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LG RC8066**F Series Owner's Manual page 31

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Water leaks.
Clothes have damp
spots after a Sensor
Dry programme.
The water container hose
or the drain hose is not
connected correctly.
The door is closed while
laundry or foreign substance
is caught in the door.
Very large load or very small
load. Single large item such
as a blanket or comforter.
• Connect the water container hose or
the drain hose correctly.
• Check if laundry or foreign substance
is caught in the door before using the
appliance. If water leaks continuously,
contact the LG Electronics Customer
Information Centre.
• If items are too tightly packed or too
sparse the sensor may have trouble
reading the dryness level of the load.
Use a Timed Drying programme for
very small loads.
• Large, bulky items such as blankets
or comforters can sometimes wrap
themselves into a tight ball of fabric.
The outside layers will dry and register
on the sensors, while the inner core
remains damp. When drying a single
bulky item, it may help to pause the
cycle once or twice and rearrange the
item to unwrap and expose any damp
• To dry a few remaining damp items
from a very large load or a few damp
spots on a large item after a Sensor
Dry programme has completed, empty
the lint trap, then set a Timed Drying
programme to finish drying the item(s).



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