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LG T2735NTWV Owner's Manual

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Before beginning installation, read these instructions carefully. This
will simplify installation and ensure that the product is installed
correctly and safely. Leave these instructions near the product after
installation for future reference.



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  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL WASHING MACHINE Before beginning installation, read these instructions carefully. This will simplify installation and ensure that the product is installed correctly and safely. Leave these instructions near the product after installation for future reference. ENGLSH T2735NTWV MFL69482504 Rev.02_050216...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS This manual may contain images or content different from the model you purchased. This manual is subject to revision by the manufacturer. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........3 Important Safety Instructions ............4 INSTALLATION ............7 Parts ....................7 Accessories ................... 7 Specifications ................
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety guidelines are intended to prevent unforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrect operation of the product. The guidelines are separated into ‘WARNING’ and ‘CAUTION’ as described below. This symbol is displayed to the indicate matters and operations that can cause risk.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    • This pedestal washing machine must be installed underneath a matching LG front- loading washing machine manufactured after 2009.
  • Page 5 Improper use can cause fire or explosion. • In case of flood, disconnect the power plug and contact the LG Electronics customer information centre. • Do not push down the door excessively, when the appliance door is open.
  • Page 6 • Do not operate the pedestal washing machine with two or more pedestal washing machines stacked. • To avoid breaking the door glass, do not push too hard on the door when closing. • Do not step on the pedestal washing machine. •...
  • Page 7: Installation

    INSTALLATION Parts Door Drum Lint Filter Control Panel Drawer Water Supply Hose Power Plug Water Drain Hose Leveling Feet Accessories Water supply hose Connecting Water drain hose Water supply hose General-type con- (for cold water) supply hose connector nector / Screw-type connector Cable tie Water drain hose...
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Specifications Country Philippines Malaysia Wash 3.5 kg (Wash) 3.5 kg (Wash) Capacity Power Supply 220 V~, 60 Hz 220~240 V~, 50 Hz 700 mm (W) x 770 mm (D) x 360 mm 700 mm (W) x 770 mm (D) x 360 mm Size Product Weight 45 kg...
  • Page 9: Installation Place Requirements

    Installation Place Requirements • Do not install the appliance in rooms where freezing temperatures may occur. Frozen hoses Location may burst under pressure. The reliability of the electronic control unit may be impaired at temperatures below freezing point. • Ensure that when the appliance is installed, it is easily accessible for an engineer in the event of a 133 cm breakdown.
  • Page 10: Unpacking And Removing Packing Materials

    • The pedestal washing machine will not work as a Failure to do so can cause serious injury, fire, standalone unit. electric shock or death. • The pedestal washing machine must be stacked under an LG front-loading washing machine in order to operate properly.
  • Page 11: Connecting The Supply Hose

    Connecting the Supply Hose Connecting Hose to Water Tap Connecting Screw-Type Hose to Tap with • Water supply pressure must be between 0.1 MPa and 0.8 MPa (1.0‒8.0 kgf/cm2). Thread • Do not strip or crossthread when connecting supply Screw the hose connector onto the water supply tap. hose to the valve.
  • Page 12 Push the adapter onto the end of the tap so that Push the adapter onto the end of the tap so that the rubber seal forms a watertight connection. the rubber seal forms a watertight connection. Tighten the four fixing screws. Tighten the four fixing screws and the adapter ring plate.
  • Page 13: Installation The Drain Hose

    Connecting Hose to Two Washing Installation the Drain Hose Machines • The drain hose should not be placed higher than 100 cm above the floor. Water in the appliance may Connect the water supply hose connector to the not drain or may drain slowly. water supply hose of the front-loading washing machine.
  • Page 14: Leveling The Appliance

    Using the Drain Hose Connector Leveling the Appliance Connect the drain hose of the front-lading washing If the floor is uneven, turn the adjustable feet as machine and the pedestal washing machine to the required (Do not insert pieces of wood etc. under drain connector.
  • Page 15 • Push or rock the top edges of the appliance gently to make sure that the appliance does not rock. If the appliance rocks, level the appliance again. NOTE • You can obtain anti-slip sheets from the LG Service Centre.
  • Page 16: Operation

    OPERATION Using the Appliance Begin cycle. • Press the Start/Pause button to begin the Sort laundry and load items. cycle. The washing machine will agitate briefly • Sort laundry by fabric type, soil level, colour without water to measure the weight of the and load size as needed.
  • Page 17: Sorting Laundry

    Sorting Laundry Caring before loading. • Do not wash 'memory wire' on female inner Look for a care label on your clothes. wear (such as a brassiere) as it may damage • This will tell you about the fabric content of other clothes or the washing machine and your garment and how it should be washed.
  • Page 18: Closing The Door And Drawer

