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Hold Switch; Lcd On / Off - LG HBS-110 User Manual

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XI. Hold Switch
To place a call on hold, not working any button
To place a call on hold, LCD indicates the [ LOCKED].
Change the Hold switch to Hold into Normal location,
( It means all button will be worked well.)
When the press the button in the status of Hold On, the beep sound will be heard.
( It means the Hold key is locked.)
In order to save power, the LCD automatically switches off if the headset does not receive any input or event (e.g. pairing
request, incoming call, etc.) for 60 seconds.
- Note that when the LCD is turned off, it does not necessarily mean that the headset is turned off.
- When the user presses on any key, the LCD lits up. Note however that during battery charging the headset power is off and
ony the LED is on.
LG Electronics Inc.,
File name : HBS-110 User Manual
Revision number : 20050930.005
, LCD indicates the [ UNLOCKED ]



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