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Booting; Shut Down; Charging; Pairing - LG HBS-110 User Manual

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I. Booting
Press and the Hold Power/Talk button for more than 3 seconds until you hear a series of beeps followed
By a connection signal
LED indicates the "Connectable".
LCD will be Off and enter the Power saving Mode after 60 seconds without pressing any key.
II. Shut down
Press and the Hold Power /Talk button for more than 5 seconds.
LED indicates the "Good bye"
III. Charging
- Before using your HBS110, you need to charge it fully by plugging the charger into the DC jack outlet.
- When fully charged, LED lights indicates "Battery full"
IV. Pairing
After turning the HBS110 on, press and hold the PALY&PAUSE&STOP button for more than 5 seconds.
You will hear a melody and the LED light will blink every second.
To search and register the "stereo headset" or "Headset" to your Bluetooth enabled handset.
Please refer to the user manual of the handset.
When asked for the Pass/PIN code during the pairing procedure, please enter "0000" (4 Zeros).
Once pairing has completed successfully, you will hear a beep
and the LED indicates the "pair complete", and then indicates the "HF and AV".
According to status of phone paired, LCD indicates the "HF and AV", "HF", "AV".
If the LED light still blinks every second, please repeat the pairing procedure from the beginning.
LG Electronics Inc.,
File name : HBS-110 User Manual
Revision number : 20050930.005



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