    • If power failure occurs during product operation, the door cannot be opened. Provide the power again or contact the LG service center. (in case of boil wash, the door may not open after the power is supplied again due to high temperature inside the •...
  • Page 19 Adding Softeners CAUTION • Do not directly put bleach to the laundry. This may Adding Fabric Softener cause partial discoloration and severe damage to CASE 1. When the machine chimes: the laundry. Press Start/Pause to pause the cycle. • Do not use chlorine bleach or acidic cleaner when washing the laundry, as it can cause damage to clothes such as discoloration and decoloration of Add the liquid fabric softener.
  • Page 20: Control Panel

    Control Panel Boil Wash Normal Speed Wash Baby Wear Lingerie/Wool Rinse+Spin Power Button Display • Press the Power button to turn the washing • The display shows the cycle status and machine on. estimated time remaining. NOTE : Drawer lock indicator •...
  • Page 21: Programme Table

    Programme Table Washing Programme Maximum Programme Description Note Load Use this programme to • Pressing the Start/Pause button without wash lightly soiled normal selecting a programme will cause the Normal Normal 3.5 kg. items, except delicate programme to begin immediately using the default settings.
  • Page 22: Option Programme

    Option Programme Unlocking the Control Panel Press and hold the Tub Clean and Extra Rinse Tub Clean button at the same time for three seconds. Use this option to keep the drum clean by sterilizing • To change the cycle or option, press the Start/ germs within the drum.
  • Page 23: Smart Function

    Use this function if you need an accurate diagnosis • The communication performance will improve and by an LG Electronics service centre when the you can receive better service if you use the home product malfunctions or fails. Use this function only to phone.
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning the Interior WARNING • Use a towel or soft cloth to wipe around the • Unplug the washing machine before cleaning to washing machine door opening and door glass. avoid the risk of electric shock. Failure to follow this •...
  • Page 25: Tub Clean

    Tub Clean Cleaning the Water Inlet Filter Use this option to keep the drum clean by sterilizing • Turn off the stopclock if the washing machine germs within the drum. is to be left for any length of time (e.g. holiday), especially if there is no floor drain (gully) in the Press the Power button.
  • Page 26: Cleaning The Lint Filter

    Insert the lower part of the filter into the drum and close the cap until you hear a click sound. NOTE • When the lint filter is damaged, contact LG service centre. • Do not operate the washing machine without the lint filter.
  • Page 27 How to Handle Freezing Select the Rinse+Spin programme and press the Start/Pause button to check that the Step 1. When the Door is Frozen washing machine works. • Thaw out the door using a hot water cloth. Step 2. When the Water Supply Hose is When icon appears on the display, thaw out the drain hose inner part with the hot water.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING The appliance is equipped with an automatic error-monitoring system to detect and diagnose problems at an early stage. If the appliance does not function properly or does not function at all, check the following before you call for service: Diagnosing Problems Symptoms Reason...
  • Page 29 Symptoms Reason Solution Supply hose connection is • Check hoses and drain hose connectors for loose at the tap, washing leaks, cracks and splits. machine, or drain hose • Tighten hose connections. connector. • The washing machine pumps out water very rapidly.
  • Page 30 Symptoms Reason Solution • Make sure the inlet filters on the fill valves Filter clogged. are not clogged. Refer to the filter cleaning instructions. • Check that supply hoses are not kinked or Supply hoses may be kinked. clogged. • Make sure that both hot and cold water taps Insufficient water supply.
  • Page 31 Symptoms Reason Solution Control panel has powered off • This is normal. Press the Power button to due to inactivity. turn the washing machine on. • Make sure cord is plugged securely into a Washing machine is unplugged. working outlet. Water supply is turned off.
  • Page 32 Symptoms Reason Solution Kinked drain hose. • Ensure that the drain hose is not kinked. • Make sure that the drain hose is no higher Washing machine Drain located higher than 2.4 m than 2.4 m above the bottom of the washing will not drain water above the floor.
  • Page 33: Error Messages

    Error Messages Symptoms Reason Solution • Close the drawer and press Start/Pause button to start the cycle. Drawer is not closed properly • If the drawer is closed and the drawer lock error message is displayed, call for service. • Open the drawer and make sure the latch area is free of clothing or other obstructions.
  • Page 34 • The stacking switch will not operate properly Stacking switch is not working if the unit is stacked under a non-LG properly. appliance, or an LG appliance manufactured before 2009. • Thaw out the supply hose using a hot water Drain hose, supply hose or cloth.
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