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AEG 97141 Fitting Instruction page 3

Led daytime headlights
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Operating- and Installation manual LED daytime- and position light
Daytime lights shine independent from the vehicle lights and therefore offer additional safety. The installation
of the daytime lights with integrated position light is in accordance with ECE-R 48. Please read this installa-
tion manual carefully before installation and connection and check the installation options for your vehicle.
Carefully store the installation manual and forward it together with the LED daytime lights when passing on to
third parties.
Proper use
The LED daytime lights are intended for installation in vehicles with 12 or 24 V electrical circuits and are to be
installed on the front of the vehicle only. The installation instructions and legal regulations must be followed
strictly. Only then, can the safety and fault free function be guaranteed. The manufacturer will not be liable
for possible damages resulting from improper use.
Scope of delivery
Please check after unpacking and before assembly that all parts of the scope of delivery are included.
Exchange damaged or faulty parts immediately and do not operate them.
Incl. cable set, installation material, installation manual with circuit diagrams.
Daytime- and position lights
Are not a substitute for dipped headlights at dusk or in darkness
lluminates only when ignition is switched on and the vehicle lighting is switched off
Switches off automatically when the vehicle lighting is switched on
Daytime Headlight and Position Light features
Are not a substitute for dipped headlights at dusk or in darkness
Illuminates when the ignition is switched on and decreases in brightness as soon as the parking lights are
switched on
The vehicle parking side-lights must be deactivated
Daytime Headlight, Position Light and Parking Light features
Are not a substitute for dipped headlights at dusk or in darkness
Illuminates when the ignition is switched on and decreases in brightness as soon as the parking lights are
switched on
Assumes the function of the parking lights, depending on the switch position
The vehicle parking side-lights must be deactivated
The Daytime Headlight is certified and complies with ECE directive No. 87 and No. 48.
General safety instructions
Read all safety instructions carefully. None-compliance to the instructions listed below can lead to
electric shock, fire and/or other severe injuries. Carefully store these safety instructions.
Life- and accident risk for children and toddlers! Do not let your children play with the packaging
material – danger of suffocation!
Do not let your children play with cables – strangulation risk. Do not let your children play with
components or installation parts, they could be swallowed and lead to suffocation.
This product is not meant for persons (including children), who are not capable of operating this product due
to their physical, sensory or mental skills or their inexperience or ignorance. They are not to use this product
without supervision or instruction by a responsible person.
4 | GB
Damages resulting from improper handling, ignoring the instruction manual or intervention by unauthorized
personal are excluded from liability. Do not open the daytime lights. Repairs are to be carried out by qualified
service personnel only.
Installation- and Warning Instructions
Before assembly check whether the installation depth behind the bumper/cooler grid is sufficient, never
reduce cool air feed for brakes or intercooler, respectively damage hoses, electrical cables or stabilising
Daytime lights illuminate automatically as soon as the ignition is switched on and as long as the head lights
(parking, head, fog or full beam lights) are switched off. Rear lights are not allowed to shine in Germany
when daytime lights are switched on.
Strictly observe the installation dimensions and the legal regulations.
Attention! According to ECE-R 48 only two position lights are allowed to be active to the front side.
The serial position light must be deactivated.
Please observe the safety instructions and requirements specified by the manufacturer and motor vehicle
If you are not familiar with the car electrics, we recommend the installation be carried out by a qualified
garage or a garage authorized by your car manufacturer.
Always disconnect the minus and plus pole of your car battery when working on the car electrics, because
short circuits could result when installation errors occur.
If the car has additional batteries, disconnect them also from the car electrics.
Possible short circuits can damage or destroy components or electronic systems (airbag, engine control
systems etc.).
After disconnecting the minus pole respectively plus pole from the battery, all volatile electronic memories
such as board computer, time switches and radios lose their stored values. Therefore please note the radio
code before installation.
Please point out to the customer when handing over the vehicle that he might have to re-program the data
for e.g. the seat position, cruise control, time switch or auxiliary heating.
The manufacturer checks continuously, if the compliance of the product is kept to the latest requirements.
The manufacturer of this system does not however accept any liability for damages caused by faulty instal-
lation or improper operation.
You will find the installation instructions with diagrams at the end of the instructions
Maintenance and Care
Maintenance for daytime lights is not necessary. To clean the diffusion plate, please use a wet cloth without
aggressive cleaning agents.
Information on disposal
Please dispose of the packaging and electric components environmentally friendly. According to
EU guidelines 2002/96/EC for electrical and electronic waste and transition into national law,
old electronic devices have to be collected separately and recycled environmentally friendly.
Please contact your local authorities about the disposal possibilities of old electronic devices.
Technical Data
Operating voltage:
12/24 V DC
4,5 W
Type of bulb:
2 x 18 High Performance LED
Temperature range:
- 25 – + 85 °C
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