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Precautions; On Safety; On Installation; Overview - Sony BKM-38H Installation Manual

Controller attachment stand.
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On Safety

• Do not install the attachment stand in a location near a
heat source, such as a radiator or air duct, or in a place
subject to excessive dust or humidity.
• Be careful not to catch your finger between the monitor
and the attachment stand.
• When you assemble the attachment stand, turn off the
monitor power before unplugging the cable. If you attach
the attachment stand with the monitor is power on, the
cable may become trapped between the monitor and the
attachment stand, and this may lead to electric shock.

On Installation

• When you unpack, carry, attach or disassemble the
attachment stand, do so with the help of another person,
to avoid personal injury.
• Install the attachment stand on a steady table. If the
attachment stand is installed on a wobbly or sloping
surface, the monitor may full off and may cause personal
injury. Make sure that the installation location is
sufficiently strong.
• The use of connecting cables other than those supplied
may lead to fire and/or other damage.
• The use of screws other than those supplied may lead to
injury, because they may become loose or fall out.
• To carry the monitor, disconnect the connecting cables,
to avoid accidents or personal injury.
• The attachment stand is designed for use with the
monitor. Never use it for another purpose. If you do, it
may cause personal injury.
• Be careful not to snag the power cord or connecting cord
on the attachment stand, and do not step over them,
which could result in disconnection or electric shock.
• Do not climb on the attachment stand or place anything
heavy on it, as this may cause you to fall and injure
yourself or the monitor to crash to the floor.
• If you disassemble or modify the attachment stand, it
may lead to personal injury.
• Do not touch any sharp points of the attachment stand
with bare hands. When you unpack, carry, attach, or
disassemble the attachment stand, wear protective gloves
to avoid injury.
Precautions / Overview



The BKM-38H Controller Attachment Stand is an
attachment stand for joining a Sony PVM-L2300 LCD
Video Monitor or a Sony 25-type professional video
monitor of the BVM series and a Sony BKM-16R Monitor
Control Unit.
Joining the monitor and the control unit
The BKM-38H is for joining a monitor and a BKM-16R
control unit.


When the unit is attached (PVM-L2300 monitor)
565.5 (22
When the unit is attached (BVM series monitors)
576.0 (22
Unit: mm (inches)
Unit: mm (inches)


Table of Contents

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