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Electrolux Classic Silence ZCS2000 Instruction Book





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Summary of Contents for Electrolux Classic Silence ZCS2000

  • Page 1 Classic INSTRUCTION BOOK Silence 使用指南...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for having chosen an Electrolux Classic Silence 感謝您選擇使用 Electrolux Classic Silencer 吸塵 vacuum cleaner. These Operating Instructions cover all Classic 器。 這些 「操作說明」涵蓋所有的 Classic Silencer Silence models. This means that with your specific model, some 型號。這表示,您如果使用特別的型號,則某些配件可 accessories may not be included. In order to ensure the best 能不包含在內。為了確保最佳的使用效果,請一律使用...
  • Page 3 Accessories Telescopic tube* Hosehandle + hose Carpet/hard floor nozzle Crevice nozzle* Combination nozzle/brush Dust bag, s-bag®* Turbo nozzle* Parquet nozzle* *Certain models only 配件與安全措施 配件 1 伸縮管 2 軟管手柄與軟管 3 地毯/硬質兩用地板吸頭 4* 隙縫吸頭 5 小型兩用小吸頭 6* 長效型 s-bag® 7* 渦輪吸頭 8* 拼花地板吸頭...
  • Page 4: Safety Advice

    Please use • If the cord is damaged, it must be replaced only by them with caution and only on intended surfaces. an authorized Electrolux service centre in order to Please turn the vacuum cleaner off before removing avoid a hazard. Damage to the vacuum cleaner’s entrapped parts or cleaning the brush.
  • Page 5: 配件與安全措施

    8歲(含)以上之兒童、身體官能貨心智能力退化 者,或是經驗與使用知識缺乏者,使用前需有安 全人員在旁看護及指示本機的使用方法,並讓他 們了解可能之危險的情況下,方可使用本機。 警告: Turbo 渦輪吸頭* 使用時可能會有異物或 毛髮卡入其中的旋轉式毛刷。請小心使用此毛 刷,而且只能用於指定的地板表面材質。 請監督兒童確保他們不會擅自把玩本機器。 在清潔或維護本機之前,務必先將插頭自電源插 座拔下。 注意 本機器包含電源插頭...
  • Page 6: Before Starting

    BEFORE STARTING Ensure that the machine’s carrying handle is folded down. Then open the front cover on the machine and check that the dust bag, s-bag®, and the motor filter are in place. Fold up the carrying handle until it clicks into place. Then open the back lid on the machine and check that the exhaust filter is in place.
  • Page 7: Getting The Best Results

    GETTING THE BEST RESUlTS Use nozzles as follows: Carpets and hardfloors: For carpets use the combination floor nozzle* with lever in position (1) For Hard floors, use the combination floor nozzle with lever in position (2). Make sure the brushes on the nozzle are down to prevent scratching the floor surface.
  • Page 8: Replacing The Dust Bag, S-Bag

    REPlACING THE DUST BAG, S-bag® The dust bag, s-bag® must be replaced latest when the indicator window is completely red. Read with the nozzle lifted up. Open the dust compartment cover. Lift out the s-bag® holder. Pull the cardboard to remove the s-bag® from the insert. This automatically seals the s-bag®...
  • Page 9: 更換集塵袋 S-Bag

    更換集塵袋 S-Bag® 集塵袋s-bag® 須在指示燈視窗變紅色時更換,表示 集塵袋已滿。 備註: 吸塵器清潔之後請更換S-bag®集塵袋 s-bag® 集塵袋。 6-11 更換馬達濾網 (參考號碼 EF1) 應該於每更換 5個集塵袋 s-bag® 時進行此項工作。 尚未裝上濾網前請勿使用吸塵器。 清潔/更換排氣濾網: 每年更換 (或清洗) 一次排氣濾網。 排氣濾網共有兩種: ˙ Micro filter (參考號碼 EF17此類型濾網無法 清洗,必須直接更換。) ˙ HEPA H12 可水洗濾網 (參考號碼 EFH 12W) 12 更換排氣濾網時,將後端向上拉即可開啟蓋 子。更換濾網。 14 將前鉤插入溝槽即可關上蓋子。將蓋子往前...
  • Page 10: Cleaning The Hose And Nozzle

    ClEANING THE HOSE AND NOZZlE The vacuum cleaner loses suction if the nozzle, tube, hose or filters and s-bag® becomes blocked. In such cases, disconnect from power outlet and allow to cool for 20-30 minutes. Clear blockage and/or replace filters and s-bag® and restart. Tubes and hoses 1 Use a cleaning strip or similar to clear the tubes and hose.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting And Consumer Information

    It will be necessary to replace the motor at an authorized (周一至周五 09:30- 18:30 ) Electrolux service centre. Damage to the motor caused by the penetration of water is not covered by the warranty. For any further problems, contact an authorized Electrolux service centre.

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