты Sony V8-25CLH/V8-25CLD (не прилагается). (стр. 87) • Открыта панель ЖКД. m Закройте панель ЖКД. (стр. 20) • Если истечет 10 минут после того, как Вы установите...

  • Page 99: Self-diagnosis Display

    Five-digit display C:21:ππ C:22:ππ C:23:ππ C:31:ππ C:32:ππ E:61:ππ E:62:ππ If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. LCD screen Self-diagnosis display •C:ππ:ππ You can service the camcorder yourself. •E:ππ:ππ Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony facilitiy.

  • Page 100

    видеокамеры. Пятизначный дисплей C:21:ππ C:22:ππ C:23:ππ C:31:ππ C:32:ππ E:61:ππ E:62:ππ Если Вы не можете решить проблему, то свяжитесь с Вашим дилером Sony или местным уполномоченным предприятием Sony. Экран ЖКД Дисплей самодиагностики •C:ππ:ππ Вы можете выполнить техническое обслуживание видеокамеры самостоятельно. •E:ππ:ππ...

  • Page 101: Specifications

    CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E: 0.7 lux to 100,000 lux Recommended illumination More than 100 lux * Minimum illumination expresses the light level a camcorder requires to produce a picture. Visible minimum low light expresses the light level to produce a visible signal. LCD screen Picture 2.5 inches measured diagonally...

  • Page 102

    Specifications General Power requirements 7.2 V (battery pack) 8.4 V (AC power adaptor) Average power consumption (when using the battery pack) During camera recording using CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E: 3.1 W CCD-TRV35E: 3.2 W CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E: 3.3 W Viewfinder CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E: 2.5 W CCD-TRV35E: 2.6 W CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E: 2.7 W Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

  • Page 103

    Русский Технические характеристики Видеокамера Система Система видеозаписи 2 вращающиеся головки Система ЧМ наклонной механической развертки Система аудиозаписи Вращающиеся головки, система ЧМ Видеосигнал Цветовой сигнал PAL, стандарт CCIR Используемые кассеты Кассеты 8-мм видеоформата CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E/TRV35E: 8-мм стандарт CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E: Hi 8 или 8-мм стандарт Время...

  • Page 104

    Технические характеристики Общее Требования к питанию 7,2 В ( батарейный блок) 8,4 В (сетевой адаптер перем. тока) Средняя потребляемая мощность (При использовании батарейного блока) Во время записи видеокамерой с использованием ЖКД CCD-TRV13E/TRV15E: 3,1 Вт CCD-TRV35E: 3,2 Вт CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E: 3,3 Вт Видоискателя...

  • Page 105: Identifying The Parts

    Make sure that the length of the tripod screw is less than 6.5 mm (9/32 inch) otherwise, you cannot attach the tripod securely and the screw may damage the camcorder. Опознавание частей 1 Кнопка EDITSEARCH (стр. 24) 2 Башмак для установки...

  • Page 106

    Identifying the parts !£ !¢ !∞ !§ !¶ !• !ª @º !£ Viewfinder (p. 16) !¢ Speaker (p. 27) !∞ LCD screen (p. 20) !§ LCD BRIGHT buttons (p. 20) !¶ OPEN button (p. 19) !• VOLUME buttons (p. 26) !ª...

  • Page 107

    Identifying the parts @• @ª #º #¡ #™ #£ #¢ @• COUNTER RESET button (p. 17) @ª TIME button (p. 30, 60) #º DATE button (p. 30, 60) #¡ DISPLAY button (p. 27) #™ TITLE button (p. 55) #£ END SEARCH button (p. 31) #¢...

  • Page 108

    Identifying the parts $¡ $™ $£ $¢ $∞ $§ $¡ Eyecup RELEASE knob (p. 88) $™ EJECT switch (p. 14) $£ LANC l control jack l stands for Local Application Control Bus System. The l control jack is used for controlling the tape transport of video equipment and peripherals connected to it.

  • Page 109

    To remove an accessory, loosen the screw, and then press down and pull out the accessory. If the camcorder does not work correctly with using the AC power adaptor, use the battery pack.

  • Page 110: Remote Commander

    Identifying the parts Remote Commander – CCD-TRV15E/TRV35E/TRV65E/TRV69E only The buttons that have the same name on the Remote Commander as on the camcorder function identically. RMT-717 1 Transmitter Point toward the remote sensor to control the camcorder after turning on the camcorder.

  • Page 111

    VTR 2. The commander modes (1, 2 and 3) are used to distinguish this camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid remote control misoperation. If you use another Sony VCR in commander mode VTR 2, we recommend you change the commander mode or cover the remote sensor of the VCR with black paper.

  • Page 112: Attaching The Shoulder Strap

    Identifying the parts Attaching the shoulder strap Attach the supplied shoulder strap to the hooks for the shoulder strap . To watch the demonstration You can start the demonstration by setting DEMO MODE in the menu system. You can also start the demonstration by the following operation.

  • Page 113

    Identifying the parts Operation indicators Viewfinder/Видоискатель STBY M.FADER CINEMA SEPIA AUTO DATE „ !¡ !™ !£ 1 Recording mode indicator (p. 37)/Mirror mode indicator (p. 21) 2 Playing back or recording in Hi8 format (CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only) (p. 81) 3 Remaining battery time indicator 4 Exposure indicator (CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/ TRV69E only) (p.

  • Page 114: Index

    Identifying the parts !¡ WIND indicator (CCD-TRV65E/TRV69E only) (p. 37) !™ Steady Shot off indicator (CCD-TRV35E/ TRV65E/TRV69E only) (p. 62) !£ Manual focusing (CCD-TRV35E/TRV65E/ TRV69E only) (p. 50) !¢ Video control mode (p. 15) !∞ Time code indicator (CCD-TRV69E only) (p.

  • Page 115: Warning Indicators

    7 The video heads may be contaminated. 8 Some other trouble has occurred. Use the self-diagnosis function (p. 99). If the display does not disappear contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. 9 The lithium battery is weak or is not installed.

  • Page 116

    Литиевая батарейка ... 76 Монтаж ... 75 Н, О Надпись ... 55 Наезд видеокамеры ... 18 Очистка видеоголовок ... 87 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan EDIT ... 39 Editing ... 75 EDITSEARCH ... 24 END SEARCH ... 31 Exposure ... 53 F, G, H, I, J, K, L Index ...

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