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LG RC8066**F Series Owner's Manual page 6

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•Keep the area underneath and around the appliance free of
combustible materials such as lint, paper, rags, chemicals, etc.
•Do not put animals, such as pets into the appliance.
•Do not leave the appliance door open. Children may hang on the
door or crawl inside the appliance, causing damage or injury.
•Never reach into the appliance while it is operating. Wait until the
drum has completely stopped.
•Do not put in, wash or dry articles that have been cleaned in,
washed in, soaked in, or spotted with combustible or explosive
substances (such as wax, oil, paint, gasoline, degreasers,
drycleaning solvents, kerosene, vegetable oil, cooking oil, etc.).
Improper use can cause fire or explosion.
•In case of flood, disconnect the power plug and contact the LG
Electronics customer information centre.
•Do not push down the door excessively, when the appliance door is
•Use new hose or hose-set supplied with the appliance. Reusing old
hoses can cause a water leak and subsequent property damage.
•Do not touch the door during a high temperature programme.
•Do not use flammable gas and combustible substances (benzene,
gasoline, thinner, petroleum, alcohol, etc.) near the appliance.



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