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Panasonic KX-HTS Series Setup Reference Manual

Draft version (tested with hts824 version 1.5) "voztelecom" sip trunk service with external router.
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Draft Version
Setup Reference guide for KX-HTS Series
(Tested with HTS32 Version 1.5)
"VozTelecom" SIP Trunk service
with External Router
Version 0.1(PSCEU) 29th, March 2017


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-HTS Series

  • Page 1 Draft Version Setup Reference guide for KX-HTS Series (Tested with HTS32 Version 1.5) “VozTelecom” SIP Trunk service with External Router Version 0.1(PSCEU) 29th, March 2017...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

     SUMMARY This document is a reference for configuring “VozTelecom” SIP trunks onto Panasonic HTS and includes the settings required for Incoming Call DDI routing and Outgoing Call CLI presentation. SIP trunk specific account details are provided to you by VozTelecom.
  • Page 3  With External Router Example  Existing User Network: / Subnet Mask: (/24)  Existing Router IP Address:,  Static DNS: Primary DNS Server / Secondary DNS Server: Internet Existing Router Existing User Network ( /24) ( To Existing Router LAN1:
  • Page 4: Sip Trunk, Extension Port Number And Nat Configuration

    (1) SIP Trunk, Extension Port Number and NAT Configuration  SIP Extension & SIP Trunk Common Select [PBX Configuration] - [2. Extension] - [7.SIP Extension Property] [SIP Extension & SIP Trunk Common] 1. Voice(RTP) UDP port No.(Server): Leave at 12000- 2.
  • Page 5: Network Settings

    (2) Network Settings  Network Configuration WAN Setting Select [Network Configuration] - [3.WAN] – [1.WAN Setting] and Select [WAN 1 Channel] Click [Modify] HTS WAN-1 IP: (Example) Assigned HTS WAN IP address by user network administrator 1. WAN Type: Fix IP 2.
  • Page 6  LAN Settings Go to [Network Configuration] - [4.LAN] - [2.LAN Settings] 1. IP Address: 2. Subnet Mask: 3. DHCP Mode: Server [DHCP server] 4. IP Pool Staring Address: Leave 5. IP Pool Ending Address: Leave 6.
  • Page 7: Trunk Port Attribution

    (3) Trunk Port Attribution Select [PBX Configuration] - [3.Trunk] - [1.Port] and click [Edit / CO Line Number 1 to 8] [CO Line Number 1] 1. Attribution: SIP Carrier - 1 2. Trunk Group: Leave at 1 Click [Apply] Click [Apply Now] Example, Configure “CO-Line 1-2: SIP Carrier-1, Other CO-Line: No Connect”...
  • Page 8: Provisioning A Sip Trunk

    (4) Provisioning the SIP Trunk  SIP Trunk Property - Common Select [PBX Configuration] - [3.Trunk] - [7. SIP Trunk Property] - [Common] 1. DNS SRV Record Resolve Ability: Leave Disable [Register] 2. Register Sending Interval (s): Leave at 3600 3.
  • Page 9  SIP Trunk Property continued – SIP Carrier-1 [SIP Carrier-1] 1. Provider Name: Enter a name – reference only 2. SIP Server Name: 3. SIP Server IP Address: Leave at 4. SIP Server port Number: Leave at 5060 5.
  • Page 10  SIP Trunk Property continued – SIP Carrier-1 [Calling Party] 1. Header Type: Leave From Header 2. Host Name: Not required 3. Format: Leave Without “+” 4. Send CLIP of caller when call from SIP Carrier is forwarded to same SIP carrier: Leave Enable [Called Party] 5.
  • Page 11  SIP Trunk Property continued – SIP Carrier-1 [Voice] 1. IP Codec Priority 1st: Leave G.711A 2. IP Codec Priority 2nd: Leave G.711Mu 3. IP Codec Priority 3rd: Leave None 4. Packet Sampling Time: Leave at 20 (ms) 5. DTMF: Leave Outband (RFC2833) 6.
  • Page 12: Incoming Call Routing

    (5) Incoming Call Routing  DDI Table [PBX Configuration] - [3.Trunk] - [3.DDI] 1. DDI Number: Enter the DDI number in the format (as below) Example Landline Number: 51 501 0001 Enter:515010001 2. Name: Determined by the installer (optional setting) 3.
  • Page 13: Outgoing Call Cli

    (6) Outgoing Call CLI  CLIP [PBX Configuration] - [Target Extension] Click (Example: Extension 101) [Port - Extension 101 / CLIP] 1. Extension Name: HTS Ext Name101 (Example) 2. SIP Carrier -1: 515010001 (Example) Click [Apply] Click [Apply Now] Click [Save &...
  • Page 14: Clir Outgoing Call (anonymous Calls): Not Supported

    (7) CLIR Outgoing Call (Anonymous calls) *Note: HTS does not support CLIR as function.
  • Page 15: Appendix: Router/firewall Port Forwarding

    (8) Appendix UDP hole punching for keeping in Router/Firewall Port Forwarding If VozTelecom’s Keep Alive message (OPTIONS UDP packets) is not effect to keep port forwarding for external router, configure the OPTIONS packet to enable as keep-alive message on the PBX SIP Trunk Property.

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